Live Activities on iOS 16: A Simple Guide to Knowing Everything About It

Live Activities on iOS 16

What Is “Live Activities” on iOS 16? Live Activities is a new feature that came with iOS 16. Actually, it wasn’t released with the official public release of the latest OS in September but was added later last year. An introductory article on what Live Activities is on iOS 16 is already on our website. … Read more

Scarlet iOS: How to Download This Third-Party App Store on iPhone and Why Should You Do It?

Scarlet iOS Download

iOS 17 may allow installing apps from third-party app stores and make the process even simpler. However, it is daunting and a bit hard to get a third-party app store like Scarlet iOS. Scarlet iOS is a third-party app store that provides an effortless experience for iOS and Android users to download, manage, and enjoy … Read more

How To Fix Voice Message on iOS 16 Not Working

Voice Message on iOS 16 Not Working

Voice messaging has become very common when we communicate with our friends or business associates. Whether you wish to explain a thing in detail or want to send a short instruction, an audio message is perfect. With Apple’s recent iOS 16 update, some users have experienced unexpected issues with voice messaging on iMessage. If you … Read more

How to Delete Wallpapers on iOS 16/iPhone

How to Delete Wallpapers on iOS 16

Are you tired of scrolling through a cluttered lock screen on your iPhone running iOS 16? With the latest update, Apple has given users the ability to customize their lock screen with widgets, different clock fonts and colors, depth effects, and multiple wallpapers. But, with so many options, it can be tough to keep things … Read more

iOS 16.2 Problems and Issues, and How to Fix Them

iOS 16.2 Problems and Issues, and How to Fix Them

Apple recently launched iOS 16.2 with some new features, and all “iOS Nerds” are excited to try them out. This iOS 16 update is said to be the most stable iOS 16 update so far. It has fixed various bugs and issues. However, we cannot deny the fact that some problems and issues are bound … Read more

iOS 16.2 Battery Life Issue: How to Fix Battery Drain Issue on iOS 16.2

iOS 16.2 Battery Life and Battery Drain Issue

iOS 16.2 arrived for all compatible iPhones around the world on December 14, 2022. Many experts and iPhone users believe that this is the most stable iOS 16 update so far. But some iGeeks are facing battery drain issue on iOS 16.2. Along with stability, many new features, such as the Freeform app, 5G support … Read more

How to Get Null’s Brawl on Your iPhone on iOS 16

Nulls Brawl iOS Download

Just like “College Brawl for iOS,” “Null’s Brawl” is among the top searches these days. If you are here to download the game, you might already be familiar with it. However, you might not know how to download it on your iOS device. Nulls Brawl is neither available on the iOS App Store nor on … Read more

How to Get PojavLauncher on iOS to Play Minecraft Java Edition on iPhone (No Jailbreak)

PojavLauncher iOS

It’s been over a year since I have seen many iOS users trying to play Minecraft: Java Edition on their iPhones. For that, PojavLauncher is required to be installed on iOS. Earlier, Pojavlauncher could be installed only on jailbroken iPhones, but now it can be downloaded and installed on an iPhone running iOS 16 without … Read more

How to Download Nu Carnival on iOS/iPhone: Simple and Straightforward Method

Nu Carnival on iOS

iOS has become a great platform for playing games. The experience of playing video games on the iPhone is much better than that of other smartphones. However, due to Apple’s strict policies, many games can’t make it to the Apple Store. NU Carnival is one such game. I have been seeing “Nu Carnival iOS download” … Read more