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Orion Stars VIP Download is a popular astrology and horoscope app available for iOS devices. With a clean interface and abundance of features like daily horoscopes, compatibility reports, transit forecasts and more, Orion Stars has become a go-to app for getting astrological guidance on-the-go.

If you want to download the Orion Stars VIP app on your iPhone or iPad, there are some system requirements and steps you need to follow. This guide will outline everything you need to know to successfully download, install and start using Orion Stars VIP on iOS.

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System Requirements

Before downloading Orion Stars VIP, you need to ensure your iOS device meets the minimum system requirements:

  • iOS 13 or newer – Orion Stars VIP requires iOS 13.0 or newer to run. So you need an iPhone or iPad running at least iOS 13.
  • 50MB of storage – The app itself takes up around 50MB of storage space on your device. So make sure you have adequate free space.
  • Internet connection – You’ll need an internet connection during the download and installation process. The app also requires internet connectivity to sync horoscopes, birthcharts and provide predictions.

As long as your iPhone or iPad meets these basic Orion Stars VIP iOS requirements, you should face no issues installing and running the app.

Step-by-Step Installation Guide

Downloading and installing Orion Stars VIP takes just a few simple steps:

1. Access the Orion Stars VIP Download Page

Go to the Orion Stars website on your iOS device and access the VIP download page:

This page has been specially designed to detect iOS devices and provide the direct download link.

2. Tap on the Download Button

Once the page loads, you’ll see a prominent download button:

Download Button ColorSize
Purple2 inches x 1 inch

Tap on this purple download button to initiate the app installation process.

3. Follow the On-Screen Prompts

After tapping the download button, you’ll see a series of on-screen prompts guiding you through the installation process.

First, a popup will ask if you want to install Orion Stars VIP. Tap Install to proceed.

Next, you may be prompted to enter your App Store password or Apple ID verification. Enter the required credentials to confirm your identity.

Finally, the iOS will begin downloading and extracting the necessary Orion Stars VIP files on your device storage.

The entire process usually completes within a few minutes. The iOS will notify you once the Orion Stars VIP installation is complete.

4. Open the Orion Stars VIP App

With the app successfully installed, you can now open it from your home screen and start using all the great astrology features offered in the VIP version.

The app icon will resemble a night sky with stars:

App Icon BackgroundForeground
Navy blueGold stars

Tap the icon to launch the app. After a quick sync, you’ll see the elegant Orion Stars VIP dashboard with all available features.

Getting Started with Orion Stars VIP

Now that you’ve installed Orion Stars VIP on your iPhone or iPad, you can start unlocking astrological insights to guide your life’s path!

Here are some recommendations on how to get the best value from the app:

  • Set up your birth details in the app so all predictions are personalized.
  • Enable push notifications to receive daily horoscopes directly on your device.
  • Frequently check the Transit Timeline to see upcoming astrological influences.
  • Compare your natal chart with friends/partners using the Synastry tool.

And if you ever need help, tap the Settings (gear) icon in the app to access 24×7 customer support.

So download Orion Stars VIP today to reveal the cosmic forces guiding your relationships, career, finances and much more!


Installing Orion Stars VIP on iOS devices like iPhone and iPad takes just a few simple steps. Just ensure your iOS version meets the minimum requirements, access the Orion Stars download page, tap to install and open the app to start enjoying a world of astrology.

With powerful features like precise birthcharts, horoscopes and transit analysis, Orion Stars can provide deep astrological insights to help you thrive in life. So upgrade to Orion Stars VIP today for the full astrological experience!

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