How to Get RuStore on iOS


RuStore on iOS is a popular third-party app store developed by VK, the company behind Russia’s largest social network. It provides access to many Android apps and games not available on the official Google Play store.

However, as of November 2022, RuStore has not yet been made available for iOS devices like iPhones and iPads. VK is currently working on an iOS version, but it has not been released yet.

This means iPhone and iPad users cannot directly download and install RuStore to access its unique catalog of apps. But there are still a few workaround options using third-party virtualization tools.

In this guide, we’ll explain why RuStore isn’t on iOS yet and the status of its development. We’ll also cover different methods you can try to get RuStore working on an iPhone or iPad using virtualization.

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Why Isn’t RuStore on iOS Yet?

There are a few reasons why RuStore has not been released for iOS so far:

  • App Store restrictions – Apple has strict rules about what can be distributed through their App Store. Third-party app stores like RuStore would likely not be approved.
  • Technical challenges – RuStore would need to be redeveloped for iOS. The app ecosystems and technical infrastructure differ between Android and iOS.
  • Business strategy – VK may be prioritizing the Android version for now since Android dominates smartphone market share in RuStore’s primary regions.

Essentially, Apple’s tight control over iOS makes it difficult for third-party app stores to launch. VK needs to find solutions to overcome the restrictions.

Status of RuStore for iOS Development

In November 2022, VK announced they are working on an iOS version of RuStore. However, the company did not provide an estimated release timeframe.

Based on the technical and policy hurdles, it could take considerable development work and negotiations with Apple before RuStore iOS launches.

It’s unlikely RuStore will be allowed into the official iOS App Store. VK will probably need to find alternative distribution methods like direct installs or third-party enterprise app solutions.

For now, iOS users will need to rely on workarounds like virtualization to access RuStore. But an official native app may come eventually.

Using Virtualization to Get RuStore on iOS

Until VK releases RuStore iOS, virtualization is the next best option.

Virtualization allows you to run Android within iOS, so you can then install and use RuStore’s Android version. There are a few different apps that enable virtualization:


UTM allows you to run a virtual Android machine on iPhone or iPad. To use it:

Step#1.Download and install UTM from the iOS App Store.

Step#2.Download an Android image like Android 10 or 11.

Step#3.Open UTM and create a new virtual device, selecting your Android image.

Step#4.Once setup completes, open the Play Store on the virtual device and download RuStore.

Step#5.Log into your RuStore account to access apps.

UTM is free but advanced features require a paid subscription. Performance will depend on your device hardware.

iSH Shell

iSH Shell also lets you run Linux and Android environments. To use:

Step#1.Get iSH Shell from the iOS App Store.

Step#2.Download AnLinux or Termux from within iSH to install Linux or Android.

Step#3.Use the package manager to install RuStore APK.

Step#4.Launch and log into RuStore.

iSH is free but is more complex than UTM. You’ll need to install the APK manually and performance is unlikely to be as good.

VM Clouds

Services like VM Clouds offer virtual Android machines in the cloud. You can then access them remotely from an iOS device.

To try this method:

  1. Create an account on VM Clouds website.
  2. Deploy a new Android VM.
  3. Download and set up the VM Clouds iOS app.
  4. Connect to your VM and access RuStore remotely.

This gives good performance but requires an ongoing paid subscription to use the cloud VMs.

Summary of Options

Here are the main options covered to access RuStore on iOS before the official app launches:

UTM AppGood performance if device is powerful enough. Easy to set up.Requires subscription for some features. Limited by local device hardware constraints.
iSH ShellFree, open source option. Flexible Linux environment.More complex setup. Poorer performance than virtualized Android.
VM CloudsFast performance by running remotely.Ongoing paid subscription required. Always need internet connection.

So in summary, while RuStore iOS is not officially available yet, virtualization does provide alternative ways to access it unofficially by running the Android version. Each option has different pros and cons to weigh up.


Although iOS users cannot natively install RuStore at this time, options like UTM and iSH Shell offer workarounds by virtualizing Android. This allows you to run RuStore’s Android app within iOS until VK launches an official native version.

Performance and complexity varies across the different solutions. But virtualization does open up RuStore’s catalog of unique Russian apps if you’re willing to do some additional setup.

Hopefully this guide has given you some options to consider if you want access to RuStore on an iPhone or iPad for now. The accessibility picture should improve down the road once RuStore iOS is live. But in the meantime virtualization provides a viable bridge solution.

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