Troubleshooting Live Voicemail Not Working on iOS 17


live-voicemail-ios-17 not Working is a feature on iPhones that provides a transcription of incoming voicemail messages in real-time. This allows users to read voicemails rather than having to listen to them. However, some users have reported issues with Live Voicemail not working properly after updating to iOS 17.

This article will provide troubleshooting live-voicemail-ios-17-not-working steps to try and resolve Live Voicemail not functioning. We’ll cover potential solutions like closing and reopening the Phone app, rebooting your iPhone, checking Live Voicemail settings, resetting voicemail, resetting network settings, ensuring contacts’ voicemail is set up correctly, updating iOS, and contacting your carrier.

Follow these troubleshooting tips to get Live Voicemail working again on your iPhone running iOS 17.

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Troubleshooting Steps

Here are some troubleshooting steps to try if you are experiencing issues with Live Voicemail not working properly on iOS 17:

Close and Re-open the Phone App

The Phone app handles voicemail transcriptions for Live Voicemail. Try force closing the Phone app and re-opening it to see if that resolves the issue:

  1. Double click the Home button to bring up the multitasking view.
  2. Swipe up on the Phone app preview to close it.
  3. Open the Phone app again from the Home screen.
  4. Check if Live Voicemail is now working properly by having someone leave a voicemail or playing back a voicemail you’ve already received.

Restarting the Phone app can sometimes help resolve temporary glitches that may be preventing Live Voicemail from functioning correctly.

Reboot Your iPhone

If closing the Phone app did not work, try rebooting your iPhone:

  1. Hold down the Power button until the “Slide to Power Off” prompt appears.
  2. Slide to turn off your iPhone.
  3. After 30 seconds, press and hold the Power button again until you see the Apple logo to turn your iPhone back on.
  4. Once your iPhone has restarted, check if Live Voicemail works.

Rebooting your iPhone essentially provides a fresh start that can clear up any software or memory issues that may be interfering with Live Voicemail.

Check Live Voicemail Settings

Verify that Live Voicemail is actually enabled on your device. Go to the Settings app > Phone > Live Voicemail and make sure the switch is turned on.

If Live Voicemail is disabled here, turn it on and test to see if voicemail transcriptions now work. This setting sometimes gets turned off during an iOS update.

Reset Voicemail Settings

Resetting the voicemail settings on your iPhone may help resolve Live Voicemail problems:

  1. Go to Settings > Phone.
  2. Scroll down and tap Reset Voicemail.
  3. Enter your voicemail password if prompted.
  4. Tap Reset Voicemail again to confirm.

Resetting voicemail essentially clears out any corrupted voicemail data and resets it to the default state. This can resolve issues caused by bugs in the voicemail database from an iOS update.

Reset Network Settings

If your voicemail issues persist, try resetting your network settings:

  1. Go to Settings > General > Reset.
  2. Tap Reset Network Settings.
  3. Enter your passcode if prompted.
  4. Tap Reset Network Settings again to confirm.

This will reset all network connections, Wi-Fi networks, and other connectivity settings on your device, which can resolve network-related issues interfering with voicemail.

Ensure Contacts’ Voicemail is Set Up Properly

One issue that can occur is that your contacts’ voicemail inboxes are not set up properly or full. Call a few contacts and leave test voicemails. Make sure the voicemails are actually showing up on their end.

If contacts are not receiving voicemails you leave, their voicemail may need to be set up correctly on their iPhones and carriers. They will need to resolve that issue before Live Voicemail can work properly for them.

Update iOS

Updating to the latest version of iOS could potentially fix Live Voicemail bugs. Go to Settings > General > Software Update and install any available updates for your iPhone.

Apple is constantly improving iOS and releasing fixes, so updating provides the latest voicemail optimizations. Updating to the newest iOS version may resolve your Live Voicemail problem.

Contact Your Carrier

If none of these steps have resolved your Live Voicemail issue, contact your carrier for further assistance. There could be an issue on their network side that is interfering with voicemail delivery or transcription.

Some things that the carrier can help troubleshoot include:

  • Checking that voicemail delivery is enabled properly on your account
  • Ensuring there are no blocking or filtering settings applied to your voicemail
  • Troubleshooting any carrier-side voicemail database corruption or issues
  • Re-provisioning your voicemail service

Your carrier has additional tools and resources to fix voicemail problems stemming from their network or systems. Contact customer support and provide any details about the issue, like the iPhone model, iOS version, and steps you’ve tried already.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions about troubleshooting Live Voicemail issues on iOS:

Q: Will resetting my iPhone delete any of my data or settings?

A: Restarting or rebooting your iPhone will not delete or erase any data. However, resetting network settings or resetting voicemail will delete those specific settings and restore them to the original defaults. But this does not affect your apps, photos, videos, messages, etc.

Q: Do I need to have cellular service/data to use Live Voicemail?

A: Yes, you need an active cellular connection for Live Voicemail transcription to work. It relies on carrier voicemail systems. Wi-Fi calling can sometimes enable voicemail transcriptions over Wi-Fi as well.

Q: Can I retrieve deleted voicemails to troubleshoot Live Voicemail issues?

A: Unfortunately, once a voicemail is deleted, it cannot be retrieved. Check with your carrier – some keep archives of voicemails for a limited time that they can retrieve if needed for troubleshooting purposes.

Q: What happens if I reset voicemail or network settings?

A: You will have to re-enter any custom voicemail greetings, voicemail passwords, and Wi-Fi network passwords that were deleted. But contacts, photos, apps, and settings remain intact.

Q: Do I need to have a voicemail password set up?

A: Yes, you need to set a voicemail password with your carrier for visual voicemail and Live Voicemail transcription to work properly. Contact your carrier to set up or reset your voicemail password if needed.


In summary, Live Voicemail not working on iOS 17 can often be fixed by simple troubleshooting steps like restarting the Phone app, rebooting your iPhone, checking settings, resetting voicemail or network settings, updating iOS, or contacting your carrier. Check each of these solutions systematically until your issue is resolved and the voicemail transcriptions work properly again. With a combination of settings tweaks and resets, Live Voicemail problems usually can be rectified.

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