Best 10 Games Like College Brawl For iPad?

The popular fighting game College Brawl brings chaotic brawls and frantic multiplayer action to iPad, but what other games offer a similar competitive gaming experience tailored for tablet? This article covers the top 10 games like College Brawl available now on iPad, spanning various genres while keeping the adrenaline-fueled competition.

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College Brawl gained quick popularity for enabling up to 8 players to battle it out with crazy weapons and items across university-themed stages. Its simple controls and focused multiplayer premise make it an excellent party game for iPad. Fans eager for more titles that capture a similar feel of fast-paced, PvP gameplay now have several excellent options to consider across racing, RPG, RTS, and card gaming genres.

While no game replicates College Brawl exactly, these 10 picks deliver the core elements of quick competitive matches, multiplayer focus, platform-optimized controls, and a gameplay style supporting pick-up sessions with friends. The list covers both paid and free options, avoiding titles riddled with intrusive freemium elements. Which games you choose comes down to preferring real-time, turn-based, or vehicle-based competition.

Best Action Games Like College Brawl

CarX Street

CarX Street brings blistering arcade-style racing action to iOS and Android devices. Players take the wheel of realistic car physics to compete in illegal street races, drifting competitions, and more. The online multiplayer allows racing against up to 7 real people on iPad in cutthroat contests for money and reputation. For those wanting vehicle-based competition similar to College Brawl’s addicting face-offs, CarX Street is easily the top pick.

Key Features:

  • Online multiplayer races with up to 7 real opponents
  • Sharp graphics and realistic driving physics
  • Extensive car customizations
  • Multiplayer leaderboards and crews
  • Optimized controls for touchscreen devices

Genshin Impact Global

This popular free-to-play RPG offers College Brawl fans stellar graphics and an amazing anime-inspired world to explore. But competitive gamers will especially appreciate the online multiplayer allowing groups of 4 friends to team up. Taking down epic bosses or your friend’s custom domains delivers tense co-op battles. And the wide roster of collectible characters ensures countless team build options to perfect.

Key Features:

  • Co-op battles and domains to conquer with friends
  • Clever gacha collection mechanic
  • Constant updates and live events
  • Massive open-world to explore solo or cooperatively
  • Optimized touch controls and cross-platform PC play

Best Shooter Games Like College Brawl

Rainbow Six Mobile

The ultra-popular Rainbow Six franchise arrives on mobile devices with Rainbow Six Mobile. Offering 5v5 competitive multiplayer, it brings tactical Counter-Strike-esque shootouts optimized for touchscreens. Communicate with your team while breaching and clearing intense close-quarter firefights. With familiar modes like bomb defusal and deathmatch, it’s easy to recommend Rainbow Six Mobile to any College Brawl fan.

Key Features:

  • 5v5 PvP multiplayer matches
  • Iconic Rainbow Six operators and gadgets
  • Tactical team-based shooting gameplay
  • Various competitive ranked modes
  • Full cross-platform support across mobile and PC

Call of Duty®: WarzoneTM Mobile

Call of Duty needs no introduction, with Warzone Mobile marking the series’ full-fledged mobile debut. The massive battle royale mode allows over 100 players to airdrop into the expansive Verdansk map. Surviving the clever shrinking poison circle mechanics while fighting opposing squads delivers an exhilarating competitive shooter experience.

Key Features:

  • Iconic Call of Duty shooting and movement
  • Massive 100-player battle royale matches
  • Squad up with friends or auto-fill teams
  • Huge first-person maps and weapon roster
  • Built for mobile with intuitive touch controls

Best Strategy Games Like College Brawl

Apex Legends

Taking battle royale and hero shooter genres to new heights, Apex Legends shines as a world-class competitive FPS no College Brawl fan should miss. The unique Ping system and diverse Legend characters add immense strategic potential. Gunplay, movement, and abilities feel incredible smooth even on tablet. And consistently updating seasons keep the meta fresh and engaging to master.

Key Features:

  • Inventive communication Ping system
  • 14+ unique hero-based Legend characters
  • Emphasis on strategic teamplay dynamics
  • Polished FPS gameplay tuned for touch input
  • Frequent new seasonal content and balance changes


Veteran mobile developer Butterscotch Shenanigans knocks it out of the park again with Crashlands. This adventure/crafting RPG hybrid tasks players with surviving an alien planet after crash-landing from space. Gather resources to build bases and craft hundreds of items/weapons in order to conquer various biomes and bosses. The free multiplayer update lets groups accomplish this faster while battling Craption bosses.

Key Features:

  • Multiplayer update allows co-op play
  • 400+ items to collect and craft
  • Epic boss battles to tackle with friends
  • Stylized visuals and butt-kicking soundtrack
  • Intuitive touch controls and UI design

Best Turn-Based Games Like College Brawl

Darkest Dungeon

Darkest Dungeon’s turn-based roguelike RPG experience creatively blends atmospheric gothic horror with cruelly challenging strategy gameplay. Recruit a roster of heroes for your squad, then slowly explore procedurally-generated dungeons while battling unsettling monsters in tense turn-based sequences. With the DLC enabled, two players can test their mettle cooperatively on iPad. Just beware things quickly spiral out of control if you’re not prepared.

Key Features:

  • Gorgeous gothic horror atmosphere
  • Brutally challenging turn-based strategy
  • Local 2 player co-op mode available via DLC
  • 12 hero classes to test and perfect
  • Procedurally-generated dungeons and enemies

Civilization VI

The legendary Civilization strategy franchise finds an excellent home on iPad, presenting the full PC experience optimized wonderfully for tablet and touch. The turn-based 4X gameplay remains addicting as ever, with players slowly building an empire over eras of human history. Go to war or compete culturally with friends via local hotseat or online multiplayer. Just expect play sessions to routinely last over an hour. But since it’s turn-based, matches conveniently allow adjusting pace whenever needed.

Key Features:

  • Addicting strategic turn-based 4X gameplay
  • Hotseat and online multiplayer versus friends
  • 12 historical leaders and civilizations to play as
  • iPad version reworked excellently for touch
  • Tons of gameplay customization options

Best Card Games Like College Brawl

GTA: Chinatown Wars

The chaotic mayhem of Grand Theft Auto arrives on mobile devices through the Chinatown Wars entry. The action is viewed from a top-down perspective, providing a different flavor of GTA mayhem. As Huang Lee, players complete missions, steal vehicles, and acquire territory in Liberty City. The engaging drug trading system provides plenty of motivation in this R-rated crime saga.

Key Features:

  • Classic top-down GTA action
  • Drug trading mechanic
  • Stylized Cel-shaded visual style
  • Huge open world Liberty City map
  • Radio stations and customizable music

Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft

Blizzard’s immaculately polished digital card game sees players constructing creative decks starring notable Warcraft characters. The turn-based matches filled with clever plays and strategies against friends or random online opponents will feel instantly familiar for collectible card game enthusiasts. Tablet remains the ideal way to experience Hearthstone’s vibrant game board and smooth animations. New cards and modes releasing every 4 months ensures plenty of meta shakeups to master.

Key Features:

  • Polished digital card game with great strategic depth
  • Turn-based multiplayer battles
  • Thematic Warcraft universe and personalities
  • Regular new card expansions and solo content
  • Cross-platform play between mobile and PC


College Brawl fans wanting more multiplayer chaos have no shortage of options on iPad. CarX Street and Genshin Impact Global should satisfy players craving real-time action the most. Rainbow Six Mobile and Warzone Mobile highlight quality competitive FPS choices. Turn-based players can challenge friends on epic adventures via Civilization VI or Darkest Dungeon co-op. And card game enthusiasts find a perfect fit through Hearthstone.

Covering various styles and genres, these 10 games provide amazing iPad-optimized gaming excellence similar to College Brawl. No matter if you prioritize adventuring, shooting, racing, or strategizing, this collection hits all the right notes. Many even offer cross-platform support to play with friends on PC.

So gather your squad and try out these College Brawl alternatives for more great times on your iPad!

Comparison Table

Game TitleGenreKey Multiplayer ModesIn-App PurchasesCross-Platform
CarX StreetRacing8 player online racesYesNo
Genshin ImpactAction RPG4 player co-opYesYes (PC)
Rainbow Six MobileFPS5v5 PvPYesYes (PC)
Call of Duty: WarzoneBattle Royale100 player battle royaleYesNo
Apex LegendsHero FPS60 player battle royaleYesNo
CrashlandsAdventure/Crafting2 player co-opNoYes (PC)
Darkest DungeonTurn-based RPG2 player local co-opNoNo
Civilization VITurn-based strategyLocal/online multiplayerYesYes (PC)
GTA: Chinatown WarsAction/AdventureNone (single player)NoNo
HearthstoneDigital card game1v1 online battlesYesYes (PC)

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