Notification Center iOS 16 Not Showing [View And Respond]

The Notification Center (iOS 16) is a key part of iOS, allowing you to see and respond to notifications from your apps. In iOS 16, Apple has made some changes to Notification Center that may be confusing some users. Notably, the “View” and “Respond” options for notifications are not visible by default anymore.

Don’t worry – your notifications haven’t disappeared! The View and Respond options are still there, they are just hidden from view in the new stacked notification layout. Here is what you need to know about the new Notification Center in iOS 16, and how to get the View and Respond options back.

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The New Stacked Notification Layout

In iOS 16, notifications in the Notification Center are now stacked on top of each other by default, rather than displayed in a long list. This stacked layout is designed to take advantage of the new Lock Screen and its widgets in iOS 16.

With notifications stacked, you can still see a preview of your most recent notifications. But to view the full notification or respond to it, you need to tap on the stack to expand it.

This change means that the View and Respond options that used to be visible are now hidden from sight. But don’t worry – they are still there.

How To View and Respond To Notifications

Even with the new stacked layout, viewing notifications and responding is easy. Here’s what to do:

On the Lock Screen

Swipe up from the middle of the Lock Screen to access Notification Center. This will display your notifications in stacked form.

To view a notification’s full content and options, just tap on the stack for that app. The stack will expand to show all notifications from that app, with View and Respond buttons.

After viewing or responding, you can swipe down on the notification or tap outside of it to collapse the stack again.

On Other Screens

On any other screen like your Home Screen, you can access Notification Center by swiping down from the top. Again, you’ll see notifications stacked.

Just tap on any stack to expand it and view the full notifications with options to view, respond, clear, or manage the notifications.

This gesture works the same as before, even though the default condensed view is new.

Customizing The Notification Center View

If you prefer to see your notifications displayed in a list rather than in stacked form, you can change the setting in iOS 16.

To do this:

  1. Go to Settings > Notifications
  2. Scroll down and tap Scheduled Summary
  3. Turn off Stack Notifications

This will make Notification Center display notifications in a list view again, with the View and Respond options directly visible.

You can toggle Stack Notifications on or off to choose your preferred Notification Center layout.

Troubleshooting Missing Notifications

If you feel like you aren’t seeing certain notifications at all in the Notification Center, there are a few things that could be going on.

Here are some steps to troubleshoot missing notifications in iOS 16:

  • Check notification settings – Open the Settings app and go to Notifications to make sure notifications are enabled for the problematic apps. Look for options like “Allow Notifications”, “Show in History”, “Show Previews” and make sure they are enabled.
  • Alert style – The alert style for some apps may be set to temporary banner only, which means the notification won’t be saved in Notification Center history. Go to Settings > Notifications > (app name) > Alert Style and select “Alerts” instead of temporary banners.
  • Notification bug – There may be a bug causing certain apps’ notifications to not appear in Notification Center. Try restarting your device and checking if notifications appear. Updating iOS may also resolve any buggy behavior.
  • Notification overload – iOS may be limiting notifications in Center if you are getting too many. Try turning off notifications for apps you don’t need.
  • Focus mode – If you have Focus Mode like Do Not Disturb enabled, you will not receive notifications from blocked apps. Check that you don’t have a Focus Mode accidentally enabled.

Following these troubleshooting tips should help you figure out why some app notifications are not showing up in Notification Center. Make sure to check notification settings first, as that is the most likely culprit.

How To Clear All Notifications

If your Notification Center is getting cluttered, you may want to clear out old notifications. Here is how to remove all notifications from Notification Center in iOS 16:

From the Lock Screen:

  • Swipe up from the middle of the Lock Screen to view notifications
  • Press and hold on a notification stack until a Clear All Notifications button appears – tap it to remove everything

From within the Settings app:

  • Go to Settings > Notifications
  • Scroll down to the app whose notifications you want to clear
  • Tap Clear All XXX Notifications (where XXX is the app name)

This will wipe the slate clean and remove all old notifications for that app.

You can also clear notifications individually by swiping left on any notification and tapping Clear.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions about the new Notification Center in iOS 16:

Why are my notifications stacked now?

The new default layout for Notification Center is a stacked view, which condenses notifications. This takes advantage of the new Lock Screen design. You can revert back to a list view in Settings if preferred.

How do I view the full notification content?

Tap on a notification stack to expand it, then you can view the full notification and respond.

Where did the View and Respond buttons go?

They are still there when you expand a notification – just hidden from view in the stacked layout.

Can I go back to a list view for notifications?

Yes, disabling Stack Notifications in Settings will show a list view again.

What if I’m not seeing notifications from certain apps?

Check notification settings, alert style, restart your device, or look for Focus modes blocking app notifications.

How do I clear all old notifications?

You can clear all notifications from the Lock Screen by holding down on a stack. Or do it from Settings on a per-app basis.

Key Takeaways

  • Notification Center now stacks notifications by default in iOS 16.
  • To view the full notification and options, tap a stack to expand it.
  • View and Respond buttons are still there when expanding notifications.
  • You can revert Notification Center back to a list view by disabling Stack Notifications.
  • Make sure notifications are enabled and alert style is set to “Alerts” if you aren’t seeing expected notifications.
  • Swipe left and tap Clear to remove individual notifications, or hold down a stack and tap Clear All to remove everything.

So while the Notification Center looks a bit different in iOS 16, it works much the same. With a few tweaks to the settings, you can customize it to best fit your notification needs.


The Notification Center is a key part of using any iPhone, providing convenient access to alerts from apps and messages. The redesigned Notification Center in iOS 16 may confuse some users at first, hiding the View and Respond options for notifications.

But with some adjustments to the notifications settings, it is easy to re-enable a list view for notifications if desired. Make sure to check settings for any apps that seem to be missing notifications. With these tips, you can troubleshoot any issues around missing notifications in iOS 16 and fine-tune the Notification Center to match your preferences.

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