Best 10 Games Like College Brawl For iPhone 15 and 15 Plus?

The recently released iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus pack impressive hardware upgrades perfect for mobile gaming. If you’re looking for chaotic, cartoonish fighting games reminiscent of the classic College Brawl to take full advantage of that powerhouse processing, this list has you covered. Here are the top 10 best games like College Brawl you can play on your shiny new iPhone.

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College Brawl attained cult status back in the early 2000s for its zany local multiplayer gameplay. Up to four players took control of wacky characters and duked it out in interactive environments based on college locales. Its simple, pick-up-and-play controls coupled with over-the-top visuals made it a hit at parties and dorms across the country.

While we await an official iPhone port of that classic franchise, plenty of games have come out since with similar vibes and gameplay. The key elements that make them “like College Brawl” include:

  • Local/online multiplayer chaos
  • Silly/cartoonish characters and animations
  • Environmental hazards and interactivity
  • Simple control schemes
  • Fast-paced, frenetic battles

The processing prowess and beautiful displays of the iPhone 15 series allow these types of games to shine like never before on a mobile device. So if you find yourself yearning for some College Brawl action, look no further than these great alternatives tailor-made for your high-powered iPhone.

1. Brawlhalla

This free-to-play fighter should be the first download for any College Brawl fan. The art style features vibrant and amusing character designs reminiscent of classic cartoon fighters like Power Stone. Gameplay has that perfect balance of depth and accessibility, with one-button special attacks supplementing the primary punches and kicks.

The huge character roster draws from various historical and mythological warrior archetypes, like vikings, pirates, ninjas…even WWE wrestlers! Plus, ongoing content updates add new fighters, maps, and game modes. And it all runs flawlessly on A15 Bionic.

Brawlhalla also nails the local/online multiplayer with full support for up to 8 players. That’s triple the chaos of College Brawl! So gather all your iPhone-wielding friends and get to brawling.

2. Ultimate Rivals

This unique sports brawler features dream team matchups you won’t find anywhere else. Ultimate Rivals lets you create a custom fighter from a roster representing over a dozen different professional sports leagues. Imagine an MMA brawler launching slam dunks against a European soccer star!

The moment-to-moment gameplay captures the physicality and aggression of 1-on-1 sports like hockey and basketball. Combos feel great to pull off, and counters & blocks require precise timing. Each arena also has interactive elements and power-ups to help swing the tide of battle.

While certainly wackier than College Brawl, Ultimate Rivals definitely captures that competitive local multiplayer spirit. The controller support is also top-notch. Gather around your iPhone 15 with some controllers connected, and it’s just like having an arcade cabinet in your pocket.

3. Warbits

This delightful turn-based strategy game combines adorable aesthetics with surprisingly deep gameplay. You assemble an army of colorful little alien blobs before battling for control of new territories against clever enemy AI or head-to-head against other players.

Each unit type has strengths and weaknesses in a rock-paper-scissors design that promotes strategic unit composition. Maps also factor heavily into success with interactive elements like transporters, landmines, turrets, and more to take into account.

While not as directly similar to College Brawl as other entries gameplay-wise, Warbits absolutely nails that charming and inviting cartoon aesthetic. It also features a ton of personality and humor through the endearingly animated little aliens. Just try not to get too attached before sending them to their explosive demise!

4. Power Stone 2

While sadly not actually available yet on iPhone 15, this iconic Dreamcast brawler absolutely deserves a mention. Power Stone 2 takes the environmental interactivity and power-up focused combat of the original and amplifies it to stone-shattering degrees across MD Interactive 3D arenas.

Up to four players once again choose from an eccentric cast of fighters before pummeling each other silly across interactive stages based on themes like western saloon, sci-fi lab, and more. Power-ups randomly appear to confer statuses like projectile weapons, increased speed, or transforming the fighter into a giant tank or mech!

With the power of iPhone 15, a faithful port or remake would run like a dream while retaining the visual charm of the original. Until Sega hopefully makes that a reality, the other entries on this list should help fill that local multiplayer brawler gap in your life!

5. 50 Games Like BRAWL

This handy website doesn’t feature an actual iPhone game, but rather conveniently aggregates and recommends over 50 games closely matching the BRAWL experience. Concise summaries and gameplay videos help you quickly browse alternatives nail that perfect blend of multiplayer chaos, interactivity, simplified controls, and personality.

The list covers all platforms from PC to mobile to classic console, so not every entry works on iPhone 15. But it serves as an excellent starting point for discovering your next multiplayer obsession. And many highlighted games like Dynasty Feud 2,Masked Forces: Arena, and Micro Battles do feature iOS versions tested to run flawlessly on the latest iPhones.

It may take some digging through the recommendations, but 50 Games Like BRAWL gives you plenty of options to uncover exactly the type of zany versus game you crave. Bookmark it whenever that College Brawl itch kicks in once again.

6. Choices: Stories You Play

This massively popular mobile game tells dramatic interactive stories through RPG-inspired gameplay mechanics and countless narrative branching options. While not a brawler, Choices absolutely delivers huge personality as well as that “replayability factor” core to the appeal of College Brawl and other fighters.

The stories encompass just about every genre imaginable from romance to horror to fantasy adventure. Character customization means you shape exactly how you experience that story and even build relationships over many playthroughs.

While matches play out through turning keys that unlock narrative choices vs physically knocking someone out in an arena, Choices captures that same compelling loop of experiencing something new every session. It also nails presentation with gorgeous illustrated cutscenes and environments brought to vibrant life on iPhone 15’s Super Retina displays.


Our nostalgia for College Brawl remains strong decades later for good reason. That formula of uproarious local multiplayer chaos, bursts of skill interspersed with random chaos, and a willingness not to take itself seriously makes for gaming magic.

While we hold out hope for an eventual re-release or sequel from the franchise owners, the games highlighted above should absolutely quench your thirst for some Brawl. Their developers wisely recognized what made college kid favorite so memorable while iterating on the concept for modern platforms.

So gather your crew, download some titles, and get ready to laugh yourself silly. Who cares if you actually win or lose? Simply embracing the chaos is victory enough. College Brawl’s legacy lives on thanks to these great iPhone 15-compatible alternatives staying true to everything that made pixelated pummeling so fun back in dorm rooms and apartments of yore. Now you can brawl anytime, anywhere!

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