The Exciting New iOS 17 Emojis Coming in 2024

Apple unveils exciting new emoji updates with every major iOS release. iOS 17 is expected to launch in 2024, and if history is any indicator, it will bring a slew of new and creative emojis. From new animals and food items to expressions and activities, iOS 17 emojis are sure to capture the cultural zeitgeist and enrich how we communicate visually.

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Based on early reports and leaks from sources like Emojipedia, here is a look at some of the potential new emojis slated for iOS 17.

New Animals

Animals are always a popular addition to the emoji lineup. iOS 17 may introduce some new furry and feathered friends.


A regal mythological bird rising from the ashes, the Phoenix emoji depicts the fiery orange and red figure mid-flight. It builds upon the existing bird emojis and brings some magical flair. The Phoenix is a famous symbol of rebirth and renewal, perfect for conveying rising up after struggles.

Brown Mushroom

Mushrooms are having a major moment, both in food culture and plant medicine. The brown mushroom adds to the fungi emoji family, joining the red mushroom from iOS 15. It provides another option for mushroom enthusiasts to get specific about the kinds they love.


The hard-working donkey is an overdue farm animal emoji. Donkeys are close relatives of horses and ponies, but with their own unique charm and appeal. This addition creates new opportunities to showcase donkeys in cartoons, promote animal sanctuaries, or generally appreciate the humble donkey.


The majestic moose gallops into the animal emoji kingdom in iOS 17. As one of the largest members of the deer family, the moose provides a new option for sharing landscapes and wildlife in many parts of the world. It also enables fun new ways to display Canadian pride and identity.


Geese are set to join their duck cousins with a dedicated goose emoji in iOS 17. Recognizable by their larger size and signature honking, geese open up inventive ways to celebrate migration seasons, document birdwatching trips, or deploy some silly goose humor.

New Food Items

iOS 17 looks to satisfy emoji foodies with additional edible icons.


The bright green citrus fruit gets its own lime emoji, no longer needing to settle for the generic green apple. Useful for sprucing up food emojis or showing love for lime-centric dishes like ceviche, limeade, and key lime pie.


The pea makes for a cute, petite produce option. Whether used in a pod or solo, it provides new ways to depict vegetarian and vegan meals, promote healthy eating, or roll out some peas of mind.


While the bouquets emoji covers flower arrangements, individual flower varieties like roses and tulips have their own emoji. The hyacinth emoji introduces the clustered, bell-shaped flowers to the mix and opens up options to get more specific about garden gifts and floral appreciations.

New Expressions

iOS 17 promises additional emoji illustrations of human expressions, reactions, and gestures.

Head Shaking Vertically

The new head shaking vertically emoji depicts a figure tilting their head sideways rapidly, evoking a snappy “no way” reaction. It builds on other head shaking emojis like the face with diagonal mouth and adds some extra sass and disbelief to conversations.

Head Shaking Horizontally

Similarly, the head shaking horizontally emoji shows a figure tilting their head side to side vigorously as a signal of disagreement or dismissal. It’s great for snubbing bad ideas or emphasizing rejection of what someone else just said.

Shaking Face

Going beyond head shakes, the shaking face emoji humorously conveys shuddering in fear, shaking with anger, or quivering in cringe. The wide eyes and contorted expression make this a fun and dramatic effect for strongly negative reactions.

New Hearts

Heart emojis are the universal symbol of love, and iOS 17 delivers more shades and flavors of romance.

Pink Heart

The classic red heart gets a bright pink counterpart in iOS 17, diversifying the heart palette. The pink heart pops beautifully against darker backgrounds and provides a softer tone.

Light Blue Heart

iOS 17 also introduces a light blue heart, evoking a crisp and cool tone. The light blue heart injects some chill into passionate conversations, or can convey platonic affection versus red-hot romance.

Grey Heart

For a more understated take, iOS 17 adds the grey heart emoji. The grey heart allows you to show care and support in a more muted, subtle way if the vivid hues feel like too much.

These new takes on the heart join previous additions like orange, yellow, green, and brown hearts that have widened the heart emoji possibilities over the years.

Other New Emojis

Beyond the categories above, iOS 17 has a few more aces up its sleeve.

Broken Chain

The broken chain emoji depicts two links pried apart, with the break in the middle. It symbolizes breaking free from restraints or oppression. The broken chain has many powerful use cases, from promoting social justice causes to celebrating personal growth and independence.


Jellyfish join the underwater creatures in emoji form, alongside the octopus, spouting whale, and snail. Their graceful and ethereal movements offer a peaceful counterpoint to the hyperactive crab. Jellyfish also open up fun ways to tease frizzy hair days or chill vibes.


The wing emoji takes flight in iOS 17 as well. Shaped like a bird’s wing in mid-flap, it builds on other wind-themed emojis like the tornado and wind face. The wing emoji provides a new way to convey flight, speed, and freedom.

Waving Hand

The new waving hand emoji shows a single disembodied hand waving, adding to the hand gesture emoji collection. Beyond general greetings and goodbyes, this emoji can signal trying to get someone’s attention or a wish to not be noticed.

When Will iOS 17 Launch?

If Apple maintains its usual iOS update cadence, iOS 17 will likely arrive in September 2024. iOS 14 came in 2020, iOS 15 in 2021, and iOS 16 in 2022, so 2024 fits the pattern. However, Apple could always shift release timelines earlier or later depending on development needs and other factors.

iOS 17 is still a ways off, but the expected emoji upgrades give us something to get excited about. And who knows, Apple may unveil even more new emoji designs and categories not yet on anyone’s radar.

iOS 17 Emoji FAQs

How many new emojis will iOS 17 have?

Based on early reports, iOS 17 is estimated to have around 30-40 new emojis. However, the final count is still speculative at this stage.

Will iOS 17 have new country flag emojis?

Apple and other vendors typically add a batch of new country flags to match updates to the Unicode emoji standard each year. iOS 17 will likely follow suit, potentially with flags for places like Kosovo, Taiwan, and Palestine.

Can I use iOS 17 emojis now?

Since iOS 17 is still in development and unreleased, its new emojis are not available yet. Some vendors offer beta access to upcoming emoji designs, but otherwise you’ll have to wait for iOS 17’s official launch.

What were some of the best iOS 16 emojis?

Fun new iOS 16 emojis included shaking face, biting lip, pregnant man, pregnant person, troll, and hand symbols like wing and handshake. iOS 16 also introduced many multiethnic couple variations.

Do iOS emojis work across other platforms?

Yes, Apple designs its new emojis to be cross-platform compatible. This means iOS 17 emojis like the donkey or lime will display properly on Android, Windows, and other operating systems.

The Future of Emojis is Bright

Apple never fails to deliver a thrilling emoji lineup, and iOS 17 looks poised to continue the tradition. The Phoenix, shaking face, and all the other potential iOS 17 emojis reveal a playful spirit of visual communication innovation at Apple.

Beyond the emojis covered above, we could see even more additions across categories like music, sports, clothing, professions, and symbols. iOS 17 has big shoes to fill given iOS 16’s inclusion of deeply meaningful emojis for pregnancy, hand gestures, and multiethnic couples. But Apple is sure to dream up fresh ways to make our emoji vocabularies more vibrant and representative.

The Unicode Consortium will finalize the official emoji list for 2024 in mid-2023. This will offer more clarity on which new emojis are locked in and their final designs. Until then, we can speculate and imagine all the ways iOS 17 emojis will elevate our messaging. Your conversations are ready for the Phoenix’s rise, moose’s majesty, lime’s zest, and the other creative new pictographs coming soon. iOS 17 promises a cornucopia of visual communication delights.

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