Weather App Not Working on iOS 16? Here’s How to Fix It and the Best iOS Weather App 2023

Recently, many iOS users have been facing trouble using the Weather app on their iPhones running on iOS 16. Reddit and Twitter are flooded with screenshots of users showing the weather app not working on iOS 16.

Well, when there is a problem, there are several solutions that can help fix it. I will walk you through a few troubleshooting steps that will help you figure out what’s wrong and fix it so you can get accurate weather forecasts again. 

Enabling Location Services for the Weather App

One possible cause of an issue with the weather app could be that location services are disabled. To check if this is true, go to Settings => Privacy & Security => Location Services => Weather.

Be sure to enable location services for the weather app so it can access your current location and provide accurate weather data.

Resetting All Settings on Your iPhone

If enabling location services doesn’t solve the issue, a potential solution could be to reset all settings on your iPhone. Doing this usually fixes any problems with the weather app by restoring default values. To do this, go to Settings => General => Reset => Reset All Settings.

Be mindful that this will reset all your customized settings back to their default, so you may need to reconfigure some options after the reset.

Updating and Reinstalling the Weather App

If resetting all settings doesn’t solve your issue, it could be that the weather app itself needs updating or reinstallation. To do this, long press on its icon until it starts wiggling, then tap “X” to uninstall. Next, open the App Store and search for “Weather” to reinstall.

This process guarantees you have the latest version of the app and can help resolve any issues you may be encountering.

Restarting the iPhone as a Troubleshooting Measure

Sometimes, simply restarting your iPhone can resolve issues with the weather app. To do so, press and hold both side buttons and either volume button simultaneously to shut it down. Wait a few seconds before turning it back on again.

This process can help eliminate any temporary bugs that might be impairing the weather app’s performance.

Best iOS Weather App 2023

It’s worth noting that some users have reported difficulties with the weather app after upgrading to iOS 16. If any of the above-mentioned solutions don’t work for you, you can go for alternatives. There are numerous third-party weather apps available for the iPhone that may provide more accurate data or offer a superior user experience.

  1. AccuWeather
  2. Yahoo Weather
  3. Weather Underground
  4. Dark Sky
  5. Weather Live
  6. Carrot Weather
  7. Weather Live

Though it can be frustrating when your iPhone weather app isn’t functioning properly, there are several troubleshooting methods available to help resolve the problem mentioned above. If all else fails, consider exploring alternative weather apps or checking for updates related to potential iOS 16 issues.

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