What Are Some Popular Cheat Codes for GTA san Andreas Netflix Cheats iOS

Grand Theft Auto: GTA san Andreas Netflix Cheats iOS has been entertaining gamers since its release in 2004 with its sandbox open world full of action, adventure, and hidden surprises. Now available on Netflix, both new and returning players can dive into the streets of Los Santos with CJ and his crew. For those looking to spice up their gameplay, cheat codes offer a variety of ways to explore San Andreas in new and exciting ways.

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An Overview of Cheat Codes in GTA San Andreas

Cheat codes are special buttons, keystrokes, or commands players can input to unlock bonuses, alter the game environment, or gain advantages during gameplay. From infinite health and weapons to low gravity and super punch mode, cheat codes allow players to customize their experience.

Types of Cheat Codes

There are three main categories of cheat codes in GTA san Andreas Netflix Cheats iOS:

  • Player Cheats: These codes give players special abilities and boost their stats. Infinite health, money, and ammunition fall into this category.
  • World Cheats: Environment and physics cheats that change the rules of the in-game world. Some examples are low gravity, perfect handling vehicles, and aggressive citizens.
  • Weapon Cheats: Instantly gain access to different weapons from fists to rocket launchers. Players can tool up for any situation.

How to Use GTA san Andreas Netflix Cheats iOS

Using cheat codes is easy and only takes a few steps:

  1. Pause the game
  2. Navigate to the Options menu
  3. Select the Accessibility tab
  4. Choose Enter Cheat Code
  5. Input the code or phrase

Once entered correctly, users will hear a sound confirming the cheat is activated. Effects are immediate and permanent until the game is reloaded.

Top Cheat Codes for Causing Mayhem

Players looking to leave their mark with maximum carnage will appreciate these chaotic cheats.


This cheat is often one of the first players input when starting a new game. INEEDSOMEHELP, also known as HESOYAM, will:

  • Max out health and armor
  • Add $250,000 in cash

With full strength and deep pockets, players can focus early game efforts on building their crews and arming themselves heavily for later missions.


As the name suggests, THUGSARMOURY equips users with deadly weapons perfect for ruling the streets. Also called LXGIWYL, activating it gives players:

  • Knife
  • Pistol
  • Sawn-Off Shotgun
  • Tec-9
  • Baseball Bat
  • Shovel

These tools let players embark on violent rampages through Los Santos or attack rival gangs.


When players input PROFESSIONALSKIT (or KJKSZPJ) they receive heavy duty firepower ready for all out war:

  • Knife
  • Pistol
  • Silenced Pistol
  • Dessert Eagle
  • Shotgun
  • Micro SMG (Uzi)
  • AK-47

Armored vehicles and body armor complete the package for dominating police and enemies.

Aggressive Citizens (CJPHONEHOME)

Normally, citizens will flee when players attack or cause mayhem nearby. The CJPHONEHOME code changes this behavior – making all citizens respond violently when threatened or attacked. Instead of running away, they’ll fight back with guns, fists, or whatever weapons they can find. This makes for chaotic urban warfare across Los Santos.

Movie Magic Cheat Codes

Tired of the standard GTA experience? These cheats add a cinematic touch.

Big Head Mode (HEADBANGUP)

We’ve all seen characters with comically oversized heads in films and cartoons. Now players can enjoy this visual gag using the HEADBANGUP code. As expected, CJ’s head and peers will inflate to ridiculous proportions. Combined with the Tiny Player Body code, it looks even more bizarre. Silly fun for those bored of the standard looks.

Invisible Cars (ALLOWCHEATS)

Fans of spy films and sci-fi will appreciate ALLOWCHEATS. It makes vehicles partly transparent – seeming to confirm conspiracy theories about invisible cars! Grenades, rockets and bullets will still damage them, but it’s fun watching them fade out temporarily.

Flying Vehicles (COMEFLYWITHME)

CJ converted his car into an airplane straight from the film Chitty Chitty Bang Bang! This code allows players to transform their vehicles into makeshift flying machines. Controls are understandably touchy, so fly carefully until landing.


STATEPILLS gives CJ super strength – able to send pedestrians flying sky high with a single punch. Users can also lift and toss vehicles across great distances thanks to this cheat. Great for living out superhero fantasies.

Helpful Gameplay Cheat Codes

Struggling to complete certain missions or tired of being pursued by police and gang members? These cheats make gameplay easier.

Perfect Vehicle Handling (GRIPISEVERYTHING)

GRIPISEVERYTHING improves vehicles performance so they handle perfectly – always turning smoothly and hugging curves. No more spinning out or crashing!

Vehicle Invincibility (FULLCLIP)

Players will appreciate FULLCLIP when running from attackers or dodging roadblocks. It makes vehicles undamageable – they can still crash but won’t take any damage from collisions, bullets, or explosions.

No Wanted Level (AEZAKMI)

Nothing worse than having fun interrupted by police pursuits. AEZAKMI clears any wanted level so law enforcement loses track of players. Great for exploring freely without interruption after a chaotic rampage without getting busted.


Usually CJ’s melee attacks have a pretty short range. STICKLIKEGLUE gives incredible range so he can punch and kick from several feet away – extremely useful when brawling against multiple opponents.

Cheat CodeEffect
INEEDSOMEHELPFull health/armor + $250k
THUGSARMOURYUnlocks street weapons
PROFESSIONALSKITUnlocks military-grade weapons
HEADBANGUPEnlarge CJ’s head for big head mode
ALLOWCHEATSMakes vehicles partly invisible


GTA San Andreas offers hours of gameplay, but cheat codes make it even more entertaining. Players can customize CJ, modify the world, and gain powerful abilities with simple button inputs. Whether causing epic chaos across Los Santos or just goofing off with silly effects, cheats unlock new possibilities beyond the main missions. Veterans and newcomers alike should definitely give them a try during their next session in San Andreas.

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