iOS 16.3 Battery Life and Drain Issue

Finally, the wait for iOS 16.3 is over. Apple released iOS 16.3 for all compatible iPhones on Monday, January 23, 2023. This update has solved many bugs and issues that were faced by users in previous iOS 16 updates. But the elephant in the room is the battery drain issue.

Has Apple addressed the battery life and drain issues in iOS 16.3? Let’s get started on our main topic.

iOS 16.3 Battery Drain Issue and Battery Life

The latest iOS 16 update came with notable features including new unity wallpapers, security keys for Apple ID, advanced data protection for all countries and regions, and bug fixes and improvements.

However, I didn’t see anything related to the battery in the iOS 16.3 release note. For many users like me, this has been a real issue ever since the release of iOS 16. Many users have reported experiencing battery drain on their iOS devices after updating to iOS 16.

Even though there have been several updates, like iOS 16.1 and iOS 16.2, many users still have the same problem.

So, what can we expect from iOS 16.3 in terms of battery performance?

Has Apple Fixed Battery Drain Issue with iOS 16.3?

It has been over 8 hours since I updated my iPhone 13 Pro to iOS 16.3. I haven’t charged my iPhone in the last six years.

Honestly, after extensively testing the update on an iPhone 13 Pro, it appears that the battery drain issue may not have been fully resolved. Despite having a battery health of 100%, the device’s battery life has shown little to no improvement after being updated to iOS 16.3.

There are also mixed reviews from users on social media about this issue. While some have seen only a minor drain, others have reported significant drops in battery life. But no one has experienced improvements.

Experts noticed no battery life improvements in the iOS 16.3 Release Candidate and the build number of the iOS 16.3 and iOS 16.3 RC is the same.

In my opinion, Apple hasn’t addressed the battery-draining issue with iOS 16.3. If it had, we would have seen it written in the release in very bold letters. So, the battery drain issue remains a concern for some iPhone users even after updating to iOS 16.3.

How to Fix iOS 16 Battery Drain Issue

Even after four months since the official release of iOS 16, there has not been a single update to improve the battery draining issues, so I believe we should learn to live with it.

However, there are a few tips that you can try to enhance battery performance on iOS 16.3:

  • Close apps that you don’t use regularly to conserve battery.
  • Turn off the always-on display feature.
  • Remove unnecessary widgets from your lock screen and home screen.
  • Turn on Optimized Battery Charging to slow down battery aging.
  • Try using the dark mode; it can help to save battery life.
  • Change the “Fetch New Data” settings in the Mail app.
  • Turn off the “Reduce Motion” feature.
  • Change the “Location Services” permissions to only allow apps that really need them.

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