How to Fix iOS 16.1 Wi-Fi Issues

After updating to iOS 16.1, does the Wi-Fi randomly disconnect and reconnect on your iPhone? Here’s how to fix it.

It has been over a week since the release of iOS 16.1. The latest update for iOS 16 came with lots of bug fixes and addressed lots of issues. However, we cannot say that it is completely bug-free because iOS 16 contains numerous bugs, problems, and issues. One such annoying issue is that Wi-Fi keeps disconnecting on iOS 16.1.

Many users on the internet have complained that Wi-Fi disconnects automatically for a few seconds and then reconnects on their iPhones. They are facing this problem after installing the iOS 16.1 update. This new bug in iOS 16.1 is really frustrating as users cannot use the internet over Wi-Fi when their mobile data is very limited.

Here, we have summarized a way to solve the problem causing random Wi-Fi disconnects and Wi-Fi stability issues.

After Updating to iOS 16.1, Wi-Fi Automatically Disconnects on iPhone

Not all users have encountered this problem, but the problem is not new. From the iOS 16 beta release to the iOS 16 official release, some users faced Wi-Fi stability issues on their iPhones.

However, the number of users facing the same issues has increased with the release of iOS 16.1.

I’ve had this issue on my iOS and iPadOS 16.1 public betas and on 16 before that: random disconnects from Wi-Fi for about 30 sec to a minute and then reconnecting. Downloading the 16.2 public betas now to see if it’s been fixed.

Originally tweeted by Mikael Brunkvist (@mikaelbrunkvist) on October 27, 2022.

Fixed: This Is How You Can Solve the iOS 16 Wi-Fi Disconnecting Issue

Apparently, this is an OS bug, so Apple has to address the issue as soon as possible with the new update for iOS 16. Nonetheless, the below-mentioned solution will fix the Wi-Fi issue on your iOS 16.1 as of now.


1: Ensure that your location services are turned on.

2: Settings => Privacy & Security => Location Services.

3: Locate and select the System Services.

4: Toggle off the Networking and Wireless.

5: Restart your iPhone and connect to your Wi-Fi network.

With this method, the issue was solved on the iPhone 13 Pro. If this method works for you, kindly mention it in the comment section so that other users can know.

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