How to Turn off Zoom in iOS 15

Turn off Zoom in iOS 15 is an accessibility feature on iPhone and iPad that allows you to magnify the screen, making items appear larger and easier to see. While this can be helpful for some users, others may find it distracting or want to turn it off temporarily. Luckily, iOS 15 makes it easy to enable or disable Zoom whenever you want.

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What is Zoom on iPhone and iPad?

The Zoom feature on iOS devices enlarges the entire screen, including text, icons, and images. This makes it easier to view content if you have visual impairments or just want a closer look at something on the screen.

When Zoom is enabled, you can double tap the screen with three fingers to zoom in further. Drag three fingers around the screen to move the zoomed area. Double tap with three fingers again to zoom back out.

The level of magnification can be adjusted in Settings. At the highest zoom level, the screen is magnified up to 500%.

How to Turn Off Zoom on iPhone and iPad

Zoom can be turned on or off right from the Settings app on your iOS device. Here are the steps to disable Zoom on iPhone and iPad:

  1. Open the Settings app.
  2. Tap Accessibility.
  3. Select Zoom.
  4. Toggle the Zoom switch to the OFF position.

The switch will turn gray when Zoom is disabled.

That’s all you need to do to turn off screen zooming on your iPhone or iPad. The steps are the same whether you have an iPhone or iPad running iOS 15.

Using the Accessibility Shortcut

Another quick way to toggle Zoom on or off is with the Accessibility Shortcut. This lets you enable or disable certain accessibility features with a simple triple-click of one of the device buttons.

To use the Accessibility Shortcut to turn off Zoom:

  • On an iPhone with Face ID, triple-click the Side button.
  • On an iPhone with Home button, triple-click the Home button.
  • On an iPad, triple-click the Home button.

If Zoom is the only feature configured for the Accessibility Shortcut, triple-clicking will instantly disable zoom.

However, if you have multiple accessibility features set up, you’ll be prompted to choose which one you want to toggle when triple-clicking. Select Zoom in the list and it will turn off.

To set up Zoom as the Accessibility Shortcut:

  1. Go to Settings > Accessibility.
  2. Scroll down and tap Accessibility Shortcut.
  3. Select Zoom from the list.

Now you can use the triple-click to quickly toggle it on or off.

What to Do If You Can’t Open Settings

If your screen is zoomed in so far that you can’t actually view the Settings app to turn off zoom, don’t panic! There are a couple of ways to disable zoom without having to open Settings:

  • Double tap the screen with three fingers – This will zoom your screen back out, allowing you to see the Home Screen and open Settings normally.
  • Use Siri – Just say “Hey Siri, turn off Zoom.” Siri will promptly disable zoom for you.
  • Ask someone else – Hand your iPhone or iPad to a friend or family member and have them open Settings and turn off Zoom for you. They can follow the steps above while viewing the screen normally.

Customizing Zoom for Your Needs

Rather than turning off Zoom completely, you may want to customize its behavior to suit your needs. There are a few options to control zoom in Accessibility settings:

  • Magnification – Choose the maximum zoom level, up to 500%.
  • Follow Focus – When enabled, zoomed area will follow your touch on the screen.
  • Hover Text – Turn on hovering magnification when using Apple Pencil.
  • Choose filters – Select color filters for zoomed screen, like grayscale or inverted colors.

Take some time to explore the Zoom settings and adjust them to your liking. The options make zoom much more flexible and optimized for your usage.

When You Might Want to Disable Zoom

Here are some examples of situations when temporarily turning off zoom can be useful:

  • You enabled it accidentally and the large screen icons are in the way.
  • Someone else was using your device and zoomed in – you want to get it back to normal.
  • You only need zoom for specific tasks like reading small text – otherwise it’s distracting.
  • The zoom is making you motion sick from the magnification.
  • You need to conserve battery life and zoom drains power more quickly.
  • You are letting a child use your device and don’t want them to access zoom.
  • You are trying to clean the screen and the magnification makes it tricky.

Any time zoom is active and you want to quickly get back to the normal view, just disable it with the steps above.

Zoom is Great Accessibility for iOS

While zoom may not be for everyone, it’s an indispensable accessibility feature for many. If vision impairment makes iPhone and iPad screens difficult to see, zoom can be a total game-changer.

Don’t be afraid to play around with the zoom options in Settings to tailor it to your needs. Both the magnification level and motion of the zoomed area can be customized.

Zoom works across the iOS system, in apps, and on websites. Triple-clicking as an Accessibility Shortcut makes it super quick to enable zoom when you need it.

So if you ever find the screen tough to view clearly, don’t hesitate to zoom in! And when you are ready to return to the normal view, just zoom back out or turn it off in Settings. With this great accessibility feature, nothing on iPhone or iPad will be too small to see.

Frequently Asked Questions About Zoom

Here are some common questions about using iOS Zoom:

How do I zoom in or magnify the screen?

  • Turn on Zoom in Settings > Accessibility > Zoom. Or set up Zoom as your Accessibility Shortcut by triple-clicking the Side or Home button.

Does zoom work on iPhone and iPad?

  • Yes, Zoom functions the same way on iPhone and iPad running iOS 15 or later. The Settings are identical.

Can I zoom on a specific area of the screen?

  • Yes, when Zoom is active you can double-tap and hold to zoom in on a portion of the screen. Drag around with 3 fingers to move the zoomed area.

How much can I magnify with Zoom?

  • The max magnification level is 500%. This can be adjusted lower in Settings if desired.

Can I use Zoom only temporarily?

  • Absolutely. Toggle Zoom off when you don’t need it. Or use the Accessibility Shortcut to turn it on only when needed.

Does Zoom work in every app?

  • Yes, Zoom magnifies the entire iOS interface, including Apple and third-party apps.

Will Zoom drain my battery faster?

  • Zoom requires more GPU resources, so it can use more battery. Disable Zoom when not needed to conserve power.
  • Zoom is an Accessibility feature that magnifies the screen on iPhone and iPad.
  • It can be turned on or off in Settings > Accessibility > Zoom.
  • Use the Accessibility Shortcut to quickly toggle Zoom by triple-clicking the Side or Home button.
  • Customize options like magnification level and color filters to suit your needs.
  • Zoom works throughout iOS, including Apple apps and third-party apps.
  • Disable Zoom when not needed to conserve battery life or avoid distraction.
  • Accessibility features like Zoom make iPhone and iPad usable for everyone!


Zoom is an invaluable accessibility feature on iOS for those who need screen magnification. While it may not be for everyone, the ability to zoom in and enlarge icons, text, and images allows those with visual impairments to comfortably use iPhone and iPad. iOS 15 makes it simple to toggle Zoom on or off whenever needed. With just a quick trip to Settings or a triple-click of a button, you can enable zoom to see the screen better or disable it to return to the normal view. So get your zoom on and customize it to meet your needs!

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