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Download Two Horns on iOS is a popular tower defense strategy game developed by Pink Cafe Art. In Two Horns, players must strategically place towers and troops to defend their base from endless waves of enemies. With its charming art style, innovative defense mechanics, and endless replayability, Two Horns has garnered a sizable following across multiple platforms.

Unfortunately for iOS users, Two Horns is not officially available on the App Store. The game’s developer has not released an iOS version of Two Horns. However, with some technical know-how, it is possible to install and play Two Horns on an iPhone or iPad using unofficial methods.

This guide will walk through the necessary steps to download, install, and play Two Horns on an iOS device. We will cover finding a reliable Two Horns iOS file, using third-party app stores to install the game, and configuring any required device settings.

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Downloading the Two Horns iOS File

The first step is obtaining the Two Horns iOS file (.ipa file). As Two Horns is not on the App Store, you’ll need to find a trustworthy third-party source for the iOS file.

A reputable site for obtaining iOS files is APKModGo. This site offers modded and unofficial apps for iOS and Android. Here are the steps to download the Two Horns iOS file from APKModGo:

  1. Go to APKModGo on your iOS device’s web browser.
  2. Tap the search icon and search for “Two Horns.”
  3. Choose the Two Horns search result and tap the page to view the details.
  4. Tap the pink “Download” button to download the Two Horns iOS file (.ipa).

The file will download to your device. Remember the file location as you will need to access it for the next steps.

Installing Two Horns with a Third-Party App Store

With the Two Horns iOS file downloaded, you now need an app to actually install it. The official iOS App Store won’t install third-party IPA files. Instead, you need to use a third-party “unsafe” app store.

There are a few options for third-party iOS app stores. For installing Two Horns, TweakBox seems to be the most reliable choice. Here is how to install TweakBox and then use it to install Two Horns:

  1. On your iOS device’s web browser, go to tweakboxapp.com. Tap the pink “Install” button.
  2. On the pop-up, tap “Install” to confirm installing the TweakBox profile. Enter your passcode if prompted.
  3. Open Settings > General > Profile. Under “Enterprise App,” tap the TweakBox listing to enable trust.
  4. Still in Settings, tap on TweakBox to open it. Select Apps from the menu.
  5. In TweakBox Apps, tap the “+” icon and select “Upload IPA.” Select the Two Horns IPA file you downloaded earlier.
  6. The Two Horns app will now install. Once finished, you can access Two Horns on your iOS device’s home screen!

With TweakBox installed, you can use this method to install other unsupported iOS apps and games too.

Configuring iOS Settings for Two Horns

Once Two Horns is installed via TweakBox, there is still some configuration required for the game to properly function. Due to Apple restrictions, you need to enable permission for apps from third-party sources to open on your device.

Here are the steps:

  1. Go to Settings > General > VPN & Device Management
  2. Under Enterprise App, tap the Two Horns listing.
  3. Tap the red Trust button, and confirm your choice.
  4. In Settings, scroll back down and tap on Two Horns. Enable the switch for Two Horns.

After enabling these permissions, Two Horns should now open and run properly on your iOS device!

Playing Two Horns on iOS

With Two Horns installed and permissions correctly configured, you are now ready to enjoy this popular tower defense game on your iPhone or iPad!

Tap the Two Horns icon to launch the game. You can interact with the game just like any other iOS app – through touch screen controls. Drag and drop towers, command your troops, and fight off waves of enemies.

One recommendation is connecting an MFi controller to your iOS device for an enhanced Two Horns play experience. This allows you to control the game with physical buttons and joysticks for added precision during intense battles.

Otherwise, navigate Two Horns’ menus and gameplay just like any iPad or iPhone game using your touch screen. Enjoy this iOS exclusive as you strategize your defense and fight for survival!

Important Warnings

While the above method does allow you to install and play Two Horns on iOS devices, there are some warnings to consider:

  • Third-party app stores like TweakBox are not approved by Apple and often deemed illegal. Apple can revoke enterprise certificates, causing the app stores to stop working.
  • Installing profiles and apps from unverified sources may pose security risks for your device. Only download from trustworthy sites like APKModGo.
  • Updating your iOS version in the future may break or disable Two Horns if not updated properly.

In summary – proceed at your own risk. Using the above method to download Two Horns on iOS may stop working at any time. But with the proper precautions taken, you can safely enjoy great mobile games not available on the App Store.


While official iOS support would be ideal, using the above method provides a way for iPhone and iPad owners to play the popular game Two Horns. By finding a reliable IPA file, leveraging third-party app stores, configuring device settings, and observing the necessary warnings, iOS users can strategize tower defense on-the-go with Two Horns.

Just remember – downloading apps from outside the App Store means assuming increased security risks and potential instability. But for hardcore fans eager to play great games unavailable on iOS, it presents an exciting opportunity.

Have you tried installing Two Horns or any other title via third-party methods? Let us know your experiences in the comments!


That covers the necessary steps for iOS owners to successfully install and play Two Horns on iPhone and iPad devices. While the game does not have App Store support, using trustworthy third-party app stores provides an alternative option for non-jailbroken devices.

We walked through finding a reliable Two Horns IPA file, leveraging TweakBox to install unsigned apps, configuring device permissions, and playing Two Horns with touch or controller support. Just be aware of the inherent instabilities and security risks with this workaround method before jumping in.

Did this guide help you get Two Horns working on your iOS device? What other great mobile games would you love to see receive iOS ports? Let us know in the comments below!

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