How to Transfer WhatsApp Data from Android to iOS

Do you want to switch from Android to iOS? You want to buy the latest iPhone, but the only thing that stops you is how you would migrate WhatsApp data from Android to iPhone.

Well, there wasn’t any solution officially from Apple until now, but things have changed.

No one likes to start from scratch when switching phones. Luckily, you don’t have to! WhatsApp data can be easily moved from Android phones to iPhones.

Apple has launched the “Move to iOS” app for Android users, which can be used to transfer WhatsApp data from your Android smartphone to your new iOS-powered iPhone along with contacts, photos, messages, and many other important things.

Without a doubt, WhatsApp is the most popular and used messaging application right now. This messaging app is used by over two billion people on various operating systems.

However, changing from one OS to another can make you lose your years-old WhatsApp chats with your friends. There are other ways to backup WhatsApp chats, but who wants to do that if one can migrate WhatsApp chats easily?

In this guide, I will explain everything you should know about transferring WhatsApp from Android to iOS. Let’s explore this helpful guide in greater detail.

Basic Requirements: What Will You Need to Transfer WhatsApp Data from Android to iOS?

For Android Smartphones

  • Android Version 5.0 Lollipop or higher
  • WhatsApp version or later
  • It should have installed the “Move to iOS” app.

For iPhone

  • iOS 15.5 or later (iPhones incompatible with iOS 15.5 are not supported).
  • WhatsApp version or later
  • Your iPhone must be new or factory reset in order to use the Move to iOS.

Common Requirements

  • You must use the same phone number on both devices.
  • Your iOS and Android phones must be plugged in.
  • It is imperative to connect both phones to the same Wi-Fi network. If that’s not possible, you can connect the Android phone to the hotspot of an iPhone.

Step by Step Guide to Move WhatsApp Data from Android to iPhone

Step #1: Install and Launch Move to iOS App

Step #2: Follow the instructions given in the app and then enter the code that will be displayed on your iOS device.

Step #3: Select “Continue” and the “Transfer Data” screen will appear on your Android phone.

Step #4: Select “WhatsApp” along with other options such as messages, contacts, and calendar.

Step #5: Tap “Continue” and “Start.” Now your Android phone will prepare WhatsApp data to export. WhatsApp will encrypt the data for secure transfer.

Step #6: Tap “Next” and then “Continue” to actually move data from Android to iPhone. This may take some time.

Step #7: Once the transfer is complete on the Move to iOS app, open WhatsApp on your iOS device and sign in with the same phone number.

Step 8: Hit the “Start” option and allow permission to proceed. This will take some time to complete.

Voila! Now all of your WhatsApp data is transferred to your iOS device.

However, keep in mind that you will be logged out of your Android WhatsApp app.

What WhatsApp Data Can Be Moved from Android to iOS?

There is lots of data that can be moved from Android WhatsApp to iOS WhatsApp. Here’s the list:

  • Account info
  • Personal chats
  • Group chats
  • Complete chat history
  • Media
  • Profile picture
  • Settings

What WhatsApp Data Cannot Be Transferred from Android to iOS Using the Move to iOS App?

There are certain data that won’t be moved. The following is the list:

  • P2P payment messages
  • Display name
  • Call history
  • Payment methods linked to your WhatsApp

Can I Move My WhatsApp Information from Android to iOS Without Resetting The iPhone to Factory Settings?

No, you cannot move your WhatsApp data from an Android smartphone to your iPhone that you are using without a factory reset.

It must be a new iPhone or at least a factor reset.

Why Can’t I Move My Android WhatsApp Data to the iPhone Without Factory Resetting the iPhone?

The process of encryption of your WhatsApp data is carried out on the physical storage of your iOS device in order to ensure that neither WhatsApp nor Apple have access to your data.

Thus, this requires a fresh iOS device.

Is the Process of Transferring WhatsApp Data from Android to iOS Secure?

Security and privacy are fundamentals at Apple, so it is secure.

If I Transfer My WhatsApp Data to iOS from Android, Will My Android Phone Have the Data?

You will be logged out of your Android WhatsApp app, but the old data will remain on your phone.

So, you need to delete the application and all the data stored on your old Android device.


That’s all you need to know when you want to transfer WhatsApp data from an Android phone to an iPhone.

There are several third-party apps that allow this process even before Apple launched Move iOS app, but many of them are paid or failed to work smoothly.

This process is very simple and easy use. I would have like it more if this process can be done on an already setup iPhone, but we will have to live with it until Apple comes with solution.

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