GeForce Now iOS Download: How to Download Nvidia GeForce Now on Your iPhone

It goes without saying that cloud gaming is the future of the gaming industry. The arrival of Apple’s Arcade and Amazon’s Luna, along with PlayStation Plus, GeForce Now, and Xbox Cloud Gaming, shows the bright future of this form of gaming.

Ever since the GeForce NOW app was made available in beta a few years ago, iOS users have been excited to install it on their iPhones. However, NVIDIA’s only option for iPhone users is to use Safari to access it.

But now, is it possible to download and install the GeForce Now iOS app on an iPhone? Here, I am going to discuss everything you need to know about GeForce Now for iOS.

Is There an NVIDIA GeForce Now iOS app on the App Store?

When GeForce Now was in beta, there were many rumors that Nvidia would soon release the GeForce Now iOS app.

But you will not find an app on the App Store if you search right now. Some iOS users might be thinking that due to region restrictions, the app is not available on their App Store, but this is not the case.

Nvidia totally relies on the web app version of GeForce Now for iOS. In short, there isn’t an Nvidia GeForce Now iOS app.

Can You Download GeForce Now on iOS?

Honestly, this seems totally wrong for us, iOS users, because Android, Mac, and Windows get a standalone app, and we can play Fortnite on GeForce NOW via the web only.

So, there is no way to get the GeForce NOW app on your iOS, but you can get the GeForce NOW shortcut on your iPhone home screen to have quick and easy access.

Here’s How to Install GeForce Now on iPhone/iOS

The traditional method to get instant access to any website or web app is to add it to the home screen.

It’s the same method I’ll be showing you here, so let’s check out how to download GeForce Now on iOS devices:

1. Open in the Safari browser on your iPhone.

2. Tap the share icon in the browser.

3. Now scroll down and select “Add to Home Screen.”

4. A shortcut to the GeForce Now app will be added to the home screen.

Now, whenever you want to play Fortnite or any other game on GeForce Now on your iPhone, you will have rapid access to the vast world of games.

Why Isn’t GeForce Now App Available for iOS?

The reason you don’t see an official Nvidia GeForce Now app available on the App Store for iOS devices is because of Apple’s App Store rules and its strict review process.

Hence, this is the only reason Nvidia is refraining from creating a standalone app for GeForce Now on iOS.

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