Live Activities on iOS 16: A Simple Guide to Knowing Everything About It

What Is “Live Activities” on iOS 16?

Live Activities is a new feature that came with iOS 16. Actually, it wasn’t released with the official public release of the latest OS in September but was added later last year. An introductory article on what Live Activities is on iOS 16 is already on our website.

FYI, Live Activities enable users to have access to real-time updates on their iPhone lock screen. For example, you can track food delivery, live scores, a timer, and even fitness app tracking.

By incorporating Live Activities into their daily lives, users can stay informed and connected without unlocking their iPhones or opening apps. Now that you know about it, let’s check out how to use it on your iOS 16 device.

How to Enable Activities on iPhone/iOS 16

Basically, Live Activities was released with the iOS 16.1 update, so make sure you are on that version or the latest one. Once you fulfill this requirement, follow the steps given:

Settings => Face ID & Passcode => Enable Live Activities

Activate Live Activities iOS 16

This feature was not even available to developers in the iOS 16 betas. After the official release of iOS 16, Apple offered a Live Activities API for developers. Initially, the list of compatible apps with Live Activities was not that big, but that number has increased now. Several sports and entertainment apps support this feature.

Compatible Apps for Live Activities

Numerous third-party apps, including sports, news, and travel apps, support Live Activities on the iPhone. Apple’s native apps, such as Timer, Apple TV, and Apple News, are also compatible with this feature. With Live Activities, users can access the most current data from their favorite apps on the Lock Screen and Dynamic Island. Nike Run Club, Bolt, and there are many apps that support Live Activities.

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Can You Customize Live Activities?

Yes, it is possible to customize Live Activities on iOS 16, but you will need a third-party app called ActivityBuilder.

This app is perfect for creating your own custom Live Activities. You can choose from various modules, such as weather, health, and some other system apps, and personalize your Live Activities before they appear on the Lock Screen. It provides a personalized experience without the need for a jailbreak.

Battery Impact and Considerations

While Live Activities offer a convenient way to stay informed, it is essential to consider the potential impact on battery life. Many users have already reported issues with battery drain and battery life in iOS 16, so enabling this feature may make things worse for battery performance.

So, before using Live Activities to be updated about any information on the lock screen, make sure the information is very crucial, as it appears at the cost of battery brain issues.

What Types of Information Can Be Displayed on Live Activities?

With the Live Activities feature enabled, everything from fitness tracking, live scores, Uber rides, food deliveries, stock prices, calendar events, and weather updates can be displayed on the lock screen.

Additionally, developers can create custom Live Activities to display health data or device information. Live Activities offer regularly updated information and statuses from apps on the iPhone lock screen, ensuring users stay informed without unlocking their iPhone.

Enhancing User Experience with Live Activities

Live Activities on iOS 16 revolutionize the way users interact with their iPhones. By providing real-time updates and customizable features, Live Activities offer a seamless and engaging experience that keeps users connected to the information that matters most.

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