What’s New Comes In tvOS 17.2 Release Candidate (21K364)

Apple has released the tvOS 17.2 Release Candidate (build 21K364) on December 5, 2023 for developers and public beta testers. This update brings some notable new features and improvements to the tvOS platform.

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TestFlight Internal Distribution Support

One of the major additions in the tvOS 17.2 RC is the ability for developers to distribute tvOS apps internally to testers using TestFlight. Previously, TestFlight distribution was limited to external testers only.

With the new TestFlight internal distribution support, developers can share tvOS app builds with colleagues and teammates before releasing more widely. This allows for more robust internal testing and evaluation of tvOS apps in development.

Some key capabilities enabled by internal TestFlight distribution include:

  • Share builds with up to 25 internal teammates
  • Test apps without needing to generate promo codes
  • Iterate on development faster with quicker internal feedback

By expanding TestFlight to internal audiences, Apple makes it easier for developers to ensure quality and performance before releasing to external testers or the App Store.

Overhauled Apple TV App

The most significant change in the tvOS 17.2 release candidate is an overhauled Apple TV app. The updated app includes a permanent sidebar that provides quick access to content from both Apple’s own services and third-party streaming platforms.

This sidebar allows for streamlined navigation between different content libraries. Dedicated sections exist at the top for Search, Watch Now, Apple TV+, MLS Season Pass, Sports, the Store, and personal media Libraries.

Additionally, the sidebar houses individual sections for major streaming services such as Hulu, ESPN, Peacock, Prime Video, Paramount+, HBO Max, and Showtime. The new sidebar essentially replaces the “My Channels” tab from previous versions.

New “My TV” Section

In addition to the content sidebar, the tvOS 17.2 release candidate replaces the “My Channels” tab with a new “My TV” section.

This is primarily a branding change, as the functionality remains similar. The My TV section aggregates content recently watched from across various apps and services for quick access.

So while the sidebar surfaces content from both Apple and third-parties, My TV specially highlights recent activity, regardless of which app it originated from.

Bug Fixes and Stability Improvements

The tvOS 17.2 RC also focuses on bug fixes and stability improvements for the platform. The update addresses multiple issues to enhance overall system performance.

Some of the fixed bugs covered areas like app launch times, UI lag, memory leaks, and crashes. The updates improve the reliability and smooth operation of the tvOS system and apps.

Developers can expect apps to run faster and handle greater complexity without stability or performance degradation on the tvOS 17.2 RC.

Support for Latest Beta SDKs

The tvOS 17.2 RC supports the latest beta SDKs for iOS, iPadOS, macOS, watchOS, and visionOS platforms.

This unified support allows developers to build apps that target the newest APIs, features, and capabilities being introduced across Apple platforms.

With the unified SDK support in the Release Candidate, developers can test how their apps perform when leveraging innovations like:

  • New multitasking capabilities in iPadOS 17.2
  • Customization updates in watchOS 9.2
  • VisionOS frameworks for integrating computer vision

By providing support for these cutting-edge SDKs, the tvOS 17.2 RC enables developers to build highly integrated, modern app experiences.

Release Details

The tvOS 17.2 release candidate (build 21K364) was seeded to developers on December 5, 2023. It is compatible will all Apple TVs that can run tvOS 17, namely:

  • Apple TV 4K (2nd generation)
  • Apple TV 4K (1st generation)
  • Apple TV HD (4th generation)

Register developers can download the update via the Apple Developer Center, while public testers can sign up via the Apple Beta Software Program.

The public launch of tvOS 17.2 should come shortly after testing wraps up, likely before the end of 2023.


The tvOS 17.2 Release Candidate brings some impactful updates like internal TestFlight distribution, improved stability, and support for the latest Apple SDKs.

Together these updates allow developers to test and optimize their tvOS apps better before release. They can share builds faster internally, rely on improved system performance, and leverage Apple’s latest cross-platform capabilities.

The tvOS 17.2 RC paves the way for innovative apps that harness Apple’s most advanced software features across all their platforms. While fairly subtle in outward-facing changes, the tvOS 17.2 release candidate still brings some nice improvements to the Apple TV interface. The overhauled TV app with sidebar navigation helps surface even more great content.

And under-the-hood, extensive bug fixes and performance tuning refine the experience greatly. tvOS 17.2 shapes up to be a solid point update when it sees public release.

Table: Key New Features in tvOS 17.2 Release Candidate

TestFlight Internal DistributionDistribute tvOS apps internally to teammatesTest and iterate apps faster with more internal testers
Bug Fixes and Stability ImprovementsAddresses issues with app launch times, UI lag, memory leaks, crashesImproves reliability and smoother experience for apps
Support for Latest Beta SDKsBuild with the newest SDKs for iOS, iPadOS, macOS, watchOS, visionOSLeverage Apple’s latest platform innovations and capabilities

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