Is Parsec iOS Available For iPhone And IPad?


Parsec iOS is a popular remote desktop application that allows users to access their computer from any other device, including smartphones and tablets. It uses video encoding to provide a smooth remote desktop experience, even over the internet.

Parsec enables seamless streaming of games, media, and apps from a desktop PC to other devices. With Parsec, you can play your favorite PC games or use your desktop apps on your iPhone or iPad while on the go.

In this article, we will look at whether Parsec iOS is available for iPhones and iPads and how you can use it to access your desktop remotely from your iOS devices.

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Is Parsec iOS App Available?

Yes, Parsec has an iOS app available for download on the App Store. The Parsec iOS app allows you to connect to your gaming PC or desktop computer from your iPhone or iPad.

You can install the Parsec iOS app on devices running iOS 11 or later. It is optimized for iPhone and iPad and offers a user-friendly interface. The app lets you stream games, media, and apps from your Parsec gaming rig with minimal lag or interruptions.

The Parsec iOS app provides touchscreen gamepad controls that adapt to the game you are playing. You can customize the on-screen gamepad layout based on your preferences. The app also supports MFi controllers connected via Bluetooth for a more console-like gaming experience on your iOS device.

In addition to games, you can use Parsec on iOS to access productivity and creativity apps, software development tools, Adobe CC apps, and any other desktop programs from your iPhone or iPad remotely.

Downloading and Setting Up Parsec iOS

Here are the steps to download, install and set up Parsec on your iPhone or iPad:

  1. Open the App Store on your iOS device and search for “Parsec”. The app is published by Parsec Inc.
  2. Tap on the Parsec app and then tap on “Get” to download and install it.
  3. Once installed, open the Parsec iOS app. You will need to create a new account if you don’t already have one.
  4. After creating an account, tap on “Add PC” in Parsec iOS. Scan the QR code displayed on your hosting computer screen using your iOS device camera. This will link your iOS device to your hosting computer.
  5. Make sure both devices are on the same wifi network for initial setup. Parsec will test your connection bandwidth.
  6. Once connected, grant the necessary permissions for keyboard, motion, microphone etc on the pop up alerts.
  7. You can now start streaming games and apps seamlessly from your hosting PC to your iPhone or iPad via Parsec remote desktop.

Using Parsec on iPhone and iPad


Once set up, using Parsec on your iOS devices is simple and intuitive. Here are some tips on using Parsec effectively on your iPhone or iPad:

  • Tap on the Parsec app icon to open it on your iOS device. This will take you to your PC selection screen.
  • Tap on your linked PC to connect. Parsec will initialize the streaming session.
  • The desktop screen will now be mirrored on your iPhone or iPad display. Interact with it just like your actual desktop using touch.
  • Use on-screen controls or MFi controller to play games streamed via Parsec on your iOS device. Adjust sensitivity if needed.
  • Tap on the Parsec menu button to access options like keyboard, settings, disconnect etc.
  • Enable microphone access so you can use voice chat with teammates when gaming remotely.
  • You can minimize Parsec to multitask and use other iOS apps while your remote session runs in the background.
  • Disconnect from your hosting PC when done by tapping on the power button in Parsec and selecting Disconnect.

Playing PC Games on iPhone/iPad using Parsec

One of the most popular uses of Parsec on iOS is streaming high-quality PC games. Here are some tips for an optimal cloud gaming experience:

  • For best performance, connect your hosting gaming PC and iOS device to the 5GHz WiFi band.
  • Reduce the streaming resolution in Parsec settings to maximize frame rates if needed.
  • Adjust the on-screen joystick and buttons to suit the game you are playing if using touch controls.
  • Connect a gamepad like the SteelSeries Nimbus or Xbox controller via Bluetooth for a console gaming feel.
  • If you face stutters or lag, try reducing the stream quality to 60fps or 30fps.
  • Play turned-based, indie or casual games for a smoother experience compared to fast-paced competitive multiplayer titles.
  • Parsec automatically pauses the stream if you minimize the app on iOS. Resume promptly when back in the app to avoid disconnections.

Using productivity apps, software and creativity tools

Aside from gaming, Parsec on iOS opens up your desktop applications for working on the go. You can access productivity software, creative programs, development tools and more.

Here are some tips:

  • Use Parsec to access Microsoft Office on your desktop for creating documents, presentations etc on your iPhone/iPad.
  • Stream full Adobe Creative Cloud apps like Photoshop, Premiere Pro or Illustrator remotely via Parsec on iOS.
  • Code or compile programs by accessing IDEs like Visual Studio, XCode or Android Studio through Parsec on your mobile device.
  • Access DAWs like Ableton and FL Studio on your desktop through Parsec on iPhone/iPad to make music on the go.
  • Use Parsec to access 3D tools like Blender or CAD software remotely on your iOS device. The large screen real estate helps.
  • You can even access desktop browsers like Chrome and Firefox on your iPhone or iPad using Parsec for browsing.

Parsec Alternatives for iOS

While Parsec is a popular and robust remote desktop app for iOS, here are some alternatives you can also consider for accessing your PC remotely:

  • TeamViewer – One of the most widely used remote access solutions. Easy to set up but limited remote gaming performance.
  • Moonlight Game Streaming – Open source app focused specifically on remote game streaming. Supports NVIDIA GameStream.
  • Rainway – Streams PC games to iOS and Android. Web-based and does not require app install.
  • Remotr – Streams games and desktop apps. Compatible with Steam, Origin,
  • RustDesk – Feature-rich remote desktop app. High performance with encryption. Limited to personal use license.
  • AnyDesk – Used more for remote system administration. Provides reliable remote access with low latency.

Each Parsec alternative has their pros and cons. Evaluate them based on your specific requirements like remote gaming support, enterprise use cases, speed and video quality.


Parsec provides an excellent remote desktop streaming experience on iPhones and iPads. The Parsec iOS app is optimized for mobile and touch input. It allows you to access your PC games, apps, tools and files remotely over the internet from your iOS devices.

With Parsec on your iPhone or iPad, you can enjoy PC gaming on the go, work remotely using desktop productivity software, code on mobile and much more. The lag-free video makes it feel like your PC is right in your hands!

While Parsec is one of the best solutions, there are also alternative tools like Moonlight, TeamViewer, Remotr and RustDesk you can try out for remote access from iOS. Evaluate them based on your specific needs and use cases.

In summary, Parsec delivers a top-notch remote desktop experience on iPhone and iPad. The free iOS app combined with the Parsec hosting software for PCs provides unmatched streaming performance on mobile.

Key Takeaways:

  • Parsec iOS app allows streaming desktop games and apps from PC to iPhone/iPad
  • Available as free download from App Store for iOS 11 and above
  • Easy linking to hosting PC via QR code scan
  • Touch controls and controller support for remote gameplay
  • Use for productivity, creativity work and software development on the go
  • Alternatives include TeamViewer, Moonlight and RustDesk for iOS access

Useful Comparison Table

AppPrimary UseLatencyPrice
ParsecGaming/productivityUltra lowFree
MoonlightGame streamingLowFree
TeamviewerRemote accessMediumFreemium
RustDeskRemote desktopVery lowFree for personal use
RemotrGame streamingLow-mediumFree with in-app purchases

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