Apple Vision Pro Accessories – Battery Review

The Apple Vision Pro is an impressive pair of augmented reality glasses that allow users to overlay digital information and experiences onto the real world. While the glasses offer hands-free operation and a futuristic user experience, battery life can be a concern. Apple has released a high-capacity external Apple Vision Pro accessories battery and clever accessories to keep your Vision Pro powered up and ready to go all day long.

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An Elegant High-Capacity Battery for Extended Use

The Apple Vision Pro Battery is a machined aluminum power pack that provides extra juice for your Vision Pro glasses on the go. The smooth metal housing matches the sophisticated design of the Vision Pro frames, making this battery a stylish accessory.

Inside the aluminum shell, the Vision Pro Battery contains a high-density lithium-ion battery rated for 24 hours of battery life per charge. That’s enough to keep your Vision Pro glasses powered up all day long, even with heavy use. The integrated USB-C port provides 60W power delivery, quickly recharging your Vision Pro battery from empty to 50% in just 30 minutes.

Apple has utilized smart power management technology to optimize battery life. The Vision Pro Battery communicates directly with your Vision Pro glasses to provide the exact amount of power required in real-time. This avoids overcharging and extends the overall lifespan of your Vision Pro battery.

The Vision Pro Battery retails for $199 on the Apple website. Considering the extended reality functionality packed into the Vision Pro glasses, this additional battery life in a sleek package is well worth the investment for power users.

Charge On the Go with a Magnetic USB-C Woven Cable

The Apple Vision Pro Battery comes with a flexible USB-C to USB-C cable to connect to your Vision Pro glasses for charging. The cable features a magnetic attachment to firmly clip onto your Vision Pro frame for a reliable connection on the go.

The cable itself is made of colorful braided fabric. It’s durable enough to toss in your bag without worrying about fraying or breakage. The woven design resists tangling, so the cable neatly retracts into the built-in spool on the underside of the Vision Pro Battery.

When your Vision Pro needs a battery boost, simply unwind the woven cable and magnetically snap it onto the port on your Vision Pro glasses. The magnetic attachment ensures a secure charge connection even if the cable gets tugged or caught on something as you wear your Vision Pro.

The USB-C cable delivers a fast charge, bringing your Vision Pro glasses up to 50% battery life in just 30 minutes. When you’ve finished charging, detach the magnetic cable and neatly tuck it back into the spool compartment on the bottom of the battery.

Wear Your Extra Battery with a Convenient Belt Clip

Carrying around the Apple Vision Pro Battery is easy with the first-party accessories available from Apple. The most convenient is the Apple Vision Pro Battery Holder with Belt Clip.

This plastic clip securely holds onto your Vision Pro Battery and clips right onto your belt, waistband or bag strap. The smart design keeps the battery easily accessible when you need a charge, but neatly out of the way when you don’t.

The battery snaps into place in the holder with a satisfying click and won’t budge even during active use. To remove the battery, simply press down on the release tab on the Belt Clip to eject the battery.

With the Belt Clip, you can keep your spare Vision Pro Battery close at hand for a quick battery boost whenever needed. Going for a hike or long day trip? Clip that extra battery onto your waistband or backpack and don’t worry about your Vision Pro dying mid-adventure.

The Apple Vision Pro Battery Holder with Belt Clip costs $50 when purchased alongside the Vision Pro Battery. Pairing the Belt Clip with the Battery is a no-brainer for users who need to optimize battery life for all-day wear.

Keep Your Vision Pro Charged and Ready

The Apple Vision Pro Battery and accessories provide solid battery life in a polished package designed to complement your high-tech glasses. The spare 24 hour battery, fast 60W charging and convenient magnetic USB-C cable ensure your Vision Pro will have power when you need it. Clip on the battery holder and carry your stylish extra juice anywhere!

With the power to keep your Vision Pro going strong all day, you’ll be free to use the amazing augmented reality features as much as you want. Whether you’re gaming, creating 3D models or giving your next presentation hands-free, a fully charged Vision Pro makes the experience seamless. Invest in the Apple Vision Pro Battery and accessories to power next-level experiences without compromise.

Apple Vision Pro Battery

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