How to Remove a Contact Photo on iPhone iOS 17

The iOS 17 update brought several new features to the iPhone, including updates to the Contact Photo app. The Contacts app lets you store phone numbers, email addresses, home addresses, and other information for your friends, family, coworkers and acquaintances.

One useful feature of the Contacts app is the ability to assign a photo to each of your contacts. Adding a photo makes it easier to quickly identify the person when they call or text you or when you access their contact information.

However, there may be situations where you need to remove a contact’s photo on your iPhone. For example, if the person has updated their photo and you want to remove their old one or if you added the wrong photo by accident.

Fortunately, removing a contact’s photo is an easy process on the iPhone, especially with the latest iOS 17 update. In this article, we provide a step-by-step guide on how to quickly and easily remove a contact photo on an iPhone running iOS 17.

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Before you get started with removing a contact photo, make sure:

  • Your iPhone is updated to iOS 17, the latest iOS version. To check, go to Settings > General > Software Update.
  • The contact whose photo you want to remove is saved in the Contacts app on your iPhone.
  • You know the passcode to unlock your iPhone or have Touch ID or Face ID set up, if enabled. This is needed to access and edit contacts.

If your iPhone meets these requirements, you’re ready to get started with the steps below.

Steps to Remove a Contact Photo on iPhone with iOS 17

Follow these straightforward steps to remove a contact photo on your iPhone with iOS 17:

1. Open Contacts app and select the contact

The first step is to launch the Contacts app on your iPhone — it has a colorful icon showing the profiles of three people.

Once the app opens, search or browse to find the contact whose photo you want to remove. Tap on the contact’s name to open their profile details.

[[Image here showing selecting a contact]]

This will bring up the contact’s information page, including fields like phone numbers, email addresses, home/work addresses, and events like birthdays and anniversaries associated with the contact.

Their profile picture, if added previously, will display prominently at the top of the screen.

2. Tap on the contact photo

Near the top of your screen, tap directly on the contact’s current profile photo. This photo may fill up almost the entire screen.

[[Image here showing tapping the contact photo]]

Tapping the photo will allow you to remove, replace or edit it in the next step.

3. Drag the photo upwards and tap Remove Photo option

With the photo enlarged after tapping it, place your finger anywhere on the photo. Then, gently drag or swipe the photo directly upwards without taking your finger off the screen.

As you drag upwards, three options will appear at the bottom of the screen:

  • Replace Photo: Select an alternate photo from your iPhone photo library or take a new photo with the camera
  • Edit Photo: Crop, rotate, or make adjustments to the existing photo
  • Remove Photo: Delete the current photo

Out of these, tap on the Remove Photo option to proceed with removing the contact’s current profile photo.

4. Confirm removal in popup prompt

After tapping Remove Photo, a popup confirmation prompt will appear making sure you want to proceed with removal.

[[Image here showing confirmation prompt]]

Tap Remove Photo in the popup prompt to confirm and complete the photo removal. Tapping Cancel will take you back without removing the photo.

Once done, the Contacts app will display a generic silhouette icon in place of the contact’s photo. The previous photo will no longer be linked to the contact.

[[Image here showing silhouette icon after removal]]

And that’s it! The steps above describe how to easily remove any contact photo on your iPhone updated to iOS 17.

Adding a New Contact Photo

After removing the old photo, you can choose to add a new photo for your contact:

  1. With the contact open, tap Add Photo at the top of the screen or on the silhouette icon
  2. Select a new photo from your photo library or take an instant photo with your iPhone camera
  3. You can edit the photo as needed before saving

Following these quick steps will assign a fresh photo to your contact on your iPhone.

Tips for Managing Contacts

Here are some useful tips for managing contacts efficiently on your iPhone:

  • Set up contacts using iCloud to automatically sync them across devices signed into your iCloud account
  • Create contact groups like Family, Close Friends, Work Buddies to easily message or email the entire group
  • Customize ringtones for VIP contacts so you never miss their calls or texts
  • Link contacts to social media accounts like Twitter or LinkedIn to consolidate information
  • Add multiple phone numbers, email addresses, postal addresses to store all information for contacts neatly in one place


With over 500 million active iPhones globally, Apple’s iOS software aims to make everyday tasks intuitive while expanding functionality. Removing a contact’s photo is easy to do on the iPhone Contacts app with iOS 17 and hardly takes a few seconds.

To quickly recap the steps:

  1. Open Contacts app and select the contact
  2. Tap on the current contact photo
  3. Drag the photo up and choose Remove Photo
  4. Confirm removal in the popup prompt

And that’s all it takes to erase a contact’s current photo and replace it with a new one if needed! Making changes to iPhone contact information on the fly helps you maintain up-to-date communications.

We hope this simple guide helps you quickly remove any unwanted contact photos on your iPhone updated to the latest iOS version. The Contacts app tries to ensure managing people you communicate with regularly is hassle-free.

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