How To Watch Kokoa TV On My Apple Vision Pro


How to Watch Kokoa TV On My Apple Vision Pro? Here with the help of guide you can install stream app and watch your favorite movies and tv show on your Apple vision pro. Kokoa TV is a popular streaming service that offers a wide variety of Korean entertainment, including dramas, variety shows, movies and more. If you want to watch Kokoa TV on your Apple Vision Pro, the process is simple and straightforward. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll walk you through everything you need to know to get started watching all your favorite Korean content.

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Before you can start watching Kokoa TV, there are a few prerequisites:

  • Apple Vision Pro: You’ll need the latest Apple TV model, the Apple Vision Pro, to install the Kokoa TV app. Older Apple TV models may not support the app.
  • High-Speed Internet: As a streaming service, Kokoa TV requires a high-speed broadband internet connection for smooth, uninterrupted streaming. Minimum speeds of at least 25Mbps are recommended.
  • Kokoa TV app: You’ll need to download and install the Kokoa TV app from the App Store onto your Apple Vision Pro.

Once you have these three things ready, you can move on to the next steps.

How to Find the Kokoa TV App For Apple Vision Pro

The first step is to locate and download the Kokoa TV app.

Here is how:

Step#1. Using the Siri remote, go to the App Store on your Apple Vision Pro.

Step#2. In the search bar, type “Kokoa TV.”

Step#3. Select the Kokoa TV app from the list of search results.

Step#4. Tap “Get” to download and install the app.

The Kokoa TV app is free to download from the App Store. The size of the download is approximately 150MB.

How To Create a Kokoa TV Account On Apple Vision Pro

Once the Kokoa TV app is installed, you’ll need to create an account to sign in:

Step#1. Open the Kokoa TV app on your Apple TV.

Step#2. Select “Create Account.”

Step#3. Enter your name, email address and password to create your account.

Step#4. Check your email inbox for a verification link to activate your new account.

Creating an account is necessary to access Kokoa TV’s content library. It also saves your preferences and watch history.

How To Select a Subscription Plan

Kokoa TV offers different subscription plans depending on your needs:

  • Basic: $7 per month with ads. Limited to SD quality.
  • Standard: $10 per month with no ads. Up to 1080p HD streaming.
  • Premium: $15 per month with no ads. Up to 4K HDR streaming. Offline downloads.

The subscription unlocks the full catalog of Korean dramas, variety shows, movies and more. You can select the plan that fits your budget and needs.

How To Browse and Watch Kokoa TV On Apple Vision Pro

You are now ready to enjoy all your favorite Korean entertainment in one place.

Here are some things you can do:

  • Browse recommendations on the home screen.
  • Search for specific shows, movies or artists using the search feature.
  • Create a watch list to easily keep track of what you want to watch.
  • Filter by genre like action, romance, comedy.
  • Turn on Korean or English subtitles.
  • Stream shows and movies in up to UHD 4K quality.
  • Download content to watch offline.

Take your time to explore all that Kokoa TV has to offer. Now sit back and enjoy!

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some common questions about watching Kokoa TV on an Apple Vision Pro:

What countries is Kokoa TV available in?

Kokoa TV has launched in over 20 countries so far across Asia, Europe and the Americas. Availability depends on your geographic location.

Does the Kokoa TV app work on older Apple TV models?

Unfortunately no. The Kokoa TV app requires the Apple Vision Pro, which is the newest Apple TV model. Older models are not supported.

Can I watch on multiple devices simultaneously?

The Kokoa TV app allows you to stream on 1 device at a time per account. You can switch between devices seamlessly. Multiple concurrent streams require multiple accounts.

What payment methods are accepted?

Kokoa TV accepts major credit cards like Visa, Mastercard and American Express. PayPal is also accepted in certain countries.

What if I want to cancel my subscription?

You can easily cancel your Kokoa TV subscription at any time from your account settings. Just remember to cancel before the monthly renewal date.


I hope this guide was helpful for learning how to watch Kokoa TV on your Apple Vision Pro. Following the step-by-step instructions, you can easily download the app from the App Store, create an account, select a subscription plan and start streaming your favorite Korean entertainment in just a few minutes. With multiple subscription tiers and features like 4K HDR streaming and offline downloads, enjoy Kokoa TV to the fullest!


Table 1: Kokoa TV Subscription Plans

PlanPriceVideo QualityOffline DownloadAds
Standard$10/month1080p HDNo
Premium$15/month4K HDRNo

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