How to Play Two Horns on iOS

Play Two Horns on iOS is an exciting new mobile game that launched recently on iOS and Android devices. In Two Horns, you control a valiant warrior who must defeat menacing enemies using a variety of weapons and skills. With its immersive gameplay and graphics, Two Horns provides hours of entertainment for mobile gamers.

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Getting Started with Two Horns on iOS

To start playing Two Horns on your iPhone or iPad, you first need to download the game from the iOS App Store. Two Horns is a free download, so you won’t have to pay anything upfront to install the game.

Once Two Horns has finished downloading, open the app from your home screen. When you launch Two Horns for the first time, you’ll need to complete the following steps:

Step 1: Allow Notifications (Optional)

As soon as Two Horns opens, you’ll be prompted to enable notifications for the game. Notifications are helpful for alerting you about time-limited events and other news about the game. Enabling notifications is optional, but recommended to get the most out of Two Horns.

To enable notifications, tap “Allow” when prompted. If you don’t want notifications, tap “Don’t Allow” instead.

Step 2: Log In or Sign Up

Next, Two Horns will ask you to log in or sign up. You have a couple different options here:

  • Log in with Apple – If you have an existing Apple ID, you can use it to log in to Two Horns quickly and easily. This links your gaming progress to your Apple ID.
  • Sign up with Email – Don’t have an Apple ID? No problem! You can register an account in Two Horns using your email address instead.

Tap the button for the log in method you prefer and follow the on-screen instructions.

Step 3: Customize Your Character

After logging in to Two Horns for the first time, you’ll have the opportunity to customize the appearance of your character. You can choose options like:

  • Character gender
  • Skin tone
  • Hairstyle and hair color
  • Facial features
  • Armor color

Take your time going through each customization menu. Part of the fun is tailoring your warrior to match your personal style!

Once you finish customizing, tap “Confirm” to save your character and start playing.

Basic Controls and Gameplay

Now that you’re all set up, let’s cover the basic controls and gameplay mechanics in Two Horns.

Virtual Joystick and Buttons

Like most mobile action games, Two Horns uses an on-screen virtual joystick on the left side to control character movement. Tap the joystick and drag your finger to move your character around.

On the right side are virtual buttons for your warrior’s basic attacks, special skills, blocking and dodging. These buttons dynamically change based on what weapons you have equipped.

Attacking Enemies

In Two Horns, tactical combat is key to defeating enemies and bosses. Pay attention to enemy attack patterns so you know when to block, dodge roll, or unleash fury with your weapons and skills.

You have light and heavy attack options available. Time your button taps to string together combos for maximum damage. Use area-of-effect and ranged skills to damage multiple foes at once.

Game Modes

As you play through the game, several different game modes become available:

  • Campaign – Follow the main story across dozens of stages. Defeat bosses to unlock new areas.
  • Survival – Fend off endless waves of enemies to see how long you can last!
  • Challenge – Take on special limited-time challenges to earn rare loot.
  • Player vs Player – Battle other Two Horns players in asynchronous online competition.

Character Progression and Upgrades

Defeating enemies, completing quests, and reaching new milestones causes your character to gain XP and level up. As you level up in Two Horns, you earn points that can be used to upgrade stats and unlock new skills.

Skill Tree

Access your skill tree from the main menu to view available upgrades. The skill tree has sections for different playstyles, including melee combat, ranged weapons, magic, and more. Choose skills aligned with your preferred weapons and strategy.

Loot and Gear

Two Horns features an extensive loot system with tons of weapons, armor pieces, and accessories to discover. Equipping new gear increases your stats and power. Legendary orange-tier gear provides set bonuses and extra effects.

Gear can be found as enemy drops, quest rewards, shops, crafting, and other sources. Check back often for new inventory.


In your journey, you meet Companions that can aid you in battles after being rescued. Each Companion has their own backstory, weapon skills, and special abilities. Level up Companions to further boost your team’s strength.

Tips for New Players

If you’re just starting Two Horns, keep these tips in mind:

  • Complete tutorials – When you begin, the game provides step-by-step combat, control, and progression tutorials. Pay close attention, as these teach the fundamentals.
  • Get gold early – Gold is used for nearly everything, so load up on it by selling unused gear and completing daily tasks.
  • Tune difficulty to your liking – If battles seem too hard, lower the difficulty scaling. You can increase it later as your gear and skills improve.
  • Experiment with skills and weapons – There are many effective skill combinations. Try out different playstyles to find one you truly enjoy.


Now you’re ready to enjoy Two Horns to the fullest on your iPhone or iPad! Here are some key takeaways:

  • Download and install Two Horns for free from the iOS App Store
  • Log in with Apple or create an account to save your progress
  • Customize your character’s appearance to your liking
  • Control your warrior with the virtual joystick and action buttons
  • Use tactical combat to defeat enemies and bosses
  • Level up your character and Companions to increase your strength
  • Find tons of new weapons, armor pieces and accessories
  • Unlock new skills in the upgrade tree aligned with your playstyle
  • Complete tutorials and tweak difficulty options if you need to

Immerse yourself in the heroic journey! If you follow these tips, you’ll be well on your way to mastering Two Horns on iOS. Now grab your weapons and let the battle commence!

Key Takeaways Table

Download from App StoreTwo Horns is a free downloadable game on iOS devices
Log In/Sign UpLink your gaming progress to an Apple ID or email account
Customize CharacterPersonalize your warrior’s appearance to your tastes
Virtual ControlsOn-screen joystick for movement, buttons for attacking and skills
Tactical CombatBlock, dodge, and utilize skills effectively to defeat enemies
Progress + UpgradeLevel up your character and companions to increase power
Loot New GearFind weapons, armor, accessories and equip for stat boosts
Try PlaystylesExperiment with different skill combinations you enjoy
Complete TutorialsLearn crucial fundamentals from the intro tutorials

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