How to Download Two Horns on iOS


Two Horns on iOS is a popular multiplayer battle arena game for mobile devices. With its fun gameplay, vibrant graphics, and ability to play with or against friends, it’s easy to see why Two Horns has become so popular.

While Two Horns is available for download on the Google Play Store for Android devices, it is not officially available on the iOS App Store. However, with some simple steps, iOS users can download and install Two Horns on their iPhones or iPads.

In this guide, we’ll walk you through the entire process of downloading, installing, and playing Two Horns on your iOS device.

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Downloading Two Horns on iOS

Since Two Horns is not available on the iOS App Store, you’ll need to download the game file (.ipa file) from a third-party source. There are a few reputable sites that host iOS apps like Two Horns.

Here are the steps to download Two Horns on your iOS device:

1. Download the Two Horns IPA File

Go to a site like AppValley, TweakBox, Ignition, or iOS Gods and search for Two Horns. Find and download the Two Horns IPA file. This may require you to install the site’s app first before you can access the downloads.

2. Install an iOS App Installer

To install IPA files on iOS, you’ll need an app installer like Apps4iPhone, TweakBox, or AppValley. Download and install one of these apps. We recommend TweakBox as it offers a clean installation process.

3. Import the Two Horns IPA File

Open your app installer and tap on the “Import from PC” option. Select the Two Horns IPA file that you downloaded earlier. The app should begin installing Two Horns on your device.

And that’s it! Within a few minutes, Two Horns should finish installing and you can find it on your iOS device’s home screen ready to play.

Playing Two Horns on iOS

Once installed, you can start up Two Horns and play it just like any other iOS game.

Keep in mind that since Two Horns is not an official iOS app, you may encounter occasional crashes or bugs. But the core gameplay should work smoothly.

Here are some tips for playing Two Horns on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch:

  • Connect to a stable WiFi network for the best performance
  • Force close other apps running in the background
  • Restart your iOS device before a long Two Horns gaming session
  • Update to the latest iOS software version for compatibility
  • Reinstall Two Horns if you experience frequent crashing issues
  • Try uninstalling and sideloading again using a different install method

As long as you follow these best practices, Two Horns is a blast to play on iOS. You get the same great battle arena chaos against players around the world.

Keeping Two Horns Updated

Like all multiplayer mobile games, the Two Horns developers regularly release updates including new content, gameplay changes, and bug fixes.

Unfortunately, since Two Horns is not an official iOS app, you won’t get automatic app updates. Instead, you’ll have to regularly check back on the site you downloaded Two Horns from for updates.

When an update is available, download the latest Two Horns IPA file and use your app installer to import and reinstall the game. This will upgrade Two Horns to the newest version with all of the latest goodies!

Why Two Horns Isn’t Officially Available on iOS

Two Horns is currently only officially available for Android devices on the Google Play Store. So why isn’t it out yet on the iOS App Store?

There’s likely a few reasons contributing to the lack of an iOS launch for Two Horns:

  • Exclusive Launch Agreement: Sometimes games launch exclusively on specific platforms for a set period before expanding. There may be an exclusivity deal in place with Google.
  • Development Focus: Creating games for both Android and iOS concurrently takes considerable resources. The developers may be focused on perfecting the Android version first.
  • App Store Policy Restrictions: Certain types of games and apps are rejected from the iOS App Store, while Google Play has looser restrictions. Specific Two Horns features may have caused rejection.
  • Intended for Android First: Smaller indie studios often target Android first because it has a simpler and faster app submission process. An iOS launch may be planned farther down the roadmap.

Regardless of the specific reasons, iOS Two Horns fans still have ways to play the game through unofficial installation methods. And hopefully an official iOS launch isn’t too far away!

Troubleshooting Issues with Two Horns on iOS

As you might expect from sideloading an unapproved iOS app, some users encounter different issues running Two Horns on iPhone or iPad.

Here are some common problems and potential solutions:

Two Horns crashes right after opening

  • Update to latest Two Horns version
  • Reinstall Two Horns and app installer
  • Hard reboot your iOS device

Can’t import IPA file into app installer

  • Make sure Two Horns file is downloaded fully
  • Disable WiFi/cellular data temporarily while importing
  • Allow app install from external sources in Settings

Two Horns launches but won’t load past splash screen

  • Uninstall and reinstall Two Horns
  • Check for iOS app revokes breaking installs
  • Disable Background App Refresh for Two Horns

Game defaults back to Start Screen randomly

  • Close all apps before launching
  • Whitelist Two Horns in any battery saver/app freezing apps you use
  • Eliminate sources of connectivity issues interference

If problems persist or you encounter game glitches while playing Two Horns, joining the fan community Discord channel is a great way to get tech support and troubleshooting advice from experienced players and moderators.

Now let’s get in the game arena and start bashing horns!.

Final Thoughts

Although Two Horns is not natively available on iOS yet, that doesn’t mean you still can’t join the fun battle arena gameplay on your iPhone or iPad. By leveraging third-party iOS app directories and installers, you can easily sideload Two Horns for a seamless mobile gaming experience.

Just make sure to download Two Horns only from reliable sources, use a reputable installer app, follow installation instructions carefully, and regularly grab updates to any issues cropped up.

Here’s to dominating the competition – no matter what device you game on! What are you waiting for? Your Viking warrior is ready to bash some horns!

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