How to change Your Call Screen Settings on iOS 17

Change Your Call Screen Settings on iOS 17 allows you to see who’s calling before you answer and gives you options to text or remind yourself to call them back. Apple introduced customizable call screens in iOS 14, and the feature has been expanded in iOS 17.

You can now select different background colors, add your own text, and set automatic replies.Change Your Call Screen Settings on iOS 17 make it easy to identify and handle important calls differently right from your lock screen.

In this guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about Change Your Call Screen Settings on iOS 17, including:

  • Enabling Name and Photo Sharing
  • Choosing Color Backgrounds
  • Adding Custom Messages
  • Setting Automatic Replies
  • Miscellaneous Call Screen Settings
  • Troubleshooting Tips

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Enabling Name and Photo Sharing

The first step in customizing your iOS call screen is enabling name and photo sharing. This allows you to see the caller’s name and profile picture on the incoming call screen.

Here’s how to enable it:

  1. Open the Settings app on your iPhone.
  2. Tap on “Messages”.
  3. Make sure iMessage is enabled by toggling the switch next to “iMessage” to green (on).
  4. Scroll down and tap on “Share Name and Photo”.
  5. Toggle “Share Name and Photo” on.

Enabling this setting allows your iPhone to display names and photos for contacts when they call you. If a caller isn’t in your contacts, their phone number will be displayed instead.

Choosing Color Backgrounds

Once name and photo sharing is enabled, you can select a background color or design for your call screen. Here are the steps:

  1. Go to Settings > Messages > Share Name and Photo.
  2. Tap on “Edit” next to “Caller Poster”.
  3. You’ll see a variety of colorful backgrounds to choose from. Tap on a color to preview it.
  4. Select the background you want by tapping “Done” in the top right.

The default backgrounds include abstract art-style designs in various colors. You can also create a custom background by choosing the “Create New” option.

iOS gives you several colors and tools to doodle your own background. You can access your saved custom backgrounds anytime from the Caller Poster editing screen.

Adding Custom Messages

Another call screen customization option is adding your own text message. This text will appear right below the caller’s name and photo on your incoming call screen.

Follow these steps to set a custom call screen message:

  1. Go to Settings > Messages > Share Name and Photo.
  2. Tap “Edit” next to “Call Screen Message”.
  3. Type the message you want displayed on your call screen.
  4. Tap “Done” when finished.

Your call screen message can be up to 60 characters long. It’s a great way to set a tone or convey quick info like “In meeting until 3PM”.

You can update the call screen message at any time by going back into the Call Screen Message settings.

Setting Automatic Replies

iOS 17 takes call screen customization a step further by letting you set automatic reply messages. These are texts that will be sent automatically if you decline an incoming call.

Here’s how to set up call screen auto-replies:

  1. Open Settings and tap on “Messages”.
  2. Scroll down to the Calls section and tap on “Decline With Message”.
  3. Toggle “Decline With Message” on.
  4. Tap on each automated reply message to customize it.

You can modify the default messages or create custom ones from scratch. Automatic call screen replies are handy for politely letting callers know you’ll get back to them soon.

Miscellaneous Call Screen Settings

There are a few additional iOS 17 call screen settings you can adjust:

  • Allow Calls From: Choose if all callers or only contacts can ring through.
  • Show Region: Display the region info for incoming calls.
  • Announce Callers: Have Siri announce who’s calling out loud.
  • Call Blocking & Identification: Block unwanted calls and identify unknown callers.

Take some time to explore these options to set up call screening and announcements that work for you. The Calls menu in Settings has everything.

Troubleshooting Tips

Not seeing customizable call screens on your iPhone running iOS 17? Here are some troubleshooting tips:

  • Update to the latest iOS version via Settings > General > Software Update.
  • Make sure iMessage and Share Name and Photo are enabled in Messages settings.
  • Reboot your iPhone if call screen customization isn’t working properly.
  • Check if Do Not Disturb is on, which hides the call screen.
  • Try resetting Messages settings back to default then re-enabling features.
  • Contact Apple support if call screen customization still doesn’t work.

The call screen customization feature requires an iPhone running at least iOS 14. It may not be supported in certain countries and carriers. Contact Apple or your mobile provider if you’re having technical difficulties.

Frequently Asked Questions about iOS 17 Call Screens

Here are some common questions about customizing call screens on iOS 17:

How do I add my company’s logo to the call screen background?

Unfortunately you can only choose from Apple’s preset backgrounds or make your own custom artwork. You can’t add logos or photos to the call screen background.

Can I make a photo collage wallpaper for the call screen?

No, the call screen background options are limited to solid colors and simple drawings/doodles. You cannot use a photo collage or inserted images.

Why does my customized call screen revert to default?

This is likely due to a bug or glitch in iOS. Try resetting your Messages settings to default and re-customizing the call screen. Restart your iPhone too.

Can I customize call screens on my iPad or Mac?

Call screen customization is only available on iPhones at the moment. iPads and Macs display the regular incoming call screen.

How do I customize Siri’s announcements for callers?

Open Settings > Siri & Search > Announce Calls and customize the announcement settings. You can have Siri announce callers by name or number.

Can I set different call screen messages for specific contacts?

Unfortunately that customized granular option is not possible. The call screen message you set will appear for all incoming calls.

Why does my customized call screen disappear sometimes?

If you have Do Not Disturb enabled, the customized call screen won’t appear. Certain other iOS features and bugs can also cause the customized screen to not show.

Will my customized call screen delay incoming calls?

No, the call will connect as normal when you answer. Customizing the appearance of the call screen doesn’t affect call performance.


Customizing your iOS call screen is a great way to add personal flair while better managing incoming calls. With iOS 17, you can set creative backgrounds, personalized messages, auto-replies, and more. Take the time to explore the different customization options and troubleshoot any issues.

With fun backgrounds, smart messages, and automatic quick replies, you’ll be able to handle all your incoming calls in a more efficient and stylish way. Personalized call screens make it easy to identify callers at a glance and let them know you’ll get back to them when you’re free. So spruce up your iOS call screen today with fun colors, your name or a witty quote to wow anyone who calls you. Just be sure to disable customized call screens for private meetings or times when you want to keep things purely professional

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