How To Download And Use Starbucks Partner Hours ios On iPhone 15

The Starbucks Partner Hours ios app is an invaluable tool for Starbucks partners to view schedules, request time off, and keep track of hours worked. With the recent release of the iPhone 15, partners may be wondering if the app is compatible and how to download and use it properly on the latest iOS. This guide will walk through the entire process step-by-step.

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The Starbucks Partner Hours app allows partners to take control of their schedules. Rather than relying on posted schedules in stores, partners can immediately access up-to-date information right from their iPhones. Key features of the app include:

  • Viewing your weekly schedule
  • Requesting time off
  • Setting shift reminders
  • Tracking your hours worked year-to-date
  • Viewing accrued sick and vacation time
  • Receiving important partner information and notifications

While the Partner Hours app offers convenience and accessibility, partners with new iPhone 15 devices may find the setup process slightly different than previous iPhone models. However, by following a few simple steps, downloading and using the app is quick and uncomplicated.

Downloading the Starbucks Partner Hours App

Downloading the Partner Hours app onto an iPhone 15 takes just a few minutes. Follow these instructions:

1. Update Device Software

As with all new technology, be sure your iPhone 15 is updated with the latest iOS software. To do so:

  • Open Settings
  • Select General
  • Choose Software Update

Install any available updates to ensure maximum compatibility between hardware and app software.

2. Access the App Store

From your iPhone 15’s home screen, locate and select the App Store icon. This will open the marketplace featuring millions of iOS apps.

3. Search for “Starbucks Partner Hours”

Using the search bar at the top of the App Store window, type in “Starbucks Partner Hours”. This will pull up the official app. Note that you specifically want the app published by Starbucks Corporation.

4. Install the Partner Hours App

With the correct Starbucks Partner Hours app displayed on your screen, choose “Get” followed by “Install”. Your iPhone will prompt you to sign in with your Apple ID password. Enter your password to proceed.

The Partner Hours app download will commence. The icon will appear on your home screen once the process has finished.

Setting Up Your Account

After downloading the Partner Hours app, you will need to configure the account settings before access is permitted.

1. Open the Partner Hours App

Locate the Starbucks Partner Hours app icon on your iPhone 15’s home screen and select it to launch the program.

2. Choose Your Store

You will first need to specify the Starbucks store location where you work. Choose your store number from the dropdown menu.

3. Log In

Use your Starbucks partner numbers and password associated with your employee account to log into the app. This verifies your identity.

4. Access Permitted

Once logged in with proper authentication, you will be able to view schedules, request time off, and utilize all features of the Partner Hours app!

Key Features To Use

Now that you have downloaded and set up Starbucks Partner Hours on your iPhone 15, explore some of the most useful features available:

Viewing Schedules

The primary function partners will use is checking schedules. To do so:

  1. Select “Schedule” from the bottom toolbar
  2. Choose the date range to view
  3. Your weekly shifts will display, including dates, times, positions, and locations

Requesting Time Off

Steps to submit time off requests include:

  • Choose “Time Off Requests”
  • Select the date(s) needed
  • Tap “Request Time Off”
  • Confirm details and submit

Tracking Hours

To monitor accrued and worked hours:

  1. Go to “Timecard” in the menu
  2. Review hours year-to-date as well as sick and vacation balances


ScheduleView assigned shifts and details
Time Off RequestsSubmit requests for time off dates
TimecardTrack hours worked and accrued balances


Partners rely on the Starbucks Partner Hours ios app to manage their work lives. Thankfully, downloading and using the app on the new iPhone 15 model is quick and painless. By updating your device, finding the app in the App Store, setting up your account, and leveraging key features, partners can enjoy convenience and accessibility right from their smartphones.


The Starbucks Partner Hours ios app delivers important schedule data, request approvals, and hour tracking directly into the hands of partners. While the iPhone 15 offers cutting-edge features and technology, partners can still download and utilize the Partner Hours app for their employment needs with just a few quick steps:

  • Update iPhone 15 software
  • Download Partner Hours from the App Store
  • Log in using partner credentials
  • Access schedules, time off requests, and hours tracking

Reliable functionality, optimized for iOS 15, keeps partners connected. With the simple guidance provided in this article, all partners can enjoy a streamlined experience using the indispensable Partner Hours app on new iPhones.

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