What Are The Benefits Of Using Journal App iOS 17: A Comprehensive Guide

The introduction of the new Journal app in iOS 17 marks Apple’s foray into building a dedicated first-party solution for journaling and documenting life’s special moments. The app aims to provide an integrated and frictionless journaling experience while prioritizing user privacy and leveraging on-device machine learning for personalized suggestions.

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In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the key benefits, features, and capabilities of the Journal app on iOS 17.

Overview of the Journal App

The Journal app allows users to maintain a private journal of thoughts, memories and events on their iPhone or iPad. Users can create multimedia journal entries containing photos, audio recordings, location info, and text. Entries are organized chronologically and can be searched based on date, text, location and people.

The app uses on-device intelligence to offer prompts and reminders to journal about meaningful events and activities in the user’s life. It aims to make journaling a consistent habit while giving users full control over their private journal.

Benefits of the iOS 17 Journal App

Here are some of the major benefits offered by the Journal app on iOS 17:

Easy and Convenient Journaling

The Journal app provides a frictionless interface to quickly jot down thoughts and events without much effort. Users can easily add photos, audio snippets and location data to their entries. The app sends notifications whenever new journaling prompts are available, removing the need to remember to create entries.

Privacy and Security

The Journal app is backed by end-to-end encryption and stores all data on the user’s device only. Users can lock the app behind Face ID or Touch ID. This ensures complete privacy and security of the journal contents.

Personalized Suggestions

The app uses on-device machine learning to study the user’s photos, locations, music, contacts and activities to provide intelligent prompts for journaling moments. This results in a personalized journaling experience.

Multimedia Journaling

Users can create rich journal entries using photos, videos, audio recordings, location maps and text. This allows capturing a more immersive memory of experiences.

Mental Health Benefits

Regular journaling has been associated with managing anxiety and stress, coping with depression, practicing gratitude and self-reflection. The Journal app can aid in making journaling a consistent habit and harnessing these mental health benefits.

Key Features of the Journal App

Let’s explore the major features of the Journal app on iOS 17 in more detail:

End-to-End Encryption

All journal entries are encrypted end-to-end and stored only on the user’s device. This prevents any unauthorized access to the journal contents and ensures complete privacy.

Face ID/Touch ID Support

Users can opt to lock the Journal app behind Face ID or Touch ID authentication as an additional security measure. This prevents unwanted access in case the device is lost/stolen.

Multimedia Support

Entries can contain photos, videos, audio clips, location maps and text. This allows capturing rich memories and a more immersive journaling experience.

Tags and Search

Entries can be tagged with keywords which enables searching for specific events, people, locations or dates.

Journaling Suggestions

The on-device intelligence suggests topics, photos, people, music and locations that the user can journal about. This acts as a prompt for meaningful entries.

Shareables and Memories

Users can bookmark entries as favorites. The app also automatically surfaces old entries from the past as memories prompting users to journal about them.


The journal can be customized by changing the app icon, font size, font style, text color, background etc. This allows personalizing the journaling experience.

Journaling API for Devs

iOS 17.2 introduces the new Journaling Suggestions API allowing third-party journaling apps to incorporate the same intelligent suggestions available in the first-party Journal app.


Widgets enable quick access to recent entries and suggestions without needing to launch the app. Users can add Journal widgets to home screen.

How Journaling Can Benefit Mental Health

The convenience and intelligent capabilities offered by the Journal app on iOS 17 can help promote mental well-being in the following ways:

  • Managing anxiety and stress: Journaling helps manage anxiety and reduces stress by allowing reflection on thoughts and emotions. The app’s prompts can facilitate this process.
  • Coping with depression: Writing about painful events, negative emotions and thoughts has been found to help individuals cope with depression. The app can help make journaling a habit.
  • Practicing gratitude: Documenting positive events, big or small, through journaling enables gratitude by shifting focus. The app surfaces old entries as reminders.
  • Self-reflection: Journaling allows better understanding of oneself, thought patterns and growth over time. The on-device intelligence creates personalized prompts for self-reflection.
  • Therapeutic benefits: Writing about traumatic or difficult experiences provides therapeutic benefits by bringing clarity and perspective. The multimedia options allow more engaging expression.

By making journaling frictionless, intelligent, secure and personalized, the iOS 17 Journal app can help promote the various mental health benefits of journaling as supported by research.

How to Access the Journal App on iOS 17

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to access the Journal app if you are running iOS 17:

  1. Check the iOS version on your iPhone/iPad and upgrade to the latest iOS 17.x version. The Journal app requires iOS 17.2 or later.
  2. If your device is already on iOS 17, go to Settings > General > Software Update to check for any available updates to install the latest iOS version.
  3. Once your device is updated to iOS 17.2 or later, the Journal app will be available for download from the App Store.
  4. Open the App Store on your device and search for “Journal”. The first search result will be the Journal app by Apple.
  5. Tap on the Journal app icon and then tap on “Get” to download and install the app.
  6. You can add the Journal app icon to your home screen for quick access.
  7. Launch the Journal app and follow the onboarding steps to configure it as per your preferences.
  8. You can now start creating journal entries, customize the app and leverage the smart suggestions.

Remember to keep your device updated to the latest iOS version to get all the new features and optimizations for the Journal app over time.

Key Takeaways

The Journal app in iOS 17 aims to provide a frictionless, intelligent and secure journaling experience while promoting mental well-being through regular journaling. Key highlights include:

  • Easy multimedia journaling with photos, audio, video etc.
  • Personalized and intelligent suggestions powered by on-device machine learning.
  • Complete privacy and security with end-to-end encryption.
  • Mental health benefits such as managing anxiety/stress, coping with depression and practicing gratitude.
  • Convenient access and prompts to make journaling a daily habit.
  • Customization and widget options for personalization.

For those looking to harness the positives of journaling, the Journal app provides an excellent solution right from your iPhone or iPad on iOS 17 and above. As Apple enhances the capabilities of the app over time, it is positioned to become an indispensable tool for self-reflection, gratitude and documenting life’s precious moments.


The Journal app signals Apple’s investment into building dedicated first-party apps for well-being and personal growth. By integrating the convenience and security of the iOS environment with intelligence to provide personalized prompts, the app can make journaling easily accessible anytime and anywhere.

As mental health gains wider focus, platforms like the Journal app that promote routines beneficial for mental well-being in safe and intelligent ways have enormous promise. For any iOS 17 user interested in starting or improving their journaling habit, the Journal app provides the ideal solution.

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