ESPN Live Activities iOS 16: Is It Not Working? All You Need to Know

Apple rolled out the most amazing feature, i.e., Live Activities, with the iOS 16.1 update. Live Activities helps users stay up to date with things or activities happening in real time on the iPhone lock screen. For example, with a live sports app, you can check the live score and other updates right on your lock screen.

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Now that the feature is available on iOS 16, many users are looking for a way to use this feature with the ESPN application on their iPhone. But the question is: can you use ESPN live activities on iOS 16? Check out important information here.

Why Can’t I Use Live Activities on the ESPN App?

As of now, you cannot use the Live Activities feature with the ESPN application on your iPhone running on iOS 16.1.

Apple started rolling out the Live Activities API for developers after the official release of iOS 16.1 and announced that Live Activities would be available later this year.

So, with the Live Activities API, many developers started working on integrating this feature with their applications. After iOS 16.1 was released, Macrumors listed all apps that support Live Activities and Dynamic Island, but I didn’t find ESPN on the list.

So, we can assume that ESPN developers have yet to integrate this feature with the application. This is why you are unable to use ESPN Live Activities in iOS 16.1.

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