How to Download Hailey’s Treasure Adventure on iOS?

Now, it has become common among iOS users to play popular games like Hailey’s Treasure Adventure that is not available on App Store. However, installing third-party games on iPhone is not as easy as installing APK on an Android smartphone.

Within a year or two, Apple will officially support installing apps from third-party app stores, I thought to prepare a guide on how to download and install Hailey’s Treasure Adventure on iPhone on iOS 16.

How Do I download Hailey’s Adventure on iOS?

As stated, Hailey’s Treasure Adventure is not available on the App Store. You have to download it from the third-party app store. Here’s how it goes:

1. Go to a third-party app installer. I tried here.

2. Navigate to the “Games” section and find Hailey’s Treasure Adventure.

3. Hit “Install” and you will be redirected to the next page.

4. Here, you will be asked to install some apps in order to download and install Hailey’s Adventure.

5. Once you have installed the apps and completed the terms, the game will be installed on your iPhone.

Should You Install Hailey’s Adventure on Your iPhone Now?

The game is fun, but you should be at least 18 years old to play it. Obviously, the answer is no. However, I would not recommend downloading this game on your primary iPhone. You can try to install it on an iPhone where you haven’t saved any personal or banking information.

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