How to Access MADFUT 24 Beta on iOS

MADFUT 24 Beta on iOS the popular soccer card trading game, recently announced an open beta for MADFUT 24, the next version of the game. MADFUT 24 promises updated graphics, new card designs, additional game modes, and more.

While the beta is currently full, you can get on the waitlist to access it as soon as spots open up. Here’s how to join the MADFUT 24 beta waitlist on iOS.

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What is MADFUT?

For those unfamiliar, MADFUT is a free mobile game for iOS and Android devices where you collect player cards and use them to build your ultimate soccer squad. The game features a variety of popular leagues and players from around the world.

Once you’ve assembled your team, you can compete in different game modes like Draft, Versus, and Fatal. Draft allows you to build a squad from random player selections, while Versus pits your team against other players’ squads. Fatal provides a tournament-style competition where you battle to avoid elimination.

In addition to these modes, MADFUT offers fun mini-games and hundreds of Live, Special, Icon, and Hero cards to find. The game has become extremely popular thanks to its addictive card collecting and squad building mechanics.

Overview of the MADFUT 24 Beta

MADFUT 24 represents the next evolution of the MADFUT franchise. The beta version that is currently available provides a sneak peek at what the full MADFUT 24 release will include.

Some of the key features expected in MADFUT 24 include:

  • Updated graphics and visuals: MADFUT 24 will feature enhanced player models, cards, and menus. The overall look and feel of the game will be more modern and polished.
  • New card designs: Player cards in MADFUT 24 have been completely redesigned with dynamic images and info layouts. Special cards will also get new treatments.
  • Additional game modes: The beta indicates MADFUT 24 will introduce new ways to play like Group Draft and more. Expect fresh formats to test your squad building skills.
  • Live content updates: MADFUT 24 is built to incorporate more real-time content updates related to the real world soccer season. Limited time events will keep gameplay fresh.
  • Improvements to existing modes: Existing modes like Versus, Fatal, and more will receive tweaks and tuning to improve the overall experience.
  • Optimizations: Under the hood, MADFUT 24 brings performance improvements and optimizations to allow for smoother, more stable gameplay.

This beta version provides an initial glimpse at these new features but the full MADFUT 24 experience will expand even further. It’s an exciting sneak peek at the future of the MADFUT franchise.

Joining the MADFUT 24 Beta Waitlist on iOS

Gaining access to the MADFUT 24 beta is currently a hot commodity and spots are limited. Luckily, there is a MADFUT 24 beta waitlist you can join for the chance to participate as more spots open up. Here is the full process:

Step 1: Download TestFlight

To access any iOS beta, you need to have the TestFlight app installed. TestFlight is Apple’s official beta testing platform for iOS apps and games.

To get TestFlight, simply search for “Testflight” on the App Store and download/install the app. Sign in with your Apple ID when launching it for the first time.

Step 2: Follow the MADFUT 24 Beta Link

The developer will provide a TestFlight invite link that leads directly to the MADFUT 24 beta.

To get this link, follow MADFUT’s social media pages like their facebook page. The development team posts beta access updates there.

You can also join the MADFUT email newsletter for potential beta invite links. Once you have the link, do not share it as invites are limited.

Step 3: Join the Beta Waitlist

After tapping the TestFlight invite link on your iOS device, it will open the MADFUT 24 page in TestFlight. This page will provide beta details and note whether spots are currently available.

If the beta is full, you will see an option to join the waitlist. Tap “Join Waitlist” and provide your email address. This will queue you up for access as more spots open up.

Once enrolled in the waitlist, all you have to do is wait for an email indicating a spot has opened up for you. The team continuously monitors capacity and sends invite emails as availability allows.

Step 4: Download the Beta

When you do get an invite email, follow the link again on your iOS device. This time TestFlight will take you directly to the MADFUT 24 beta download page.

Tap “Accept” to acknowledge you are a beta tester. After accepting, the MADFUT 24 beta will automatically download just like any other app.

Once installed, open it up and you can start experiencing everything new MADFUT 24 has to offer before the full public release!

What is MADFUT 24 Beta FAQ

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about gaining access to the MADFUT 24 beta test:

Is the MADFUT 24 beta still available?

At the time of writing, the MADFUT 24 beta is full. However, you can join the waitlist for a chance to participate later. Follow MADFUT’s social channels for updates on beta capacity.

Can I play the beta on both iOS and Android?

The beta is platform specific, so you need to join the waitlist and install the beta separately on each platform. Installing on multiple devices reduces available spots.

How long will the beta last?

There is no definitive end date for the beta. It will likely run for several weeks leading up to the full MADFUT 24 launch. The development team wants robust testing.

Will my beta progress carry over?

Yes, any progress made during the beta will carry over to the final MADFUT 24 release.

Do I need to pay or register to join the beta?

Nope! Accessing the MADFUT 24 beta is completely free. All you need is a TestFlight account.

Why is the beta full?

The development team is limiting the number of testers to gather focused feedback. As they expand capacity, more players on the waitlist will gain access.

When will MADFUT 24 officially launch?

The development team has not announced an official MADFUT 24 release date yet. The beta testing phase will influence the timing of the full launch.

How can I share feedback during the beta?

Within the app look for a “Send Feedback” option to relay any bugs, issues, or suggestions directly to the development team. Your input helps improve the game!

Get Ready for MADFUT 24!

The MADFUT franchise continues to innovate and MADFUT 24 represents the next big leap. With overhauled visuals, additional gameplay modes, real-time content, and more, it should provide a fresh experience for the MADFUT community.

Make sure to follow the steps outlined here to get on the MADFUT 24 beta waitlist for iOS. Checking out the beta gives you an exclusive first look at what the team has cooked up for MADFUT’s future.

Although the waitlist may require some patience, the access is worth it. So strap in for an exciting new era of the MADFUT phenomenon when MADFUT 24 arrives soon!

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