How to Download College Brawl on iOS Device

College Brawl is an exciting multiplayer battle arena game featuring chaotic student vs student action. Unfortunately, it is not available on the iOS App Store. But with the help of third-party iOS app installers you can download and play College Brawl on your iPhone or iPad.

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College Brawl has become hugely popular on other platforms like PC and Android. iOS users have been left wanting the ability to join in the fun battle royale gameplay. The good news is iOS app installers make it possible to download games and apps not officially available on the App Store. In this guide, we’ll walk through the necessary steps to download College Brawl using third-party iOS app installers.

We’ll be covering:

  • What are third-party iOS app installers
  • Why College Brawl is not on the App Store
  • The best third-party installers for iOS devices
  • Step-by-step instructions to download College Brawl
  • Additional tips for safely using third-party installers

By the end, iOS users will know exactly how to install College Brawl for adrenaline-pumping PvP battling on campus grounds against other students. Let’s get started!

What are Third-Party iOS App Installers?

Third-party iOS app installers are services that allow you to install apps, games, and tweaks that are not available on Apple’s official App Store. Some examples of the most well-known third-party app installers include:

  • TweakBox – Allows you to easily find and install unofficial apps and games.
  • AppValley – Offers a wide selection of games, apps, and hacked game clients.
  • iOSGods – Focused specifically on mobile gaming apps, hacks and mods.

These installers host downloads for apps with revoked or expired signing certificates. They essentially bypass Apple’s strict approval process and policies, distributing unsigned IPA files. So by using them, you can install unreleased or pulled apps not on the App Store.

Why College Brawl Isn’t on the Official App Store

College Brawl features PvP multiplayer battling between students across campus-themed stages. It involves charged melee combat and chaotic, fun action.

However, the game depicts violence between students. So it goes against Apple’s guidelines and would certainly not be approved for release on their official iOS App Store.

Apple aims to provide a safe, family-friendly environment with their apps and games. College Brawl is a bit too unruly and controversial for their standards.

Thankfully, third-party iOS app installers give us a way to download College Brawl anyway!

The Best Third-Party Installers for iOS

As mentioned earlier, some of the best third-party app installers for iOS devices include TweakBox, AppValley and iOSGods. Let’s do a quick overview of each:


TweakBox is one of the longest running and most popular third-party app installers. It makes downloading unsigned IPA files a breeze.

Key Features

  • Huge catalog of apps and games
  • Frequent updates
  • Easy to use interface
  • Downloads such as hacked games, emulators, tweaked apps

TweakBox Website


AppValley offers one of the largest collections of apps you won’t find on the App Store. From modded games to utility apps, it delivers a lot of extra iOS functionality.

Key Features

  • Lightning fast downloads
  • Constant development and maintenance
  • Hundreds of exclusive iOS apps
  • Ad-free interface

AppValley Website


As the name indicates, iOSGods is all about iOS apps and games. Specifically, it focuses on modded mobile gaming content and tweaks. So it’s a top choice for getting game mods and hacked game clients working on iPhone and iPad.

Some Key Features:

  • Active community of gamers
  • Mods for popular titles like Minecraft, PUBG, COD
  • Useful gaming apps like screen recorders
  • Regular updates for downoads

iOSGods Website

These are just a few of the top options. Other reputable third-party app installers worth checking out include iOSEmus, AppEven, Panda Helper, and iPAStore.

Now let’s get to actually installing College Brawl!

Step-by-Step Guide to Download College Brawl on iOS

Without further ado, here is a step-by-step walkthrough guide to get College Brawl downloaded via a third-party installer:

Step 1: Choose Your Third-Party Installer

Browse the top recommended third-party iOS app installers listed earlier and pick the one you want to use.

We suggest going with TweakBox but all of the mentioned options should have the College Brawl download available.

Step 2: Download and Trust the Installer Profile

Go to the installer’s site on your iPhone or iPad. Follow the prompts to download their app and trust the enterprise certificate profile.

You’ll have to verify it in Settings under General > Profiles & Device Management. Enable trust for the installer’s enterprise app developer profile.

Step 3: Install College Brawl

Now open your chosen third-party installer app on your iOS device. You may have to create a free account.

Once inside the app, you can browse or search for College Brawl and tap Get or Download.

The installation process will now begin. Follow all on-screen instructions and wait for the installation to finish.

Show Image

Step 4: Trust the College Brawl Profile (If Needed)

Occasionally you may need to manually trust the newly installed app’s profile before you can open it.

Go to Settings > General > Device Management or Profiles & Device Management (depending on your iOS version).

Look for the College Brawl developer profile under Enterprise App and enable Trust.

You can now open College Brawl and start smashing other students!

Step 5: Enjoy College Brawl!

College Brawl should now be successfully installed on your iPhone or iPad device. You can access it like any other app to unlock chaotic battle royale game modes on campus!

Note that you will need a stable internet connection while playing online matches against other warrior students around the world.

And that’s all there is to it! Have fun and reign victorious in College Brawl’s PvP game modes!

Additional Tips for Safely Using Third-Party Installers

Here are some extra pointers to ensure a smooth, safe experience when using third-party iOS app installers like TweakBox:

  • Be wary of ads, links and downloads promising fake “hacks”. Stick to reputable sites and apps only.
  • Limit granting permission to third-party apps and disable unnecessary system access if possible.
  • Use a reputable VPN app to help secure your web traffic and online gaming data.
  • Check download sites for any suspicious activity and be careful entering login credentials into third party apps. Practice good password security.
  • Avoid opening random links, strange emails and clicking questionable ads when downloading or surfing with these installers.
  • Run an iOS antivirus scan like Malwarebytes occasionally to check for any malware if you download a lot of unofficial apps and games.

Following sensible security practices is important for reducing risk. But overall, using reputable third-party iOS app installers is typically safe, effective and opens up many great apps not on the App Store.

So with some discretion, you can comfortably use these methods to unlock amazing extra functionality like College Brawl for iOS!


Although not officially available on the App Store, College Brawl can be installed on iPhone and iPad devices with just a few easy steps using third-party iOS app installers.

We walked through selecting a quality installer like TweakBox, AppValley or iOSGods, downloading the necessary profiles, installing College Brawl itself and verifying trust settings.

Now iOS users can battle other students in intense PvP game modes with rowdy weapon combat!

Just be smart about general security practices when using third-party iOS apps. But otherwise enjoy College Brawl and owning the campus as you climb to the top of the leaderboards!


To quickly recap, here is the basic College Brawl installation process:

  1. Choose a third-party iOS app installer
  2. Download and trust the installer’s enterprise profile
  3. Open the installer and search for College Brawl
  4. Tap install and complete the installation steps
  5. Verify the developer profile for College Brawl (if required)
  6. Launch College Brawl and start smashing!

Hopefully this detailed guide covered everything iOS users need to know to successfully download and play College Brawl on iPhone and iPad. Now get out there and battle other students to become the ultimate brawler on campus!

Table: iOS App Installers for College Brawl

InstallerKey FeaturesWebsite
TweakBoxHuge app catalog, constant updates, easy to useTweakBox
AppValleyFast, high uptime, 1000+ exclusive appsAppValley
iOSGodsActive community, game hacks and modsiOSGods

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