Apple Vision Pro Europe – Available And Price

Apple recently announced their groundbreaking new device – the Apple Vision Pro Europe. This innovative product looks set to revolutionize spatial computing and blend digital content seamlessly with the physical environment. The Vision Pro will soon be available in Europe, with pricing and availability details emerging.

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The Vision Pro represents Apple’s ambitious vision for the future of computing. It allows users to interact with digital content using their eyes, hands and voice through visionOS – Apple’s new spatial computing platform.

After being unveiled at a launch event in January 2024, the Vision Pro goes on sale in the US on February 2, 2024 with a starting price of $3,499. However, thirsty European customers eager to get their hands on Apple’s latest creation may not have too long to wait.

Vision Pro Europe Availability

According to a European Apple retailer, the Vision Pro will become available in Europe soon after the initial US launch. While an exact release date is not yet known, Apple has a track record of expediting the availability of new products in Europe and other international markets.

In the past, hotly anticipated devices like the iPhone and Apple Watch have arrived in Europe just a few weeks after launching in the US. Given the Vision Pro’s groundbreaking nature, it’s likely Apple will aim for a rapid international rollout.

Most industry experts predict the Vision Pro will land in Europe before the end of 2024. The UK and Canada will likely be among the first countries to receive the device outside the US. The full European launch may take a little longer, potentially sliding into late 2024 or early 2025.

But Apple will be keen to get the Vision Pro into the hands of eager customers across Europe as quickly as feasible. It represents a major new product category for the company.

Vision Pro Europe Pricing

Along with availability details, anticipated pricing for the Vision Pro in Europe has also emerged. According to leaks from European retailers, the next-gen device will carry a hefty price tag.

The entry-level Vision Pro model is apparently expected to retail for between €4,490 and €4,990 in Europe. That puts it at around $4,700 – $5,300 when directly converted. However, local taxes and tariffs will bump the real-world pricing up further for European consumers.

The base model Vision Pro offers 128GB of storage. There are also rumored to be 256GB, 512GB and 1TB storage options that will cost even more. The maximum pricing is not yet known, but the top-spec 1TB model will likely come in at well over €5,500.

This high pricing reflects the Vision Pro’s groundbreaking technology. It combines AR/VR capabilities through innovative dual 4K OLED displays plus advanced sensors and cameras. The performance capabilities required for immersive spatial computing significantly raise production costs.

The Vision Pro Experience

The Vision Pro ushers in a new era of spatial computing thanks to its powerful visionOS platform. Apple’s proprietary operating system enables advanced augmented reality experiences.

Users can interact with digital content using intuitive hand gestures, voice commands and eye tracking. Visuals are delivered through the Vision Pro’s stereoscopic 3D OLED displays with stunning image quality.

Motion sensors and cameras allow visionOS to blend virtual objects with real surroundings. Users can enjoy immersive games, video streaming, workplace productivity, and more in a blended digital-physical environment.

Apple has developed visionOS to be compatible with over 1 million iOS and iPadOS apps. This provides immediate access to a rich content ecosystem. The company has also released a Vision Pro SDK allowing developers to optimize apps for immersive spatial computing.

Major brands like Adobe, Meta and Niantic are on board. Gaming is expected to be a significant use case, transforming titles like Minecraft into remarkable new AR experiences.

Transforming the Way We Interact

By seamlessly blending digital content and information with the physical environment, devices like the Vision Pro have the potential to transform the way we interact with technology.

Apple’s human-centric design approach focuses on natural interactions using voice, touch and vision. This could revolutionize everything from gaming and entertainment to workplace collaboration and design.

The Vision Pro promises a major evolution in computing. But some challenges remain around issues like front-heavy design and motion sickness. It may take a few more iterations before extended Reality wearables go fully mainstream.

However, Apple’s entry into this market will accelerate innovation and push the technology forward. Interest is heating up, with companies like Meta and Microsoft also chasing the immersive computing vision.

Europeans will be eagerly anticipating the arrival of Apple’s first generation headworn device over the coming months as the company aims to deliver their innovative Vision Pro product to international markets.


The Vision Pro looks set to spearhead a new era of spatial computing. Blending digital and physical worlds, Apple’s innovative device opens exciting possibilities for work and play.

While an exact release date is still unconfirmed, European availability is slated for late 2024 based on leaks. Pricing is rumored to start around €4,500 for the base model.

This represents a significant investment, but also a gateway to experiencing the cutting-edge of interactive computing thanks to game-changing technology like visionOS.

Apple is sure to concentrate on achieving a rapid international rollout to meet anticipated demand. So European customers should be entering Apple’s new immersive reality sooner rather than later.

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