How To Fix Geometry Dash Crashing on Startup on iOS 17


Fix Geometry dash crashing on startup ios 17 is a popular rhythm-based running game developed by RobTop Games. It has gained immense popularity over the years across various platforms including iOS. However, with the latest iOS 17 update, many users have been reporting issues of the game crashing on startup.

This is because iOS 17 has moved away from supporting 32-bit apps and Fix Geometry Dash hasn’t been updated in over 6 years. So the game is still based on the older 32-bit architecture leading to the startup crash.

In this detailed guide, we will go through various methods and workarounds to fix the Geometry Dash crashing issue on iOS 17.

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Check for Updates

The first thing you should check is if there is a new update for Fix Geometry Dash available. With the launch of iOS 17, the developers may have released an update to make the game 64-bit compatible.

Go to the App Store and check if any new updates are available for Fix Geometry Dash. If yes, install it and it should fix the crashing issue.

However, given that the game hasn’t been updated since 2016, don’t get your hopes high on a new update arriving anytime soon. The developers have been hinting at a major 2.2 update coming later this year which may finally make it compatible with newer iOS versions.

Re-install the App

If no updates are available, try uninstalling Geometry Dash and installing it again from scratch. Sometimes re-installing the app can fix random crashing issues.

To uninstall Geometry Dash:

  1. Go to Settings > General > iPhone Storage
  2. Find Geometry Dash and tap on it
  3. Select Delete App to uninstall it

Now go back to the App Store and re-download and install the latest version of Geometry Dash. Try launching it again and check if the crashing issue is resolved.

Downgrade iOS

If re-installing the app didn’t work, the next option is to downgrade your iOS version.

Downgrading to the previous iOS 16 version can allow Geometry Dash to run properly again. However, this is a complicated process and requires connecting your iPhone to a computer and using iTunes.

Here are the steps to downgrade iOS:

  1. Connect your iPhone to your computer and launch iTunes
  2. Under Summary, hold down Shift and click on Check for Update
  3. Browse and select the iOS 16 firmware file you have downloaded earlier
  4. Click on Update and let iTunes install iOS 16 on your device

Once done, your device will be running on iOS 16 again. You can now launch Geometry Dash and it should be working fine without any crashes.

Just remember downgrading iOS will erase all data on your device, so be sure to take a backup beforehand. Also, Apple doesn’t recommend downgrading as it poses security risks.

Transfer Data to Another Device

If you don’t want to downgrade iOS and lose your data, consider transferring your game data to another iOS device running an older version.

For this, you will need access to another iPhone or iPad that can run Geometry Dash properly on iOS 16 or earlier.

To transfer data:

  1. Install Geometry Dash on the other iOS device
  2. On your iPhone with iOS 17, open Geometry Dash
  3. Tap on the Settings (gear) icon
  4. Select ‘Backup Save’ to back up your progress to the cloud
  5. On the other device, launch Geometry Dash and tap Settings
  6. Tap on ‘Load Save’ to download backed up progress from the cloud

Now you can enjoy playing Geometry Dash from where you left off on the other iOS device without any crashing issues.

Play on Another Platform

If you don’t have access to another iOS device, the easiest option is to play Geometry Dash on another platform like Android or Windows.

The game is available on the Google Play Store and Steam, and you can easily transfer progress by logging into your Geometry Dash account.

This will allow you to enjoy the game crash-free on another device while you wait for the major 2.2 update to drop on iOS and fix the crashing problems.

Wait for Update 2.2

Currently, the only real permanent solution is to wait for Geometry Dash 2.2 to release. The upcoming 2.2 update is expected to finally make the game 64-bit compatible.

RobTop has hinted that Update 2.2 will be ready for release sometime in October 2023. Once Update 2.2 drops, you should be able to play Geometry Dash without issues even on the latest iOS 17.

So if none of the above workarounds help, your only option is to patiently wait a few more months for Update 2.2 to arrive. Avoid updating to newer iOS versions in the meantime as that may introduce more incompatibility issues.


Geometry Dash crashing on the latest iOS 17 is a common problem faced by many users due to the game still being stuck on 32-bit architecture. While frustrating, there are a few temporary workarounds like re-installing the app, transferring data to another device, or playing the game on another platform.

The permanent fix is to wait for the upcoming big Update 2.2 which is expected to launch later this year. It will make Geometry Dash 64-bit compatible so you can enjoy playing it again on iOS without any crashes. Avoid updating to newer iOS versions for now and stay tuned for Update 2.2.

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