How to Take Scrolling Screenshots on iPhone

Have you heard of scrolling screenshots on iOS? Well, you might have, but do you know how to take a scrolling screenshot of the whole webpage you are browsing? Let’s find everything about scrolling screenshots on the iPhone here.

You just saw something cool on one of your social media apps and decided to save it for later, so how do you save it on your iPhone? You took a screenshot, right?

Well, taking a screenshot is the most convenient method to save anything you want. It is saved in the form of an image in your Photos app.

I remember how I used to take screenshots of literally everything I saw on Instagram, Pinterest or any web page. And there have been many times where I wanted to take a screen shot of the whole webpage but couldn’t since it wouldn’t fit on the screen.

In the past, it could be a total mess to screenshot the whole page one by one and then put it all together with a third-party application.

Well, Apple heard our worries and came to the rescue by introducing a new feature called “Scrolling Screenshot.” A scrolling screenshot feature is hidden, which allows us to capture a long snapshot consisting of many pages in a single screenshot.

This was actually a hidden feature and many considered it an easter egg. For quite some time now, I have been using scrolling screenshots and I must tell you, they have made my work so much easier and smoother.

Now whenever I need to save a whole webpage, I just use a scrolling screenshot and with just a few clicks, my work is done.

Allow me to guide you through the steps of this amazing feature and how it works for us.

What Is a Scrolling Screenshot?

It is a full- page snapshot also known as scrolling screenshot. This feature helps to capture a complete page, whether it’s a webpage, document, or email.

It doesn’t require us to take individual screenshots and then put them together.

For example, if you wanted to screenshot a 100-page document on Safari, you would just need to capture the entire thing with just one snapshot.

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How to Take a Scrolling iPhone Screenshot

Note that currently this feature only works in safari browser and not any other social media or texting application.

While this is a disappointment, it is still an excellent method to capture full- page screenshots without using any third- party apps.

  1. Snap a standard iPhone screenshot.
  2. For a screenshot, press Volume Up + Power => preview thumbnail => Full Page => Done => save screenshot. OR
  3. Use Assistive Touch, Back Tap, or Siri => preview thumbnail => Full Page => Done => save.
  4. Select the screenshot preview in the bottom-left corner. (It will only show for approximately five seconds, so you must be quick.)
  5. Select the Full- Page option.
  6. Under Full Page, on the right side, you’ll see a preview of the complete scrolling screenshot, as well as a larger preview in the centre. You may also trim the scrolling screenshot if it is too long.
  7. When you’re done changing the scrolling screenshot, click Done. You’ll be given two options: save the scrolling screenshot or erase it.
  8. Save the scrolling screenshot by tapping Save PDF to Files.
  9. You must select a folder in which to store the scrolling screenshot. The Files app defaults to the last folder you saved something to or the Downloads folder.

Note: I repeat, you can take a scrolling screenshot in Safari. If you try this in any other app, the “Full Page” option will not appear.

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How To View Scrolling iPhone Screenshots:

If you are looking for the whole page screenshot on the Photos app, then you might not find it there because all scrolling screenshots are converted to PDFs before being saved to the Files app.

To view your scrolling screenshot, open the Files app, navigate to the folder where it was stored, and tap the screenshot. You will also get the option to rename your file, add comments, mark something as important and many more.

Another feature of this is that you will also be able to send this saved file to others through any means like text or email.

I really hope this article was useful and you have learned something new today in terms of iOS. If you have any queries related to this, then feel free to ping us through the comment section and we will surely revert back.

Stay tuned!

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