iOS 16.2 Battery Life Issue: How to Fix Battery Drain Issue on iOS 16.2

iOS 16.2 arrived for all compatible iPhones around the world on December 14, 2022. Many experts and iPhone users believe that this is the most stable iOS 16 update so far. But some iGeeks are facing battery drain issue on iOS 16.2.

Along with stability, many new features, such as the Freeform app, 5G support in India, advanced data protection on iCloud, Apple Music Sing, and several other big fixes, have been introduced with iOS 16.2. But what about battery life?

The question remains the same: What’s the battery life after updating to iOS 16.2? Has iOS 16.2 fixed the battery drain issue?

iOS 16.2 Battery Draining Issue

Ever since iOS 16 was released in September, the battery draining issue has been the talk of the town. Many iPhone 11, iPhone 12, iPhone 13, and even some iPhone 14 Pro users are experiencing battery drain issues on iOS 16.

Because Apple did not address the battery issue in major updates such as iOS 16.1 and iOS 16.1.2, many users assumed it would be fixed in iOS 16.2. Some beta testers have also reported that they have seen significantly improved battery life on iOS 16.2.

It has been a few hours since I updated my iPhone to iOS 16.2. Honestly, I don’t see any changes in the iPhone’s battery life. It’s not like the battery is draining very quickly, but it is the same as the last few months.

Had Apple addressed the iOS 16 battery draining issue, then it might have been mentioned in the bold letter already. The only new thing related to battery in iOS 16.1 is the new Get Battery Status action in Shortcuts.

How to Solve the Battery Draining Issue on iOS 16.2 and Improve Battery Life

Well, we can do nothing because Apple hasn’t fixed this issue, but there are some important factors we can practice to improve iOS 16.2 battery life. Here’s what you should do:

  1. Close apps that you don’t use.
  2. But don’t force apps that you use frequently to close.
  3. Turn off the iPhone 14’s always-on display.
  4. Remove unnecessary widgets.
  5. Turn on Optimized Battery Charging.
  6. Dark mode may help
  7. Change “Fetch New Data” Settings in the Mail
  8. Turn off “Reduce Motion.”
  9. Change the “Location Services” permissions

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