Trollstore iOS 17 – What Is Trollstore and How Does It Work

TrollStore 17 is an innovative iOS application that allows users to sideload apps and tweaks without needing to jailbreak their devices. With the recent release of TrollStore 2 for iOS 17, more iPhone and iPad users can now take advantage of this useful utility. In this article, we will cover what TrollStore is, how it works, its capabilities, compatibility, installation, usage, and the impact it has made in the iOS community.

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What is TrollStore and How Does it Work?

TrollStore 17 is an app developed by Lars Fröder that provides capabilities similar to jailbreaking without actually modifying iOS system files. It exploits vulnerabilities in iOS to enable users to sign and install unofficial IPA files not available on the App Store.

The latest TrollStore 2 utilizes a flaw in the Core Trust component of iOS to hijack the system partition and bypass restrictions that usually prevent app sideloading. This is done by gaining root trust in Core Trust, the iOS mechanism that controls authorization and code-signing of system apps and processes.

Once installed, TrollStore creates a sandboxed partition that operates independently from the main iOS partition. This separate space allows for the installation and execution of unsigned code and IPAs while keeping the core system intact and secure.

Some key capabilities provided by TrollStore include:

  • Easy IPA Sideloading: Easily install IPA files, tweaks, emulators, and apps not approved by Apple
  • Auto-Resigning: Apps installed via TrollStore get automatically resigned allowing them to open after a reboot
  • Permanent Signing: Ability to retain sideloaded apps even after iOS updates
  • Jailbreak-Free: Provides utility of a jailbreak without system-level access

Compatibility and Requirements

TrollStore 2 is currently compatible with iOS 15.5 to iOS 16.6 and preliminary reports indicate that it works on the upcoming iOS 17.0 beta with phones as recent as the iPhone 14 series.

The app requires an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch running a compatible version of iOS. Devices must not be jailbroken in order to use TrollStore. Older 64-bit devices are recommended as they may provide greater compatibility and stability.

Specific iOS device and version compatibility includes:

  • iOS 17: Reportedly works on iOS 17 beta for A10 devices and above
  • iOS 16: Compatible from iOS 16.0 to iOS 16.6.1
  • iOS 15: Works on iOS 15.0 to iOS 15.5
  • Devices: iPhone 6s and newer, 5th generation iPad and newer

Key Capabilities and Use Cases

TrollStore provides iOS users with a powerful set of capabilities that were previously only possible through jailbreaking. Some of its most popular features include:

Easy Sideloading of IPA Files

The core purpose of TrollStore is to enable easy sideloading of IPA files that Apple restricts from the App Store. This includes apps, games, emulators, and tweaks that customize interface elements beyond what iOS normally allows. Users can install IPA files directly within the TrollStore app itself.

Automatically Resigning Apps

A useful capability provided by TrollStore is auto-resigning of apps. When an app is sideloaded using free Apple developer accounts, it will stop working after 7 days unless it is resigned. TrollStore handles this automatically in the background so sideloaded apps continue to function normally.

Persistent App Signing Across Updates

One of the most powerful features introduced in TrollStore 2 is the ability to retain sideloaded apps even after updating iOS. Using a “Delay OTA” method, users can update iOS while keeping TrollStore apps open in the background which tricks the system into preserving the unsigned code. This persistence across iOS versions mimics some of the best features of jailbreaking.

Customization Without Jailbreaking

TrollStore grants users a level of customizability not normally possible without jailbreaking. Through sideloading, users can apply tweaks that theme UI elements, modify icons, change animations, add new features, override stock apps, and alter other aspects of iOS to their liking. This freedom rivals jailbreaks of the past.

Jailbreak-Level Utility Without System Access

While TrollStore does not provide the file system access or extensive modification potential of jailbreaking, its capabilities have quickly drawn comparisons to jailbreaking utilities. For many users, it provides the benefits of customizing and enhancing their iOS experience without needing to jailbreak. The app sandboxing approach also provides stability and security.

Installation and Usage Guide

Installing TrollStore involves sideloading the IPA on a compatible iPhone or iPad running iOS 15.5 to iOS 16.6 or an early iOS 17 beta version. Here are step-by-step instructions to get TrollStore ready for app sideloading:

  1. Download TrollStore IPA – Get the latest IPA file from the official TrollStore source. Links provided on the TrollStore Twitter page.
  2. Install Apple Configurator – You will need Apple Configurator 2 installed on your Mac. This will be used to sideload the TrollStore IPA in the next steps.
  3. Connect Device – With your compatible iPhone, iPad or iPod touch handy, connect it directly to your Mac via USB.
  4. Trust Computer – A prompt will appear on your iOS device asking to Trust This Computer. Accept it to allow sideloading.
  5. Sideload TrollStore – Open Apple Configurator on your Mac, click on your connected iOS device, tap Add > Apps in the menu bar and select the TrollStore IPA file. Proceed through prompts to install.
  6. Launch TrollStore – You will now see the TrollStore app installed on your home screen. Tap to launch it.
  7. Enable Full File System Access – Follow the on-screen instructions in TrollStore to enable full root access so TrollStore can manage file system permissions effectively each time it runs.

You now have TrollStore set up and ready to use for sideloading IPAs! The app offers an intuitive interface to search for, download and install unsigned IPA files, emulators and tweaks to customize your non-jailbroken iPhone or iPad.

Community Reception and Impact

The launch of TrollStore 2 has been met with excitement and praise across iOS communities like Reddit and Twitter. It has restored access to enhanced customization on modern iOS devices many thought would no longer be possible without jailbreaking.

Several posts and guides across /r/jailbreak, /r/TrollStore and YouTube have amassed thousands of upvotes and views. Users actively discuss apps to sideload, best practices, troubleshooting and the future potential of TrollStore capabilities.

Developers have also chimed in with optimized emulators and tweaks designed to integrate natively with TrollStore for the best possible user experience. The uptake has been swift with some describing it as opening up iOS customization to the masses once again.

The Future of TrollStore

Going forward, the developer aims to expand TrollStore compatibility to as many iOS devices and versions as its exploits allow. There is enthusiasm about the iOS 16.2 jailbreak demonstrated by the ModernPwner team at the CS3 cybersecurity conference and whether any vulnerabilities leveraged could benefit TrollStore users.

While Apple will likely patch the Core Trust issues in newer iOS releases, the TrollStore developer has historically found new exploits to enable its continued operation across iOS versions. This cat-and-mouse game will continue into the iOS 17 era.

For now, TrollStore 2 has delivered on its promise of iOS customization without jailbreaking up to the very latest devices and operating system betas. It shows creativity and innovation can often overcome even the most securely locked-down platforms. The future looks bright for users keen on customizing their stock iPhones and iPads without compromise.


TrollStore has rapidly emerged as a way for stock iOS devices to mimic some of the best functionality of jailbreaking. With its latest update, TrollStore 2 extends exciting sideloading capabilities and permanence across iOS updates to newer devices running the very latest Apple software.

While TrollStore does not offer complete iOS access or modification, it grants an impressive array of customization options for tech-savvy users willing to venture outside Apple’s walled garden. Developers have also ensured favorite jailbreak apps and tweaks can thrive on TrollStore.

As Apple continues locking down iOS, TrollStore fills a niche by meeting users halfway – all of the benefits of personalization without fully jailbreaking. It liberates iOS devices in a reasonably secure, reliable and reversible manner. TrollStore is a testament that while Apple owns the software stack, creative developers and communities like /r/jailbreak can still run circles around imposed restrictions.

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