Doubloons Bank iOS App Is Available for Download, Here’s How to Get It on iPhone

You never know what social media trend will take the world by storm. The new TikTok trend of Doubloon is one of them, and it is silly yet entertaining and amazing.

Basically, Doubloon, or Dabloon, is an imaginary currency that can be used to trade things on TikTok. The currency is not available in any form, but there are Doubloons bank apps where users can keep the Doubloons tokens they have collected or been charged.

If you are looking for Doubloons Bank for iOS, in this article I will tell you how to download and install the Doubloons Bank app on your iPhone.

What Exactly Is Doubloon?

Well, if you are unaware of the latest trend on TikTok, then you might not have understood a thing I said in the introduction.

I don’t know how this doubloon trend started, but here’s how it goes: When you go to the “For You Page,” you might see a cat video where the cat would say “Hello Traveler” and it would give a certain number of Doubloon coins.

Sometimes, it can also charge some doubloon coins. Once you have these coins or tokens, you can trade them with other TikTok users and even purchase imaginary things.

So, in order to keep track of how you spend your Doubloon coins, you can use a Doubloon bank app. Here, you can keep a ledger of how many coins you received and how many you used in trading.

So, why wait? Let’s look at how to get the Dabloons Bank iOS app on your iPhone.

How to Get Doubloons Bank App on iPhone on iOS 16

If you look for Doubloons Bank APK, there are many options on the internet to download. However, when it comes to the Doubloons Bank app for iOS, options are very limited.

Since this is not a real currency and the trend is just a random thing, there is not even an official website. Hence, some fans have created this app, which cannot be found on the App Store. In this case, you will have to use a third-party app installer.

Without further ado, let’s check out the process in simple steps.

  1. Open Safari browser on iPhone and go to Applibero.
  2. Tap “Games” and find “Doubloon Bank” here.
  3. Tap the download option, and the process will begin.
  4. On the next page, complete the human verification. (Basically, you will have to install the two apps listed there and then refresh the page to see if the verification is done.)
  5. Once it’s completed, you will have the Doubloon Bank app installed on your iPhone.

Now you can keep a ledger of all doubloon coins you have traded. Let me remind you that many TikTok users are also in doubloon debt, so trade wisely.

Note: Apple doesn’t allow downloading apps and games from third-party app installers, so you have to be cautious.

The Doubloon Bank iOS app is created for fun and entertainment. You can also get the Doubloons bank shortcut on your iOS device, but I find the above-mentioned method easier and more suitable for our readers.

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