How to Fix SOS Mode Stuck on iPhone 15

The emergency Fix SOS Mode Stuck on iPhone 15 allows users to quickly call emergency services by pressing and holding the side button and either volume button. This triggers a countdown sound and sends an emergency call when the buttons are held down.

While this can be a lifesaving feature, sometimes an iPhone 15 may get stuck continuously activating the SOS signal, even when you don’t want it to. Having your iPhone 15 stuck in SOS mode can be frustrating and worrisome.

Fortunately, there are several troubleshooting steps you can try to get your iPhone 15 out of SOS mode. In this guide, we’ll walk through the top recommended solutions to fix an iPhone 15 stuck in emergency call mode.

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Force Restart Your iPhone 15

The first thing to try when your iPhone 15 is stuck in SOS mode is to force restart it. This acts like a “hard reset” and reboots your iPhone 15 system, which can often resolve any software glitches.

To force restart an iPhone 15:

  1. Press and quickly release the Volume Up button.
  2. Press and quickly release the Volume Down button.
  3. Then, press and hold the Side button until you see the Apple logo appear on the screen.

This process may take up to 30 seconds. If you have an older iPhone model, you can force restart by holding the Side button and either volume button until the Apple logo appears.

Force restarting your device essentially clears out any temporary software issues and resets the phone. Oftentimes, this alone can fix an iPhone 15 stuck in emergency call mode.

Charge Your iPhone 15

An iPhone 15 getting stuck in SOS mode may also be caused by low battery levels. The emergency call functions are designed to keep working even when your battery is critically low.

Before anything else, make sure your iPhone 15 is adequately charged. Plug it into a charger and let it charge up to at least 50-60% before attempting to use it again.

This ensures your iPhone 15 has enough battery power to function normally. If it was stuck in SOS mode due to low battery, charging it up should resolve the issue.

Toggle Off Emergency SOS Settings

The next troubleshooting step is to toggle off the Emergency SOS call options on your iPhone 15. Here’s how:

  1. Go to Settings > Emergency SOS.
  2. Under “Call with Hold,” switch the setting to Off.
  3. Under “Call with 5 Presses,” switch this setting to Off as well.

This prevents your iPhone 15 from activating emergency calls when the Side and Volume buttons are pressed. Try using your iPhone 15 normally again to see if the SOS mode issue is resolved.

Remove and Reinsert the SIM Card

Issues with your SIM card may also cause your iPhone 15 to get stuck in emergency call mode. Try removing your SIM card and then reinserting it:

  1. Locate the SIM card slot on the side of your iPhone 15. Insert a SIM eject tool into the hole next to the tray.
  2. Push the eject tool in gently until the SIM card tray pops out.
  3. Remove the SIM card from the tray, and inspect it for any damage or dirt.
  4. Insert the SIM card back into the tray, making sure it’s positioned correctly.
  5. Slide the SIM card tray back into the SIM card slot.

Reseating your iPhone’s SIM card reconnects it to the cellular network, which can fix software glitches related to SOS mode. Try making a test call to see if the issue is resolved.

Update Carrier Settings

Outdated carrier settings can also sometimes cause iPhone issues. You can manually update your carrier settings to see if that fixes an iPhone 15 stuck in SOS mode:

  1. Go to Settings > General > About.
  2. Wait a few seconds on the About screen. This lets your iPhone 15 check for and install any pending carrier updates.
  3. After a minute, go back to the main Settings menu. The carrier update is complete.
  4. Power your iPhone off and back on.

The carrier update resets network connections and services, which may get your iPhone 15 out of emergency call mode. Make sure to power cycle your device after updating carrier settings.

Contact Apple Support

If none of the above solutions work, you’ll want to contact Apple Support for further assistance on your iPhone 15 stuck in SOS mode.

You can get help from Apple in a few ways:

  • Schedule a Genius Bar appointment – Make an appointment at your local Apple Store. An Apple Genius can inspect your iPhone and troubleshoot the issue in person.
  • Request phone support – Call Apple Support and speak to a representative who can walk you through steps to fix your iPhone 15.
  • Start a chat session – Initiate a Chat with an Apple Support advisor online who can provide customized troubleshooting for your situation.

Apple Support can run diagnostics, reinstall iOS software, and suggest any other solutions needed specifically for your device. Provide them with details on any troubleshooting you’ve already tried.

Consider a Software Restore

In some cases of an iPhone 15 persistently stuck in emergency call mode, you may need to perform a software restore. This wipes your device and reinstalls the latest iOS version.

Before a software restore:

  • Back up your iPhone 15 data via iCloud or iTunes. A restore will erase your device.
  • Update to the latest iOS version. This gives your device a clean slate before restoring.

To restore your iPhone 15:

  1. Connect your iPhone 15 to a computer with a USB cable.
  2. Open iTunes or Finder on the computer.
  3. While your iPhone is connected, force restart it.
  4. When it powers back on, choose to Restore on the computer when prompted. This reinstalls iOS on your device.
  5. Set up your iPhone 15 again once the restore completes. Then restore your data from the backup.

This essentially gives your iPhone 15 a fresh start with a new iOS install. In many cases, it will successfully fix an iPhone that’s stuck in emergency SOS mode.

Common Causes for iPhone 15 Stuck in SOS Mode

There are a few common reasons that tend to cause an iPhone 15 to get stuck continuously activating Emergency SOS:

  • Incorrect button presses – If the Side and Volume buttons are held down incorrectly or pressed too many times, it can trigger the SOS signal to get “stuck on.”
  • Software crashes – Bugs, glitches, or an iOS update failing can cause the system to freeze with SOS activated.
  • Jailbreaking issues – Attempting to jailbreak your iPhone 15 unsuccessfully may trigger permanent SOS mode.
  • Low storage space – Insufficient storage prevents iOS from operating smoothly and can freeze apps and features like Emergency SOS.
  • Third-party cases – Some iPhone cases have magnetic or metal components that can interact with the iPhone’s buttons, inadvertently activating SOS mode.

By applying the troubleshooting steps in this guide, you should be able to resolve an iPhone 15 stuck in emergency call mode and continue using your device safely. Contact Apple Support if you need any additional assistance with getting your iPhone 15 out of SOS mode.

Table: Troubleshooting an iPhone 15 Stuck in SOS Mode

Here is a helpful table summarizing the solutions covered in this guide for fixing an iPhone 15 stuck in emergency SOS mode:

iPhone 15 is frozen with SOS signal activeForce restart the iPhone
SOS activates with normal button pressesToggle off SOS call options
Issue started after low battery warningCharge iPhone to at least 50-60%
Can’t make calls, device won’t functionRemove and reinsert SIM card
Phone doesn’t respond after iOS updateUpdate carrier settings
Issue persists after trying other solutionsContact Apple Support or restore iPhone


The emergency call and SOS features of the iPhone 15 provide you with peace of mind – but only if they work properly. An iPhone 15 stuck continuously activating SOS mode can certainly be a frustrating issue.

Hopefully by applying the troubleshooting techniques outlined in this guide, you can get your iPhone 15 back working normally again. Toggling off SOS settings, charging your battery, reseating the SIM card, and force restarting your device are usually effective ways to stop an iPhone 15 stuck in SOS mode.

For any lingering issues, Apple’s team of support professionals can provide customized assistance tailored to your situation. With their help, you should be able to resolve your iPhone 15 calling emergency services on its own, and disable the SOS signal so you can use your device without interruption again.

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