Does iPhone 15 Update With iOS 17 CarPlay?

Does iPhone 15 Update With ios 17 carplay? Apple’s new CarPlay features in iOS 17 will come to the iPhone 15 when it launches later this year. The iPhone 15 lineup will ship with iOS 17 pre-installed, bringing all the new functionality of Apple’s latest mobile operating system. Upgrading to iOS 17 will enable several enhancements and new capabilities for CarPlay on supported vehicles.


CarPlay allows you to access key iPhone apps and features safely through your vehicle’s infotainment system. Since its introduction in 2014, CarPlay has expanded from providing navigation, music playback, and hands-free calling to a more extensive set of iPhone integration.

With iOS 17, Apple is taking CarPlay to the next level with deeper integration, new app categories, and enhanced personalization. The iPhone 15 will be the first iPhone model to launch with iOS 17 and take advantage of the updated CarPlay experience right out of the box.

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Will iPhone 15 Update to iOS 17?

Yes, the iPhone 15 lineup launching in Fall 2023 will come pre-installed with iOS 17. Apple traditionally launches its latest iOS version alongside new iPhone models in September.

iOS 17 is currently available as a developer beta and will see public beta releases over the summer before its general availability this fall. So you can be certain that the iPhone 15, iPhone 15 Plus, iPhone 15 Pro, and iPhone 15 Pro Max will run iOS 17 when they debut.

Upgrading to iOS 17 will bring all of its new CarPlay features to the iPhone 15 models. Existing iPhone models compatible with iOS 17 will also get the CarPlay update after installing the new OS version.

What’s New in CarPlay with iOS 17?

iOS 17 takes CarPlay to the next level by introducing new app categories, deeper iPhone integration, and increased personalization. Some of the notable improvements and additions include:

  • Support for third-party apps: iOS 17 brings new app types like weather, parking, EV charging, and quick food-ordering apps to CarPlay. This greatly expands the CarPlay ecosystem beyond Apple’s first-party apps.
  • Personalized profiles: CarPlay will now support multiple user profiles to deliver a tailored experience with separate app layouts, settings, and preferences for different drivers.
  • Home app integration: The new Home app in iOS 17 will be available on CarPlay, allowing control of HomeKit accessories like lights, locks, and thermostats.
  • Calendar integration: The default Calendar app now works with CarPlay, enabling agenda and itinerary views while driving.
  • Redesigned maps: Apple Maps on CarPlay gets new 3D city maps, improved navigation, multi-stop routing, and richer details like turn lanes, medians, and buildings.
  • Dashboard customization: The CarPlay dashboard interface is more customizable with personalized wallpapers and widget layouts.
  • Deeper Siri: Siri adds capabilities to control vehicle functions like climate, radio, and EV charging (dependent on automaker adoption).
  • Enhanced gaming: iOS 17 brings support for console-quality game controllers on CarPlay for advanced gameplay experiences.

So in summary, the iPhone 15 will be able to leverage all these new CarPlay features and apps when running iOS 17 out of the box.

When Will iPhone 15 Get iOS 17 and CarPlay Features?

The iPhone 15 lineup and iOS 17 launch will likely happen in September 2023 based on Apple’s usual annual upgrade cycle. After Apple’s official introduction, the new iPhones typically start shipping within a couple of weeks.

So you can expect iOS 17 roll out and availability on the iPhone 15, iPhone 15 Plus, iPhone 15 Pro, and iPhone 15 Pro Max models sometime in September 2023.

Once you get your iPhone 15, you’ll be able to experience the upgraded CarPlay features immediately after setting up the device. For existing iPhone owners, iOS 17 and CarPlay updates will be available as a free software update starting September 2023.

Will Older iPhones Get iOS 17 CarPlay Features?

Many of the CarPlay enhancements coming in iOS 17 will also be available on older iPhone models. iOS 17 is compatible with the iPhone XS and later based on Apple’s typical 5-year software support lifespan.

However, some features like personalized profiles and home app integration may be limited to newer iPhone hardware like the iPhone 15 lineup. But iOS 17 will still bring improvements like redesigned Apple Maps, third-party apps, calendar integration, and Siri enhancements to older supported iPhones.

So while the iPhone 15 will offer the complete iOS 17 CarPlay experience out of the box, owners of older iPhone models will also benefit from many of the updates when upgrading to iOS 17. Just check that your iPhone is compatible before installing iOS 17 when it launches later this year.

What Cars Will Support iOS 17 CarPlay Features?

The CarPlay improvements in iOS 17 will require adoption and integration by automobile manufacturers. So supported features will vary between makes and models depending on display capabilities and how deeply they integrate with Apple’s latest CarPlay framework.

In general, CarPlay vehicles from the 2019 model year forward should be able to support most iOS 17 features with a software update from the automaker. New 2023 vehicles will likely offer the most comprehensive iOS 17 and iPhone 15 integration.

Check with your vehicle manufacturer to confirm timing for CarPlay updates and iOS 17 compatibility. Most brands have been quick to adopt Apple’s latest CarPlay innovations in the past.


The iPhone 15 and iOS 17 launch present a major update for CarPlay and in-vehicle iPhone integration. Apple is expanding the CarPlay ecosystem while also delivering deeper personalization and smart home control.

Key new features like third-party apps, redesigned Apple Maps, and enhanced Siri will modernize the CarPlay experience. And customization options like personalized profiles and widgets help drivers tailor CarPlay to their needs and preferences.

While the iPhone 15 models will ship with iOS 17 and all its new CarPlay features, most existing CarPlay-equipped vehicles will also support the update. CarPlay connectivity has become a must-have for new vehicles, so look for widespread adoption of iOS 17 capabilities by automakers later this year.

Frequently Asked Questions

When will Apple release iOS 17 and the iPhone 15?

Apple typically unveils its major software updates and new iPhone models in September. So we can expect both iOS 17 and the iPhone 15 lineup, including the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max, to debut in September 2023.

What older iPhones will be compatible with iOS 17 CarPlay?

Based on Apple’s software support policy, iOS 17 will likely work on iPhone models dating back to the iPhone XS series released in 2018. However, some CarPlay features may require newest iPhone 15 models.

Do I need to buy a new car to use iOS 17 CarPlay features?

Most automakers quickly adopt Apple’s latest CarPlay updates. CarPlay vehicles from 2019 forward should support iOS 17 features with a simple software update from the manufacturer. New 2023 models will likely offer the deepest iOS 17 integration.

Can I customize the CarPlay interface with iOS 17?

Yes, iOS 17 brings new personalization to CarPlay, including the ability to set a custom wallpaper and arrange the app layout. Multiple driver profiles will also allow custom CarPlay settings for different users.

Will iOS 17 add support for additional apps like weather and charging?

Yes, iOS 17 expands the CarPlay ecosystem beyond Apple’s apps by supporting new third-party app categories like weather, EV charging, parking, and food ordering. More apps will be available when iOS 17 launches.

Will Siri get any upgrades for CarPlay in iOS 17?

Siri on CarPlay will be more deeply integrated with vehicle functions in iOS 17, allowing voice commands for controls like climate, radio, and EV battery charging. The capabilities will depend on automaker implementation.

Table Summarizing iOS 17 CarPlay Updates

Third-party appsSupport for new app categories like weather, parking, EV chargingExpanded CarPlay ecosystem beyond Apple’s apps
Personalized profilesMultiple customized CarPlay profiles for different usersTailored preferences and settings for each driver
Home app integrationControl HomeKit accessories from CarPlayQuick access to home controls on the go
Calendar integrationView agenda and itineraries from Calendar appImproved time and location-based reminders
Redesigned Apple MapsNew 3D maps, improved navigation and detailsMore immersive and informative maps
Dashboard customizationPersonalized wallpaper, arrange widgetsMake CarPlay interface your own
Enhanced SiriVoice commands for vehicle functions like climate controlsSiri assistant integrates with more car features
Gaming supportCompatibility with advanced game controllersMore engaging gameplay experience

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