How to Install and Use the Orion Stars App on iPhone


Orion Stars is a popular new mobile game app that allows players to explore distant galaxies, colonize planets, and build powerful galactic empires. With vivid 3D graphics and addictive gameplay, Orion Stars brings an immersive space strategy experience to iPhone users.

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Installing and setting up Orion Stars on your iPhone is quick and easy. This guide will walk you through the entire process, from downloading the app to creating your first space colony. We’ll also provide tips and tricks for optimizing the app and getting the most out of your Orion Stars gaming experience.

Downloading and Installing the App

Here are the steps to download and install Orion Stars on your iPhone:

1. Go to the Orion Stars Download Page

  • Open the Safari web browser on your iPhone and go to This is the official Orion Stars download page.
  • The page will detect that you are on an iPhone and display the iOS download link.

2. Tap the Download Button

  • Tap the large blue “Download” button on the page. This will initiate the app download process.
  • A popup will appear asking you to confirm the app download. Tap “OK” to continue.

3. Wait for the Download to Complete

  • The Orion Stars app file will download onto your phone. This may take a few minutes depending on your internet connection speed.
  • A download progress bar will appear showing the status of the download.

4. Install the Orion Stars App

  • Once the download is complete, tap on the Orion Stars app icon on your home screen to begin installation.
  • The iOS installation wizard will launch. Tap “Install” in the top right corner.
  • You may be asked to enter your iPhone passcode or use Touch ID to confirm the installation.
  • After a few seconds, the Orion Stars icon will appear on your iPhone’s home screen indicating a successful install!

Setting Up the App

Before you can start exploring the galaxy, you need to complete the Orion Stars signup process and app setup. Follow these steps:

1. Launch the Orion Stars App

  • Tap on the Orion Stars icon on your home screen to launch the app.
  • The splash screen with a space scene will appear as the app loads.

2. Sign Up for a New Account

  • On the welcome screen, tap “Create New Account”.
  • Enter your email address and choose a secure password. This will create your Orion Stars game account.
  • Read and accept the Terms of Service. Tap “Create Account” to proceed.

3. Check Your Email for a Verification Code

  • Orion Stars will send a verification code to the email you provided.
  • Open your email inbox and look for the verification email from Orion Stars.
  • Copy the 6-digit verification code from the email.

4. Enter the Verification Code

  • In Orion Stars, enter the 6-digit verification code and tap “Verify”.
  • This will activate your new account!

5. Get a Download Code from the Website

  • Now you need to get a download code from the Orion Stars website to link your account.
  • On your iPhone, open in your web browser.
  • Log in using your Orion Stars credentials.
  • Go to your account page to view your game download code. Copy it.

6. Input Download Code in App

  • Switch back to the Orion Stars app on your iPhone.
  • In the app, tap “Enter Download Code”.
  • Paste in the code you copied from the website.
  • Tap “Submit”. This will link your app to your Orion Stars account.

7. Enable/Disable Call Management

  • A popup will appear asking if you want Orion Stars to manage incoming calls.
  • If enabled, the game will automatically pause when you receive a phone call, preventing disruption.
  • Tap “Allow” to enable this feature, or “Deny” to disable it.

8. Start Playing!

  • The main Orion Stars game interface will now load!
  • Tap on the “Single Player” or “Multiplayer” buttons to start exploring the galaxy and building your space empire!
  • Have fun colonizing planets and commanding fleets as you rise to power in Orion Stars!

Gameplay and Menu Guide

Orion Stars has deep strategic gameplay packed with options and features. Here’s an overview of the main game screens and menus:

Galaxy Map

  • The 3D galaxy map shows all explored star systems and colonies.
  • Pan and zoom to navigate across star clusters.
  • Tap systems to get options like Colonize, Attack, Transfer Fleet, etc.

Star System View

  • Tap a star system to view details on planets, resources, and fleets in that system.
  • Manage colonies, mining operations, shipyards and defenses.
  • Launch new fleets using the Fleet Manager.

Empire Overview

  • See stats on the size, economy, tech level, and power of your empire.
  • Manage research priorities, economic strategy, and diplomacy.

Fleet Manager

  • Create new fleet groups from available ship designs.
  • Customize fleet composition and upgrade ships.
  • Send fleets on missions to colonize, attack, defend, or explore.

Orbital View

  • Tap a planet or moon to see detailed orbiter view.
  • Manage resource harvesting, surface defenses, colonization, etc.
  • Spectacular visuals of planet surfaces and orbital stations!

Settings Menu

  • Adjust graphics, sound, notifications, and other options.
  • View credits, legal docs, and app version info.
  • Link account, change login, or reset progress.

This covers the basics – with so many possibilities, the rest is up to you! Good luck leading your empire to glory in Orion Stars!

Tips and Tricks

Here are some useful tips and strategies to help you succeed in Orion Stars:

Focus on Fast Expansion Early

  • Expand to new star systems rapidly in the first hours of gameplay. The more colonies and resources you control early, the faster your empire will progress.

Scout Ahead with Small Fleets

  • Don’t send expensive high-level fleets on initial exploration. Use cheap scouts to reveal the galaxy map.

Defend Chokepoints

  • Fortify key star systems that offer strategic access to parts of the galaxy. This allows you to control expansion routes.

Use Fast Ships for Raiding

  • Light frigates and destroyers can quickly raid enemy mining colonies to sabotage their economy.

Research Advanced Weapons First

  • Make weapons tech research a priority early on to equip your ships with an advantage in battles.

Specialize Productive Colonies

  • Designate specific colony planets to focus on production of resources, research, or shipyards.

Build Tons of Modules

  • Stockpile extra armor, weapons, and engine modules using your colonies. You’ll need these later for mass fleet upgrades.

Stay Agile and Adapt

  • Adjust your priorities and strategies based on how the game progresses. React to opportunities and threats.

Troubleshooting Problems

Hopefully you won’t run into any issues, but here are some solutions to common Orion Stars problems:

App Won’t Download

  • Check your internet connection and try again. Connect to WiFi or cellular data.
  • Make sure your iPhone has enough free storage space for the app.
  • Try rebooting your iPhone and attempt the download again.

App Crashes on Launch

  • Fully close the Orion Stars app from the app switcher. Reopen it.
  • Reboot your iPhone to clear out any glitches.
  • Update to the latest iOS version for bug fixes.
  • Delete and reinstall Orion Stars if crashes persist.

Can’t Log In

  • Make sure you are using the correct email and password.
  • Check for typos or autocomplete errors in your credentials.
  • Use the Forgot Password option to reset and get a new login.
  • Contact Orion Stars customer support if login issues continue.

Menu Screens Not Loading

  • Close the app fully and restart to clear any memory issues.
  • Check your internet connection – you may have lost connectivity.
  • Reset the app in Settings > Apps > Orion Stars > Reset.

Final Thoughts

Orion Stars brings the addictive strategic gameplay and space conquest that mobile gamers crave. Following this guide makes installing and setting up seamless. In no time you’ll be colonizing planets, building battle fleets, and waging war across vivid interstellar vistas.

Maximize your empire’s power using our tips and enjoy this content-rich 4X strategy experience anywhere on your iPhone. Avoid issues with troubleshooting steps. Ultimately Orion Stars offers iOS users a galaxy of possibilities – now it’s time to explore yours!

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