What Is Orion Stars VIP Download iOS 17

Orion Stars VIP Download ios 17 is a new mobile game taking the iOS world by storm. As an online fish hunting game, Orion Stars brings together casual gameplay, social elements, and in-app purchases for an addictive experience you can enjoy anytime, anywhere.

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Orion Stars VIP Download is a game app released exclusively for iOS devices. It resembles popular fishing games, but with colorful anime-style graphics, vibrant game modes, and the ability to play with friends. The app also includes player progression systems and microtransactions to enhance the gameplay.

This guide will explore everything you need to know about downloading, installing, and playing Orion Stars VIP on an iPhone or iPad running iOS 17. We’ll cover:

  • Downloading and verifying the app
  • Navigating the game menus and interfaces
  • Gameplay elements like fishing, upgrades, and tournaments
  • Social features like friending and gifting
  • In-app purchases and VIP subscription perks

So let’s get started catching fish in Orion Stars iOS!

Downloading and Installing

Orion Stars VIP Download can be easily accessed from any iOS 17 device’s browser at the link below:

You can also scan this QR code using your camera app to begin the download:

After tapping the link or scanning the QR code, you may need to verify the app installation in your iPhone or iPad’s settings:

  1. Open Settings > General > Profiles & Device Management
  2. Select the developer Kailuan(Group) Limited Liability Corporation
  3. Tap Install Profile and enter your passcode

This verifies and installs the Orion Stars profile so you can open the app. Finally, press “Open on the desktop” on the alert popup to launch Orion Stars VIP!

Exploring the Game Interfaces

Orion Stars contains various menus and interfaces for managing your profile, fishing, upgrading gear, and more. Here is a quick overview:

Main Lobby

This area greets you on launch and includes:

  • Avatar – Customize yours here!
  • Daily bonuses – Spin to win freebies
  • Tournament info – Current contests and rankings
  • ** decrement to your aquarium and more game features

My Aquarium

All the fish you catch live here! Press the button above your tank to go fishing. Upgrade your aquarium’s size, d├ęcor, and environments over time.


Spend gold and gems to unlock new rods, reels, bait, and other fishing gear. Upgraded gear helps reel in rare fish!

Check back daily for rotating sales.


See friends here and visit their aquariums! Send daily gifts and chat using customizable stickers earned through gameplay.

Gameplay Features

Now let’s dive into the main event – catching fish! Here are the core gameplay components:


Tap anywhere out on the water to cast your line. Tap and hold as the bobber moves to reel fish in. Be quick before they escape!


Limited-time competitions to catch trophy fish for big rewards. Rankings show who caught the most by weight.

Rare Fish

Glowing and colorful specimens that are harder to catch. They earn you more rewards and gold for upgrades.


Spend gold on new rods, reels, bait, and tools to boost fishing. Level up to tackle new areas.

Social Features

Make friends, send gifts, and visit others with Orion Stars’ social tools. Connect your account so friends can follow your ranking rises!

Friending Players

Search profiles and tap Add Buddy to friend others. Visit friends through My > Social page.

Gifting Items

Send gift packs like bait packages to friends once daily. Notify them by tapping Gift.


Unlock colorful stickers by progressing. Send these animations when chatting.

In-App Purchases

While entirely optional, Orion Stars does offer in-app purchases and subscriptions for those who want to progress faster.

VIP Status

The VIP subscription unlocks handy benefits, like free daily gear and doubled earnings. Check the table below for more perks:

VIP SubscriptionPerks
WeeklyDouble gold from all sources
MonthlyFaster bait cooldowns
Yearly+10 daily friend gifts


Gold packs speed upgrades to rods, tanks, and tools. Prices range from $1.99 to $99.99 USD.


Special gems can buy unique fish and seasonal decor directly. Approximate gem pack pricing:

  • 120 Gems for $0.99
  • 1,200 Gems for $9.99

So in summary, Orion Stars VIP Download for iOS 17 offers tons of gameplay variety, social potential, and incentives to keep playing daily! Catch some glowfish with friends today.


Orion Stars brings a fun casual fishing game with anime-style graphics, vibrant aquariums, and social potential through gifting and visiting friends. Easy to pick up yet rewarding to master, it offers both quick gameplay sessions for newcomers and deeper progression systems for engaged players.

Key takeaways include:

  • Addictive fishing gameplay balanced perfectly for mobile
  • Hundreds of fish to discover and collect
  • Social friending, chat, sticker sharing
  • Frequent tournaments and events
  • In-app purchases optional for faster upgrades

So gather your best lures and join the hunt for rare specimens in Orion Stars’ expansive oceans today! Connect with friends or meet a vibrant community through this exciting iOS 17 release.

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