The Journal App is Missing from iOS 17 – Here’s What You Need to Know

The launch of iOS 17 in September 2023 was met with much fanfare, as expected with each new iteration of Apple’s mobile operating system. However, eagle-eyed users quickly noticed that one of the staple Apple apps ios 17 journal app missing

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What is the Journal App?

The Journal app has been a part of iOS since iOS 9, offering users a private place to jot down notes, track health data, log workouts, and more. The app syncs across Apple devices using iCloud, so your journal entries are available on both your iPhone and iPad.

Some key features of the Journal app:

  • Write freeform journal entries with photos, links, notes, and more
  • Log health data like medications, symptoms, and menstrual cycles
  • Set goals and track progress in areas like exercise, diet, and sleep
  • Browse past journal entries by day, month, or year
  • Protect journal with Face ID or passcode
  • Syncs automatically with iCloud to work across iPhone, iPad, and Mac

For many iOS users, the Journal app has become an indispensable tool for logging important information, reflecting on their day, and keeping track of personal metrics. The app provides a private space to write that is not tied to a social network or shared with anyone else.

The ios 17 journal app missing – Yet

When iOS 17 was first released on September 22, 2023, Apple did not include the Journal app. This came as a shock to those who rely on the app and immediately sparked confusion among users.

According to Apple, the removal of the Journal app in iOS 17 is temporary. The app will be released on the App Store later in 2023 as a free download. Apple has noted the Journal will gain several new features when it comes to iOS 17.

When Will the Journal App Come to iOS 17?

Apple has not provided an exact date for when the Journal app will be available on iOS 17. However, we can make some educated guesses based on past iOS release cycles:

  • The Journal app will likely come before the end of 2023.
  • It could arrive alongside the first major point update to iOS 17 – for example iOS 17.1.
  • Or it may come alongside the release of iOS 17 updates for other Apple products like iPadOS 17.

Most likely we will see the Journal app on the App Store sometime in October or November 2023, based on typical iOS update timeframes.

Of course, Apple could always surprise us with an earlier release. The company has not offered a specific reason for the delayed release of the Journal app – it simply said it will come later.

Why Would Apple Remove the Journal App Temporarily?

While Apple has not explained the exact reasoning, there are a few plausible theories as to why the Journal app is temporarily removed from iOS 17:

Redesigning for New Features

It’s likely Apple is redesigning the Journal app to take advantage of new features in iOS 17 like widget customization, Focus modes, and iCloud photo galleries. Apple may be revamping the interface and capabilities of Journal before releasing it.

Syncing Issues

Since Journal relies on iCloud syncing, Apple may need more time to ensure syncing works properly across iOS 17, iPadOS 17, and macOS before releasing the app.

Dependency on Other Apps

The Journal app is interconnected with other Apple apps like Health, Fitness, and Photos. The delayed launch may be related to changes in these other apps.

Focus on New Apps

iOS 17 includes major new apps like Freeform and Apple Wallet. Apple may have prioritized these launches over Journal.

Overall, it seems Apple simply needed more development time for the Journal app in iOS 17. But again, confirmation of the exact reasons remains elusive.

What Can You Use Instead of Journal?

Until the Journal app becomes available, iOS 17 users do have some alternative journaling options:

  • Notes App: Use the built-in Notes app to jot down private thoughts and entries. You can even add photos. Just be sure to lock personal notes.
  • Third-Party Apps: Apps like DayOne, Journey, and Moodnotes offer journaling and logging capabilities for iOS. Explore the App Store for the best Journal replacement based on your needs.
  • Pen and Paper: Sometimes going analog is the way to go. Grab a notebook and pen/pencil to write private entries the traditional way.

While not as seamless as the dedicated Journal app, these alternatives can fill the void in the meantime. Just be careful when storing sensitive information in apps that lack Journal’s focus on privacy.

Will My Old Journal Entries Come Back?

The big question for current Journal users: will my old entries and data be available when the new iOS 17 Journal app arrives?

The answer is yes. Apple has confirmed that all previous Journal entries, health data, activity logs, and other info will be restored when you update to the iOS 17 version of Journal later this year.

As long as you keep the same iCloud account, your Journal data is safely stored in iCloud. When you download the iOS 17 Journal app, just sign in with your iCloud credentials and all past entries should appear automatically. Essentially, it will be as if your journal was never gone once the app is re-released.

Key Takeaways on the Missing Journal App

To summarize the key facts around Journal in iOS 17:

  • The Journal app is not available at the initial iOS 17 launch.
  • Apple says Journal will return on the App Store later in 2023.
  • Old Journal entries and data will be restored when you update to the new app.
  • In the meantime, you can use alternatives like Notes, third-party apps, or paper.
  • There is no exact ETA for the Journal app, but expect it within the next few months.
  • When released, Journal will have some new features for iOS 17.

While the loss of Journal may be inconvenient, take solace knowing that it should make its way back before the end of the year. And your precious journal entries have not disappeared – they are waiting safely in iCloud for the app’s triumphant return.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Missing Journal App

Why did Apple remove the Journal app from iOS 17?

Apple has not given an official reason, but it is likely to redesign the app and add new iOS 17-specific features before releasing it. It may also relate to syncing issues, dependencies on other apps like Health, or wanting to focus on newer apps first.

When will the Journal app be available again?

Apple has only said Journal will return later in 2023. Based on past iOS update timelines, it should launch alongside iOS 17.1 or iPadOS 17 in October or November 2023.

Where are my old Journal entries and data?

Your Journal entries, health data, activity logs, and other information are safely stored in iCloud. When you download the new iOS 17 Journal app, signing in with iCloud will restore all your old Journal info.

What are some good Journal app alternatives for iOS 17?

Until Journal returns, use the Notes app, third-party journal apps like DayOne or Journey, or pen and paper. Just be careful with privacy when using apps lacking Journal protections.

Will the new Journal app work on iPadOS 17 too?

Yes, the coming redesigned Journal app should be available across iPhone, iPad, and Mac, syncing automatically via iCloud. The iPadOS 17 version should launch around the same time as iOS 17.


While the loss of the Journal app is certainly an inconvenient downside to the iOS 17 update, Apple has promised that it will make its return later in 2023. When the redesigned app arrives, it will restore all past entries safely stored in iCloud.

In the interim period without Journal, iPhone users can turn to alternatives like the Notes app or third-party journaling apps. But for those who rely on Journal daily, the wait for its iOS 17 release may feel long.

Ultimately, the context around the Journal app disappearing in iOS 17 boils down to Apple needing more time. iOS 17 shook up several Apple apps, so its reasonable to give the company a bit longer to rebuild Journal properly. When it does arrive, we can expect a more robust Journal app integrated with all the new features in iOS 17.

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