Two Horns on iOS Tips and Tricks

Two Horns has captivated iOS gamers with its expansive fantasy world, deep RPG gameplay, and strategic real-time battles. As players embark on an epic journey across sprawling lands, they must utilize skill, wit, and cunning to overcome imposing foes and challenges. This guide provides key tips, tricks, and strategies for mastering Two Horns on iOS.

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Getting Started in the World of Two Horns

When beginning your Two Horns adventure, keep these starter tips in mind:

Complete the Tutorials

Two Horns offers robust tutorials covering movement, combat, skills, inventory, and more. Completing these ensures you understand core mechanics. Feel free to replay tutorials as needed.

Experiment with Weapons

Get a feel for different weapon types like swords, axes, spears, and bows. See which suit your playstyle. Don’t be afraid to change it up.

Talk to Everyone

Dialogue provides clues for quests and activities. Speaking to NPCs also builds rapport, unlocking merchant discounts.

Manual Save Often

Manual saves supplement Two Horns’ autosaving system. Save at key moments to avoid losing progress.

Difficulty Settings

If battles prove overly taxing, lower the difficulty. You can increase it later as your hero develops.

Character Builds and Progression

How you progress and develop your hero impacts play. Use these tips when leveling up and speccing your build:

Prioritize Key Attributes

Focus first on core combat stats like Strength, Dexterity, and Intelligence. Health and stamina buffs also prove useful.

Mix Weapons and Magic

Blending physical and magical abilities creates dynamic, versatile builds. Try pairing a two-handed weapon with healing magic.

Synergize Skills

Look for skill synergy across trees. For example, light armor skills that boost dodging speed pair well with dual wield abilities.

Craft Gear to Fill Gaps

Use crafting to create or upgrade gear for any shortcomings in your current equipment. Enchant gear for bonus effects.

Respec for Free Till Level 10

Experiment freely with builds as reallocation of skill points costs nothing till level 10. Take advantage to find your optimal playstyle.

Navigating the World

Two Horns’ sprawling overworld offers much to explore. Apply these navigation tips:

Uncover Map Fragments

Scour areas to find map fragments revealing points of interest. Fragments may be hidden in barrels, crates, and enemies.

Investigate Rumors

Chat with bartenders and villagers to gather rumors pointing toward quests, rare loot, hidden areas, and more. Verify rumors at their source.

Mark Notable Locations

Mark intriguing landmarks, dungeons, villages, and geographical features on your map for later investigation when you’re ready.

Use Waypoints Stratgically

Waypoints allow fast travel across Two Horns. Place them wisely at busy quest hubs, key dungeons, and towns to optimize travel.

Ride When Possible

Unlock mounts with increased movement speed to swiftly traverse areas. Horses prove fastest with upgraded saddles and shoes.

Mastering Combat

Battling foes tests reflexes and tactics. These tips lead to combat mastery:

Know Enemy Weaknesses

Study bestiary entries to learn creature vulnerabilities, resistances, and special attacks – then form countermeasures. Upgraded witcher medallions reveal details in real time.

Open from Stealth

Stealth attacks deal double damage. Sneak up undetected and open encounters with devastating ambush strikes.

Use Potions and Oils

Consume potions granting temporary buffs like attack boosts and critical hit chance. Apply oils to weapons to exploit creature weaknesses. Both tilt battles in your favor.

Exploit Enemy Openings

Learn animations signaling enemy vulnerabilities, allowing counters or evasions. Master timings through practice.

Manage Stamina

Monitor stamina closely as it governs sprinting, dodging, blocking and special attacks. Ensure enough remains if you need an emergency escape.

Loot the Fallen

Search defeated enemies for ingredients used in oils, potions, and bombs plus other useful items like enchanted crystals.

Hints for Notable Quests

These tips provide a leg up on some of Two Horns’ most notable quests:

“The Cursed Mine”

  • Bring ample antidote and cure poison potions
  • Use Cat potion to navigate dark tunnels
  • Silver sword excels vs subterranean foes
  • Mine every vein to uncover hidden chamber

“The Sunken Fortress”

  • Swim down carefully watching oxygen
  • Light torches to dispel terrifying visions
  • Powerful crossbow useful vs spectral enemies
  • Gather three emblem fragments to access central tower

“The Forgotten Crypt”

  • Complete side-quest to obtain skeleton-opening gem
  • Moon dust bombs stun regenerating undead
  • Bring robust silver weapons and armor
  • Locate and defeat necromancer to collapse skeletal army

“Assault on Darkmire Citadel”

  • Stealth past exterior guards
  • Locate resistance allies imprisoned within
  • Free allies to aid in final push against vile lord
  • Beware lord’s skull scepter holding trapped souls

With mastery of these tips, tricks, and strategies, you are now ready to dive fully into the magical and dangerous realm of Two Horns and emerge triumphant! Best of luck on your epic journey and enjoy vanquishing foes while developing into a true hero worthy of legend. The path ahead promises much peril but even greater glory. Now steel your nerve and unsheathe your blade – adventure awaits!


Two Horns offers iOS gamers an expansive fantasy title combining deep RPG progression with strategic real-time battles versus menacing foes. Mastering the game requires wisely developing your hero build, navigating a rich world brimming with threats and treasures, and excelling in kinetic combat. Equipped with the tips, tricks, and knowledge from this guide, you can conquer the game’s challenges and ultimately triumph against its vilest enemies. Here’s to boldly venturing forth into adventure, emerging wiser and ever more courageous!

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