What’s New in iOS 17 CarPlay? Exciting Features Coming to Your Car

Apple recently announced iOS 17 carplay, the latest version of its mobile operating system for iPhone. One of the biggest updates coming in iOS 17 is a revamp of CarPlay, Apple’s in-car software platform. CarPlay allows you to access apps, make calls, send messages, listen to music and more through your vehicle’s infotainment system.

iOS 17 brings some exciting improvements and new capabilities to CarPlay. Here’s an overview of what’s new:

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SharePlay Comes to CarPlay Music

One of the most anticipated CarPlay features in iOS 17 is SharePlay support in the Music app. SharePlay, which first arrived in iOS 15, lets you listen to music or watch video together with friends while on a FaceTime call.

Now with iOS 17, Apple is bringing SharePlay to CarPlay Music. This means everyone in the car can contribute to a shared Apple Music queue through their iPhone. You can take turns adding songs, controlling playback, and seeing what’s coming up in the playlist.

SharePlay in CarPlay Music makes road trips and carpools more social and interactive. It’s perfect for when you have passengers with varying musical tastes.

Real-Time EV Charging Station Info

iOS 17 aims to improve the experience for electric vehicle (EV) owners through new integration with CarPlay. The updated Maps app in CarPlay will now display real-time availability information for EV charging stations.

As you navigate to a charging station, CarPlay Maps will indicate if there are open stalls available or if the station is currently occupied. This real-time data allows you to easily find an available charger so you can avoid waiting in line or driving to a station that’s already full.

For EV owners, easily finding an open charger can make or break a trip. The new real-time charging station support in CarPlay Maps addresses this pain point and takes some of the guesswork out of the process.

Refreshed Interface for Messaging

Messaging through CarPlay is getting more intuitive in iOS 17. When you receive a new text message, CarPlay will now default to a clean interface that prominently displays the message content first.

From there, you’ll have clear options to listen to the message, reply by voice, send one of several suggested quick replies, or dismiss the message. It cuts out unnecessary taps and steps compared to the previous version.

The refreshed CarPlay messaging interface aims to reduce driver distraction. You can glance quickly to read a message and then respond or return to the road. It makes the exchange quicker while keeping your eyes on the road.

New Wallpaper Options in CarPlay

With iOS 17, users will have more choices when it comes to customizing the wallpaper in CarPlay. New wallpaper selections in iOS 17 include maps, abstract shapes, gradient colors, and astronomy-inspired designs.

Previously, customizing the CarPlay wallpaper required digging into settings. Now in iOS 17, you can long press on the CarPlay background to bring up wallpaper options. It makes personalizing your CarPlay environment quicker and simpler.

The new wallpapers spruce up the CarPlay interface. Opting for a bold gradient or floral design in place of the standard black background can make your in-car experience feel more lively and personalized.

Deeper Vehicle Integration (Coming Soon)

At WWDC 2022, Apple previewed the next generation of CarPlay, which will allow for deeper integration with vehicle models starting in late 2023. iOS 17 lays the groundwork for this major overhaul.

Upcoming CarPlay enabled vehicles will be able to incorporate instrument cluster information, like speed, fuel level and temperature, directly within CarPlay. CarPlay will also gain the ability to control a wider range of vehicle features, like climate controls, radio functions and more.

This level of integration goes beyond the infotainment screen. You’ll access vitals, controls and settings in one seamless CarPlay interface rather than toggling between various menus and screens. It’s a big step toward CarPlay becoming the main driving display.

Support for Multiple Displays

Building on the theme of deeper integration, the next generation CarPlay will also support multiple displays within a vehicle. You’ll be able to extend the CarPlay dashboard across an extra display for a truly immersive experience.

CarPlay currently only works on a vehicle’s center display. With multiple displays, you can span navigation across screens or dedicate one to music and another for maps. More screen space allows for larger, richer interfaces.

It opens up a wider canvas for Apple and automakers to build upon. You can customize different screens with various CarPlay apps depending on your needs for a given drive.

Dual SIM Support

iOS 17 brings improved Dual SIM support across iPhone features, including in CarPlay. With Dual SIM iPhones, CarPlay will now allow you to easily sort and access messages from specific lines.

When you receive an SMS, iMessage or third-party app message through CarPlay, you’ll be able to identify and filter by SIM. You can choose to only view notifications from your main SIM, keep work and personal messages separated, or toggle between both inboxes.

Strong Dual SIM functionality in CarPlay provides more flexibility if you carry multiple lines on the same iPhone. You can now optimize CarPlay messaging to surface just the conversations you want to engage with while driving.


When will iOS 17 and the new CarPlay features launch?

Apple previewed iOS 17 and the next generation of CarPlay at WWDC 2022. The public release is expected in Fall 2023, likely alongside the launch of the iPhone 15 lineup. CarPlay enabled vehicles will follow starting late 2023.

Will all iOS 17 features come to all CarPlay vehicles?

The ability to add wallpapers and use SharePlay will work on existing CarPlay models with just a software update. However, deeper integration with vehicle controls and support for multiple displays requires new vehicle hardware. Those features will only be available in new CarPlay compatible cars.

Is the CarPlay interface getting redesigned?

Yes, Apple previewed a completely redesigned CarPlay interface at WWDC 2022. It moves away from distinct app icons toward a more immersive, customizable dashboard. The new look aims to improve glanceability and access to vitals. It will roll out alongside iOS 17 in late 2023.

Will iOS 17 add any new apps to CarPlay?

Apple did not announce any all-new apps coming to CarPlay with iOS 17. However, the new version will allow automakers to develop custom third-party apps for their respective vehicles. So new apps may come later from specific car manufacturers.

How can I learn more about iOS 17 CarPlay changes?

Apple provides additional details on CarPlay improvements with each iOS update through its developer site and documentation. As we get closer to iOS 17’s public release, Apple is likely to share more specifics through press releases and marketing materials as well.


The latest CarPlay enhancements arriving in iOS 17 make Apple’s in-car platform more helpful, customizable, and visually engaging. From SharePlay support to dual SIM management, iOS 17 thoughtfully addresses pain points for today’s iPhone owners. Meanwhile, deeper vehicle integration points toward the future of CarPlay becoming a seamless automotive control center.

CarPlay’s continued evolution helps Apple strengthen its foothold in the auto industry. As vehicles get smarter and more connected, Apple is poised to bring its trademark hardware and software integration to the open road. For iPhone users, CarPlay’s new capabilities reinforce Apple’s products as an attractive pick for their next car purchase. Overall, iOS 17 ensures CarPlay will feel increasingly like an essential rather than optional vehicle component.

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