Does Geometry Dash Work on iOS 17?

Geometry Dash Work on iOS 17, the popular rhythm-based platforming game, has been a mobile gaming staple since its initial release in 2013. However, with the launch of iOS 17 in 2023, many Geometry Dash players have been wondering if the game is still compatible with the latest version of Apple’s mobile operating system. In this article, we’ll take a comprehensive look at Geometry Dash’s compatibility with iOS 17.

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An Overview of Geometry Dash

For those unfamiliar, Geometry Dash is a game that requires players to tap or click to make their character jump over various spiky obstacles and platforms to the beat of an accompanying soundtrack. Levels quickly increase in difficulty, challenging players’ rhythm and reaction skills.

The game features over 20 levels in the main campaign along with online user-created levels and level editor tools. Geometry Dash Work on iOS 17 also includes various playable characters, unlockable icons and colors, secret coins to collect, achievements and leaderboards.

Originally released for iOS and Android mobile devices in 2013, Geometry Dash Work on iOS 17 has seen numerous free and paid updates over the years, expanding the core gameplay with new features and content. The game has proven hugely popular, with over 300 million downloads across platforms.

The Launch of iOS 17

In September 2023, Apple released iOS 17, the latest version of their long-running mobile operating system. iOS 17 introduced several major changes and updates, including:

  • Transition to 64-bit only apps – Dropping support for 32-bit apps and requiring all apps to be 64-bit.
  • Revamped lock screen – Allowing widgets and more customization options.
  • Improvements to first-party apps – Updates to Mail, Messages, Safari, Maps and more.
  • Refined notifications – Adjustments to how notifications are delivered and displayed.
  • Various security enhancements.

The shift to 64-bit only apps is the key change impacting Geometry Dash’s compatibility.

Geometry Dash Remains 32-bit

Herein lies the crux of the issue – Geometry Dash has not been updated to 64-bit and remains a 32-bit app.

Apple has been transitioning iOS to 64-bit over the past several years. Back in 2017, they announced all app updates must support 64-bit, while new apps had to be 64-bit starting in 2015.

Geometry Dash’s developers, RobTop Games, have continued to support the game with updates over the years. However, the core Geometry Dash app has not yet been rebuilt as a 64-bit binary.

As a result, when users upgrade their devices to iOS 17, Geometry Dash will no longer launch. The 32-bit Geometry Dash binary is incompatible with the 64-bit requirement of the new iOS version.

Workarounds Yield Mixed Results

Some Geometry Dash players on iOS 17 have found limited workarounds to still play the game, though results seem to vary across devices.

One reported method is to re-download an older 32-bit compatible version of iOS, such as iOS 16. This allows Geometry Dash to remain functional, though prevents users from upgrading to iOS 17.

Other users have had luck utilizing emulators or virtual machines to emulate an older 32-bit iOS environment, though performance may suffer running Geometry Dash through an additional layer.

Attempts have also been made to extract the Geometry Dash IPA file and manually convert it to 64-bit using tools like hopper and jtool. However, this complex process is still hit or miss.

These workarounds provide mixed and limited results, making it difficult to play Geometry Dash reliably on iOS 17.

Official Fix Expected in Next Update

The good news is that RobTop Games has acknowledged the iOS 17 issue and stated a fix is already in the works for Geometry Dash.

In a September 2023 blog post, RobTop provided an update on the status of the highly anticipated 2.2 version of Geometry Dash, which has been in development for several years.

Near the end of the post, they specifically called out the iOS 17 problem:

“I’ve seen some of you ask about iOS 17 compatibility. Yes, this is something we will fix! The move to 64-bit only apps has been known for a long time. Rest assured, Geometry Dash will work with the latest iOS when 2.2 is ready.”

While RobTop did not provide an exact ETA, the message indicates the next Geometry Dash update will include a 64-bit compatible version. This will once again make the game fully playable on iOS devices.

RobTop has a strong track record of supporting Geometry Dash across multiple iOS generations. It’s likely the developers are putting the finishing touches on Geometry Dash 2.2 and its iOS 17 fix.

Tips for Geometry Dash Players on iOS 17

Until the 64-bit fix is rolled out, Geometry Dash fans on newer iOS devices are left with limited options. Here are a few tips:

  • Avoid updating to iOS 17 if possible to keep running Geometry Dash.
  • Try workaround methods like emulators for mixed results.
  • Watch RobTop’s social accounts for 2.2 update news.
  • Consider playing Geometry Dash on another platform like Android or PC in the interim.
  • Check RobTop’s update blog regularly for the latest status.

While the inability to play a beloved game on new devices is always frustrating, RobTop’s communication indicates this will be a temporary problem. The development team is working on a true 64-bit Geometry Dash version for the upcoming 2.2 update.

The Future Looks Bright for Geometry Dash

While the iOS 17 issue has caused short term disruption, the outlook remains positive for Geometry Dash. The game has a dedicated development team continuously working to improve it and add new content.

The forthcoming 2.2 update will introduce a huge amount of new gameplay, features, levels and visuals when it eventually drops. Resolving the 64-bit compatibility problem will make the updated Geometry Dash accessible by iOS 17 users again.

RobTop has shown they support their creations across multiple generations of iOS. Once version 2.2 arrives, Geometry Dash can look ahead to a future of continued evolution and innovation on Apple’s platform.

The temporary loss of iOS accessibility due to the 64-bit transition is merely a bump in the road for this touchstone mobile gaming franchise. When the next major update lands, Geometry Dash will be primed to dazzle players with its signature frantic, rhythmic, tapping gameplay across devices old and new.


Geometry Dash’s current lack of 64-bit support prevents it from being playable on iOS 17 devices. However, RobTop has stated this will be remedied in the upcoming 2.2 update, which will introduce a 64-bit version compatible with Apple’s latest OS. While waiting for this fix, limited workarounds provide some access. Ultimately, Geometry Dash still has a bright future supporting cutting edge iOS versions thanks to its dedicated development team. Fans can look ahead to enjoying rhythm-based platforming on iOS for years to come when 2.2 drops.

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