Sigma Studio Arm Private Limited iOS: Sigma Battle Royal Game for iPhone

In the last few days, I have noticed a new craze among gamers about games like Hailey’s Treasure Adventure, College Brawl, and Sigma Battle Royale.

These games may be easily available in APKs for Android phones, but iOS users have to rely on third-party app installers, which is not easy for iPhone users. This is the reason why many excited gamers are searching for terms like “Sigma iOS,” “Sigma download for iOS,” and even “Sigma studio arm private limited iOS” (believing it is a developer of the Sigma iOS game).

We have already informed you in my previous article about the Sigma game for iOS that the game is not available on the App Store. Since Apple has strict rules and regulations about games and apps for the App Store, many games fail to pass the review. Plus, the survival shooter game is also not available on the Play Store.

So, you may not find games from “Studio Arm Private Limited” in the App Store. Then, what is Sigma Studio Arm Private Limited, and what is its connection with Sigma Game for iOS? Let’s check it out:

What does Sigma Studio Arm Private Limited stand for?

Users look for “Sigma Studio Arm Private Limited iOS” on search engines in the hopes of getting Sigma for iOS from the developer.

Initially, I thought it must be the developer company of the game, but I couldn’t find any legitimate details about that. For instance, I couldn’t find an official LinkedIn page.

However, I discovered a Twitter account, “SigmaSupportUS,” claiming to be part of the official Studio Arm Private Limited team. But the account was created two days ago, so I am sure it is a fake one.

Plus, many third-party Android app stores have named the Sigma game file as Sigma Studio Arm Private Limited APK, which led iPhone users to look for an iOS version.

How to Download Studio Arm Private Limited’s Sigma Battle Royale Game for iOS

Apple doesn’t allow users to install games from any other source but the App Store. But there are a few third-party app installers that let users download and install games that aren’t on the App Store.

So, they are the only option to download Sigma.

  1. Open any third-party app installer you like.
  2. Search for “Sigma (Full Game)” in the “Games” section.
  3. Tap “Install” and complete the survey.

Once you are done with the survey and refresh the page, the game will be installed on your iPhone.

Reminder: This may seem fun and exciting to install games like these on your iPhone, but keep in mind that installing apps and games from such sources can jeopardize your security and privacy.

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