iOS 16.2 Problems and Issues, and How to Fix Them

Apple recently launched iOS 16.2 with some new features, and all “iOS Nerds” are excited to try them out. This iOS 16 update is said to be the most stable iOS 16 update so far. It has fixed various bugs and issues.

However, we cannot deny the fact that some problems and issues are bound to be seen in the latest iOS releases. Though iOS 16.2 fixes several major issues, many users reported common problems.

It has been a few days since iOS 16.2 was released, and many users have already installed it. So, I checked the Apple community pages, various blogs, YouTube comments, social media, and many other places to find out what problems different users have been facing after installing iOS 16.2. In this article, I have also mentioned solutions to fix these problems.

Battery Drain

Ever since iOS 16 arrived, this has been a major concern among iPhone users. Many people thought that iOS 16.2 would fix the problem of the battery running down, but I don’t see any change. Check out iOS 16.2 battery life here.

We have already created multiple guides on how to solve the battery drain issue on iOS 16 and its subsequent updates. You can check them out here:

How to Fix the iOS 16 Battery Drain Issue

How to Fix the Battery Drain Issue After the Latest iOS Update

App Crashes

After the iOS 16.2 update, some users have reported that their apps are crashing more often than before. Instagram crashes and YouTube crashes are some examples here. Some users also reported that Apple Music stopped working after updating to iOS 16.2.

This may happen due to compatibility issues. So, to fix this problem, I recommend updating all iPhone apps to the latest version. Plus, many times some apps face a global outage that has nothing to do with the iOS update. An app crash and an app down are not the same things.

You can check to find out whether the app you are unable to use is down.

Connectivity Issues

This has also been a common problem in iOS 16, and it is still faced by many iOS 16.2 users. There have been reports that users are facing problems with their Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and cellular connections after installing iOS 16.2.

In order to fix this, try restarting your iPhone, forgetting, and re-pairing the connection. In the worst-case scenario, you can try resetting the network settings. This will erase all the wired network connections and their passwords saved on your iPhone; other data will be intact.

Here’s how to fix Wi-Fi not working on iOS 16.

Apple Music Sing Not Working

This is another common iOS 16.2 problem users have been facing.

To fix this, users should check their Apple Music subscription. Apple Music Sing works only on the iPhone 11 and later models. Plus, over 50 playlists are available in the “Sing” section on Apple Music, so you cannot use it on all songs available on Apple Music.

5G Network Issues on iOS 16.2

iOS 16.2 brought 5G support to Indian iPhone users. However, many Indian users reported that 5G was not working even after installing the latest iOS update.

There can be many reasons for this problem. So, I would suggest checking out a dedicated article on the same topic on our site.

Here’s a link: iOS 16.2 5G Not Working? Here’s How to Fix 5G Not Working on iPhone

HomeKit Setups Problem in iOS 16.2

According to the latest AppleInsider report, some HomeKit users have reported problems with the network after updating to iOS 16.2. The report states that users have to disconnect the setups and set them up again.

Several users have also reported that Apple’s rebuilding of the HomeKit architecture in iOS 16.2 hasn’t improved performance, and a smooth transition is still far away.

A possible solution to fix this problem is to remove the devices and connect them again. We hope Apple will try to fix the issue as soon as possible.

Overall, while iOS 16.2 brings many new features and improvements to the iOS platform, some users may still encounter a few issues. By using the tips above, users should be able to fix the most common problems and get back to using all of the iOS 16.2 features and benefits.

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