Best Alternatives To Dominion iOS Games For iPhone and iPad

Looking for the Best Alternatives To Dominion iOS Games For iPhone and iPad? But first you need to know about Dominion iOS game, It is a popular deck-building card game that has enthralled tabletop gamers since its release in 2008. In Dominion, 2-4 players compete to build the most prosperous kingdom by strategic card drafting and efficient deck management. With its clever mechanics and endless replayability from varied card market sets, it’s no wonder Dominion has spawned so many digital adaptations and inspired similar iOS games.

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If you love Dominion but want more variety for your iOS gaming sessions, plenty of Alternatives To Dominion iOS are available. This article explores the best iOS adaptations of Dominion as well as related games that capture the strategic card-crafting fun in new themes and settings.

Official Dominion iOS Adaptation

Dominion finally arrived on mobile in 2022 with an official digital adaptation for iOS and Android from Temple Gates Games. This version includes online play and expansions but requires an annual subscription for full access at $9.99 per year.

The base game features the full original Dominion card set and rules for 2-4 player games against AI or friends. The app handles all the busywork of setting up card piles, tracking scoring and endings. Players get to focus on strategic drafting from central supply piles to efficiently synergize their 10-card starting deck into a point-scoring engine.

With crisp artwork, smooth controls and multiplayer, it’s the definitive way to play Dominion on the go. While the subscription model is limiting, you can access core content indefinitely for free.

Ascension – Deckbuilding Game

For an Alternatives To Dominion iOS with more flexibility and variety, Ascension is one of the best Dominion-likes available. This deckbuilder features an ever-expanding card pool spanning many thematic sets in a fantasy world. The base app is free and additional sets are available as in-app purchases.

Like Dominion, the goal is to craft an efficient deck from a central pool of cards. But Ascension adds some twists to the formula. Instead of static supply piles, cards cycle through a central row. Players defeat monsters to earn points and treasures to buy more cards. With elements of combat and character progression, Ascension creates a blend of deckbuilder and RPG flavor.

The variety of themes, from robots to demons to nature spirits, keeps the experience fresh. With asynchronous online play, you can face off against friends or random opponents without time pressure. If Dominion feels stale, Ascension’s energetic expands the possibilities of the genre.

Spirit Island

For a fully cooperative deckbuilding experience, Spirit Island brings the genre to an island defense game for 1-4 players. Instead of competing, players team up as magical spirits defending their island home from invading colonizers.

Each spirit has unique powers and growth options expressed via a deck of power cards. By selecting cards carefully, elements from a shared supply, and coordinating with others, players hinder invaders and build their presence on the island. With variable invader types and modular board configurations, each game tells an engaging story.

While there is little direct interaction between players, the cooperative challenge creates satisfying group play. With tough scenarios and brain-burning card synergies to master, Spirit Island takes deckconstruction to new heights. If you enjoy testing your skills cooperatively, this adventure delivers immense depth. The digital version brings smooth gameplay and challenging AI adversaries transitioning the acclaimed tabletop experience to mobile seamlessly.


Sometimes you just need an endless supply of new Dominion kingdoms to conquer. DominGen provides that and more as a kingdom generator for creating fresh Dominion sets. With a database of fan-made cards, you can generate random or customized sets far beyond the official supply.

The free app lets you instantly generate 15-card kingdoms with filters ranging from simple to complex. You can modify the results or save your favorites for replaying. The card database even includes custom expansions, letting you draft from thousands of options.

With tools to share your sets and save progress across devices via iCloud syncing, DominGen enhances your Dominion experience efficiently. While it lacks the full play features of the official app, it’s unbeatable for discovering new card combinations. DominGen is an essential companion for tried Dominion fanatics thirsty for more variety.

Dominion Web Version

Before the official Dominion app arrived, the free web version was the closest thing iOS users had to the real experience. The site features the full base game and expansions with online multiplayer and AI opponents.

While it lacks a native app, the mobile-optimized site provides a smooth cross-platform option that even works offline after the initial loading. Compared to the official version, it offers more free content like expansions but less polish. For iPad users especially, it remains a convenient way to get your Dominion fix for free without installing an app.

Related Games That Are Alternatives To Dominion iOS

Beyond official adaptations, many mobile games build on Dominion’s core formula in new ways. Here are some standouts to consider if you enjoy hybrid deckbuilders:


This fusion of deckbuilder and board game brings push-your-luck dungeon exploration into the mix. Players battle monsters to collect loot cards for their deck. But you also must avoid getting destroyed before escaping the dungeon with your deck. With board game elements like a modular path, Clank! adds fun twists while keeping the strategic card combos flowing.

Hero Realms / Star Realms

These battling deckbuilders infuse the genre with head-to-head duels. After drafting starting decks, players directly attack each other and use card combos to boost their combat prowess. With distinctly themed sets of cards to mix and match, Hero Realms and Star Realms capture the escalating clashes of a trading card game in compact deckbuilder form.

Night of the Full Moon

This horror-themed single player adventure makes excellent use of deckbuilding progression. As you battle through creepy foes each night, new card rewards let you customize your abilities via a flexible talent tree. With engaging story and strategic cardplay blended seamlessly, Night of the Full Moon is ideal for fans of RPG deckbuilders.

Classic Board Game Adaptations

No discussion of iOS board gaming is complete without mentioning adaptations of classic titles. For many, board games are nostalgic gateways into the hobby. iOS developers have translated many favorites into convenient digital form:


The classic real estate trading game needs no introduction. Official adaptations capture the trading and dealmaking intact, handling rules and cash automatically. Luxury animated versions provide the definitive way to experience Monopoly anywhere.

The Game of Life 2

This modern remake of the classic life simulator features mini games and life goals beyond just retiring with the most money. Make bold choices in careers, hobbies, and relationships on your journey from college to retirement.


Investigate to solve the mystery of Mr. Boddy’s murder in this classic deduction game. The digital version adds high quality animated characters and voice acting without losing the suspense of gathering clues and making accusations.

Ticket to Ride

The popular train route building game is perfect for passing and sharing an iPad. Players race to complete routes on a map to score points. Blocking opponents and strategic claims makes for exciting head-to-head competition.

Modern Board Game Hits

Beyond the classics, modern board game designs adapted for iPad and iPhone routinely top the app charts. Here are some current hits worth checking out:


This award-winning bird watching board game has captivated audiences with gorgeous production and strategic engine-building cardplay. Learn new birds and assemble powerful habitats in this mellow yet deeply strategic experience.

Terraforming Mars

In this epic sci-fi game, players compete to make Mars habitable viatile placement, card combos, and resource management. Unraveling synergies between corporations and technologies lets you raise temperature, oxygen, and water levels.


Control woodland factions like cats or racoons in this asymmetric war game filled with unique abilities and witty woodland characters. Balanced starting powers and ever-shifting alliances make for exciting replayability.

Legends of Andor

Cooperate with friends in this fantasy adventure of battling monsters and gathering legendary items across a map. With brain-burning challenges and expandable quests, its ideal for fans of cooperative fantasy questing and hero progression.


Dominion remains one of the most influential and beloved deckbuilding games around. While the official iOS version provides an excellent way to play the original anywhere, even Dominion fans need some variety over time.

Luckily, the best Alternatives To Dominion iOS like Ascension and Spirit Island build on the core formula in creative new directions. Pick your favorite themes and features across single player, cooperative, competitive, and combined hybrid genres.

Beyond games directly based on Dominion, the deckbuilding mechanism infuses many modern board game adaptations on iOS. From reinvented classics to award winners, iOS opens the door to engaging new worlds.

With limitless kingdom possibilities or entirely new genres like battling card games and roguelikes, you’re sure to discover fresh favorites. So explore beyond Dominion and let these engrossing iOS adaptations unleash your inner card strategist. Just beware, as obsessive deck tinkering may ensue.

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