iOS 16.3 Problems: How to Fix Weather App Errors, Frozen Screens, and More

As the latest iOS 16.3 update rolls out to iPhone users, it’s bringing with it a host of new and exciting features such as the Unity wallpaper, Security Keys for Apple ID, and the lifesaving Emergency SOS calls.

However, despite the many benefits of the update, some iOS geeks have been experiencing problem in iOS 16.3 as per the reports from Twitter and Reddit. Let’s dive and check out some major issues on iOS 16.3 update and try to fix them.

iOS 16.3 Problems, Issues, & Bugs

Wrong Weather Information

One guy on Twitter claimed that iOS 16.3 is one of the worst updates, and he showed a screenshot of an issue that showed the incorrect temperature being displayed for the weather app.

Weaker Haptic Vibration

Another user on Twitter wrote that haptic vibration with the keyboard has been weakening after iOS 16.3 update. Talking about the same, some users also replied that maybe Apple reduced it to save batter life and make it more natural.

Frozen Screen

After installing the latest version of iOS 16.3 on their iPhone, one user uploaded the video to Twitter. The video describes that the user is unable to utilise SOS or do a force reset on the iPhone because it is fully frozen. After the installation of iOS 16.3, the device is not responding in any way.

Duplicate Mail Notification

My iPhone has been giving me a notification for each message twice ever since I updated it to iOS 16. And now with the iOS 16.3, even mail notifications are receiving double the usual amount of consideration.

These are just a few examples of the minor issues reported by users worldwide with the iOS 16.3 update. If you have experienced any problems on your iPhone after updating to iOS 16.3, please feel free to share them in the comments section.

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