How To Buy Apple Vision Pro Accessories?

How To Buy Apple Vision Pro Accessories? The Apple Vision Pro is the latest augmented reality headset released by Apple in 2023. With its sleek design, high-resolution displays, and advanced hand tracking, the Vision Pro aims to revolutionize the way we interact with technology and view digital information blended into the real world.

To get the most out of your Apple Vision Pro, having the right accessories is key. Here is a guide on how and where to buy the best Apple Vision Pro accessories to enhance your experience.

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Overview of Apple Vision Pro Accessories

The Vision Pro headset itself comes with very few accessories in the box – just the headset, charging cable, and quick start guide. Optional accessories can make using the Vision Pro more convenient, comfortable, and personalized.

Here are some of the most popular Apple Vision Pro accessories to consider:

  • Headbands – Alternative headbands to the one included, for comfort and style.
  • Face gaskets – Replacements and alternatives to fit different face shapes.
  • Link cable – To connect the Vision Pro to a Mac or PC.
  • Travel case – Protective carrying cases for portability.
  • Controller grips – Grips and straps for the hand controllers.
  • Prescription lens inserts – Lens inserts to use the Vision Pro without glasses.
  • External batteries – Extra batteries to extend usage time.
  • Earbuds – Audio earbuds for privacy and increased immersion.

Where to Buy Apple Vision Pro Accessories

Apple Online and Retail Stores

The most straightforward option for buying Vision Pro accessories is directly from Apple through their online and retail stores.

The Apple online store has a section dedicated to Vision Pro accessories. Here you can find accessories like the link cable, travel case, and replacement components. Stock is limited but tends to get replenished frequently.

Physical Apple retail stores also carry a selection of the most popular accessories which you can test out and buy immediately. Inventory varies by location.

Buying directly from Apple ensures you are getting 100% authentic accessories guaranteed to be compatible. The downside is selection is more limited compared to third parties.

Third-Party Retailers and Marketplaces

Numerous third-party retailers and marketplaces sell Apple Vision Pro accessories:

  • Amazon – Extensive selection from Apple and third parties, fast shipping with Prime.
  • Best Buy – Large electronics retailer, offers in-store pickup and knowledgeable staff.
  • Target – Brick-and-mortar stores across the U.S. carrying cases and common accessories.
  • Walmart – Another nationwide retailer selling Vision Pro accessories online and in-store.
  • Etsy – Marketplace for unique handmade accessories like headbands and grips.

The benefit of third-party retailers is greater variety and availability of accessories, especially less common items like lens inserts and customized components. Be sure to check reviews and product details to verify compatibility and authenticity.

Specialty Retailers

For specific types of accessories, there are specialty retailers to check out:

  • Lens inserts – Companies like VR Optician and WIDMOvr have custom-fit prescription lens inserts.
  • Headbands – Headband makers like BandWerk and Rebuff Reality offer luxury options.
  • Cases – Brands like Pelican and Nanuk make rugged waterproof cases.
  • Controller accessories – Accessory makers like AMVR and KIWI design controller grips and straps.

These specialty retailers cater specifically to Vision Pro users and highlight products made for optimal compatibility. Browse their Vision Pro sections for high-quality accessories.

What to Look for When Buying Accessories

To make sure you get accessories that work flawlessly with your Apple Vision Pro, keep the following in mind when shopping:

  • Compatibility – Verify the product was made specifically for the Apple Vision Pro and lists compatibility. Avoid universal accessories that are not designed for your model.
  • Reviews – Read customer reviews on sites like Amazon to check for any fit or performance issues reported for an accessory. Reliable brands tend to have overwhelmingly positive feedback.
  • Return policies – In case an accessory does not work as expected, shop at retailers that accept returns or exchanges.
  • Authenticity – When not buying directly from Apple, purchase from reputable sellers and be wary of counterfeit or knockoff products.
  • Features – Consider functionality – e.g. storage space for cases or adjustable lenses for prescription inserts. Make sure the features match your needs.

Taking these factors into account will help you select high-performing Vision Pro accessories that integrate seamlessly with your headset.

Recommended Apple Vision Pro Accessories

Here are some of the stand-out Apple Vision Pro accessories to consider getting for key benefits:

Apple Vision Pro Link Cable

  • Connects the Vision Pro to a Mac or PC.
  • Enables more advanced apps, software, and graphics.
  • Provides charging capabilities.
  • 3 meters length for flexible setup.

AMVR Headband and Face Gasket Set

  • Comfortable, breathable headband with adjustable knob.
  • Softer face gasket material reduces light leakage.
  • Set includes 2 headbands and 3 gasket sizes for custom fit.

Pelican Air Case with Foam Insert

  • Rugged watertight hard case with custom foam inserts.
  • Keeps Vision Pro safe during transport.
  • Fits headset, controllers, and accessories neatly.

VR Optician Lens Inserts

  • Prescription lens inserts for using without glasses.
  • Custom made to your eye prescription.
  • Easy pop-in design.
  • Reduces risk of scratching screens.

Controller Grips and Straps

  • Secures controllers and reduces slipping.
  • Wrist and knuckle straps keep hands free.
  • Protects controllers from drops and impacts.


Getting the right accessories for your Apple Vision Pro is important to maximize comfort, usability, and protection. Focus on verified compatbile products from reputable brands. The Apple online and retail stores offer guaranteed first-party accessories, while third parties provide greater selection. Consider key accessories like headbands, cases, lens inserts, and controller grips to enhance your experience in virtual and augmented reality. With the right accessories, your Apple Vision Pro will feel complete.

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